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In compiling this labour of love I have met with the most 
generous assistance from many friends, among whom I may 
specially mention, with sincere thanks to them, Messrs. Hunt, 
Currey, Nicholson and Co., of Lewes, Colonel Attree, F.S.A., 
late R.E., R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A., Paley Baildon, F.S.A., 
Major R. M. Bync, and L. F. Salzmann, F.S.A. 




































HERE was an ancient tradition in this family 
that it had been settled in Sussex before the 
Conquest; and, without doubt, its members 
were for many centuries connedled in the 
western half of that county with West Grinstead and 
the neighbouring parishes, and in the eastern half of 
the county with Burwash and its neighbouring parishes. 
The name occurs as Bynde, Binde, Byne, and Bine. 
From the recurrence of the name in an adjedlival or 
proprietary form as applied to land, it is probable that 
in Sussex it was primarily that of an individual, and 
not one of locality. In the western district indicated 
are places called Bynes, Bine Farm, Bine's Green, Bine's 
Bridge (a), and Prior's Bine, and in the parish of Stor- 
rington was situate a piece of land called Bynesdown, 
of which John Shelley died seised in 1550(16), whilst 

(a) Thomas Parson de Bynebridge is named as a resident in the tything 
of Byne in the roll containing the View of Frankpledge for the Hundred 
of West Grinstead, taken 3 May, 1598. 

(|3) Castles, Mansions, and Manors of W. Sussex, by Elwes and 
Robinson, p. 223. 


2 The By?ie Fcunily of Sussex, 

in the parish of Sulh'ngton was Bine Common (a). 
Agnes Ampleford of Washington, widow, by her will 
(iated 14 February, 1545, and proved in the Consistory 
Court of Chichester, 11 April, 1548 (vol. vii, fol. 23), 
made Humfry Ampleford '* myne assigne in my part 
of a piece of land called Bynd to the Feast of Seynte 
Michell nexte after my death." Byne, described in the 
reign of Henry 3 (jG), in 1509, in 1599, and afterwards 
certainly as late as 17 10, as a manor, is also stated to 
have been a sub-manor {y). Byne was also the name of 
a tything in the Hundred of West Grinstead, as shown 
by the Subsidy Rolls for 1296, 1327, and 1332, and also 
by the Hundred rolls for 29 March, 18 H. 8 (1527), 

3 May and 26 September, 1598, and 22 October 42 
Eliz., when at the Court then holden certain persons 
were presented for not repairing the part of Allinsbridge 
lying " infra decennam de Byne." In the Parliamentary 
Survey of the Cromwellian period, taken in November, 
1 65 1, it is called a township or tything in the Hundred 
of WestGrinstead((J). In 1275 two justices were appointed 
to take an assize o^ mort d'' ancestor touching a messuage 
and land in West Grinstead and Byne (e). In the survey 

(a) Weston V. Haines, Chanc. Proc. Reynardson before 1714, Bundle 
83> No. 93. 

(/3) In the inquisitions for Sussex printed in the Red Book of the 
Exchequer, vol. ii, p. 8o2, it is stated that " Episcopus Cicestrensis tenet 
manerium de Binne ad voiuntatem Regis quod fuit Almaraci de Creliun, 
Valet x'." 

(y) Castles, Mansions, and Manors of W. Sussex, p. 109. 

(J) 23 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 239. 

(f) 44th Report of Dcp. Keeper App''., p. 119. Patent Rolls, 3 E. i, 
"!• 24 (73)- 

The Byne Fa?nily of Sussex, 3 

of the chattels of the Priory of Sele, situate near Deed- 
ing, CO. Suss., taken i E. 3 (1327), it is certified that 
" sunt apud Byne xiiii quarter avens," and in the extent 
of its possessions taken 44 E. 3, it is found that " habet 
quoddam tenementum apud Byne cum j carrucata terrae 
et XXX ac*". prati, etc." (a). In 13 16 the villa de Byne 
is mentioned (i3). In the parish of Burwash are Bine's 
Farm and Bines. It is unlikely that as the name of an 
individual the word should be derived from so widely 
spread a term as the Northern bondi, the shortened 
form of buandi, a husbandman, though the name is 
found in 1202 in Lincolnshire, a Danish county, for 
Ricardus filius Bine is mentioned in two civil pleas of 
that year [y). On the other hand the Anglo-Saxon 
Byn means tilled or inhabited, and the occurrence in 
the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries of the surname 
as de Byne suggests on a first impression a territorial 
origin for it, derived from land bearing that descrip- 
tion. About 1260 a grant was made by the Abbot of 
Robertsbridge to Alan Lambin of a field called " la 
Binne " lying between the Abbey's grove and the 
King's highway from Robertsbridge to Battle {^). So 
also there were lands in Hellingly called Nether Byn 

(a) Dugdale's Monasticon, vol. iv, p. 668. 

((3) Feudal Aids, vol. v, p. 134. 

(y) Seledl Civil Pleas (Selden Soc), vol. i, pp. 51 and 96. Robert 
Bynne is named in the inquisition for Lincolnshire, taken 1276 (Rot. 
Hund., vol. i, p. 368). The name William Bynna also occurs in Lin- 
colnshire in 13 1 7 (CaK of Patent Rolls, E. 2,1313-1317, pp. 682-684). 

(3) CaK. of Chart, of Robertsbridge Abbey at Penshurst, p. 75, No. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 



S^^5-^^ >^^^^^ >?=^=^ 

or Nether Byne in 1556 and 1688(a). In all prob- 
ability the surname is the Saxon personal name Bynna 
or Binna, which is found frequently in Mercia and in 

Kent (/G), and the personal name 
was in Sussex in the first in- 
stance given to land owned by 
a person or persons who bore it. 
The crest of Byne is a bull's 
head couped azure armed or; 
and the arms are Argent two 
bars gules each charged with 
three martlets or [y). 

In I i66,theBishop of Chich- 
ester in certifying his knights' 
fees amounting to nine and a 
half returned — " et superest ix^ 
pars militis quam tenet Johannes 
de Binda"((^). About 1225, Wilkelin de Byne, son of 
James de Byne, with the consent of his mother Matilda, 
granted to his sister Amy his land at Strete which 
Geoffrey a la Strete held of the free dower of Matilda 
in Shipley and the meadow of Hammesgrave in Byne, 
Matilda releasing to Wilkelin the whole court of 
Rudelle [Rowdell in Washington] which she held in 
dower except the granary on the north side with free 

(a) 37 Suss. Arch. Coll., pp. 43 and 56. Inq. p. m. of Stephen Bord, 
taken 20 August, 1567 (Suss. Rec. Soc. Eliz., No. 37). 

(fi) Searle's Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicuin, pp. 107, 122-123. 

(v) Glover's Ordinary. They are engraved in Berry's Suss. Gen., 
p. 186, and in Horsfield's Hist, of Suss., vol. ii, p. 233. 

(d) Red Book of the Exchequer, vol. i, p. 198. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 5 

access thereto (a). From the record of two fines levied 
25 H. 3 (1241), it appears that WiUiam de Bine was 
then entitled, subjed: to the estate in dower of his 
mother Matilda in one third thereof, to lands in 
Ruedelle, in Bine, and in Clayton [in Washington] (/S). 
In April, 1245, William de Byne attested a grant of 
land at Byne formerly Philip de Byne's (7/). Circa 1240 
a grant to the Hospital of St. Mary at Chichester was 
made by Martin, son of Ralph and his wife, of what- 
ever interest they had in a plot of land which the 
widow of Vincent Bine held outside the East gate of 
Chichester (^). The names of James de Byne and Emma 
his wife occur in Sussex 50 H. 3 (i 266) (s). About 1 270 

(a) Magd. Coll. Mun. Box Binelands and Grinstead, No. 13. 

(^) Feet of Fines, Suss., 25 H. 3, File 14, No. 46 (Suss. Rec. Soc. 
Fine, No. 396). There is also a fine as to lands in West Grinstead on 
the record of which is endorsed "Et Matill. de Byne pro se et filiis suis 
qui sunt infra etatem et in Custodia sua apponit claimium suum" (//>/>/. 
33 H. 3, File 16, No. 26 (Suss. Rec. Soc. Fine, No. 481). Clayton is 
immediately to the north of Rowdell. 

(7) Magd. Coll. Mun. Box Binelands and Grinstead, Nos. i and 2. 

(J) 51 S. A. C, p. 53. 

(e) Rotuli Finium, vol. ii, p. 434. The name Byne is also found in 
Kent and Somerset. In 49 H. 3, Richard de Bynne recovered from 
Walter de Graunford and Richard Salcet on an assize of novel disseisin 
4^ I ^ of land in Tonge Co. Kane. (Abbrev. Plac, p. 157). Temp. E. i, 
Robert Byne held a messuage and croft and one acre of ploughland at a 
penny rent in the manor of Middleton com. Kane. (Rot. Hund., vol. ii, 
p. 452). Thomas Byne was one of the intrantes of Canterbury from 1407 
to 1 410, and Robert Byne in 1414. His son Robert Byne was a freeman of 
Canterbury in 1454, and Henry Byne in 153 1. Thomas Byne,of the county 
of Somerset, ii July 16 E. 2 (1322), entered with others into a recog- 
nisance as a manucaptor (bail) for the good behaviour of John de Court- 
ville of the same county who had been imprisoned as an adherent of the 
Earl of Lancaster and for payment of the fine imposed upon him (Pari. 

6 The Byne Faintly of Sussex. 

Amia de Byne, daughter of Roger de Bync, widow, 
granted to Walter de Colevile, Prior of Sele, for the 
souls of herself and her brother William de Byne the 
above-mentioned land at Strete in the parish of Shipley, 
which was held in villainage by Geoffrey de Strete and 
also Geoffrey de Strete her nativus with all his goods 
and chattels (a). About the same date James de Byne, 
son and heir of William de Byne, confirmed the last- 
mentioned grant of his paternal aunt Amy, reserving 
the wood of Hammesgrave, and this deed was sealed 
with an eagle displayed as the " Sigillum 'Jacobide Byfie." 
In February, 127 J, an agreement was come to between 
Walter de Colevile, Prior of Sele, and James, son and 
heir of William de Byne, whereby James was to make 
a cart road in the cultivated ground called Hammesfeld, 
passing eastwards near a thicket, then southwards to the 
meadow called Cuwebrok, and thence to the Prior's 
meadow of Morghynemede (/3). From an ancient but 
undated deed preserved in the Record Office, it appears 
that William Bynde, son and heir of Roger Bynde, 
granted to John de la Hogge land homages, rents, and 

Writs, vol. ii, Div". 2, P^ 2, p. 205, No. 44, and Div". 3, p. 542, Cal'. 
of Fine Rolls, vol. iii, p. 159). Hugh Byne occurs 8 January, 1291, as 
attorney for John de Sandto Johanne (probably of VVarnham, co. Suss.) 
going beyond seas (Cal^ of Patent Rolls, 19 E. i). Robert Bynde was 
an archer in the vingtaine of John le Devenish sent to Gascony by the 
Corporation of London, 4 August, 1337, in aid of the war with France 
(Letter Book F of City of London, p. 13). 

(a) Magd. Coll. Mun. Box Binelands and Grinstead, No. 5 and see 
10 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 118. 

(3) Magd. Coll. Mun. Box Binelands and Grinstead, Nos. 7 and 11, 
and sec 10 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 118. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, y 

buildings in the parish of Hodlee [West Hoathly], and 
Court of Bradehurst [Broadhurst] in Sussex (a). Julyana, 
wife of Philip de Byne, gave to the Priory of Sele all 
her lands and tenements in Byne in the parish of West 
Grinstead (/3), and in 8 E. i (1280), Gervase and 
Richard, sons of Philip de Byne, were murdered in 
their father's grange in the Hundred of West Grin- 
stead, by Godfrey de la Whithelinge [y). 

James de Byne was a witness to a deed dated circa 
1270-80, by which John, son of John le Wolf, of 
Clayton in Washington, granted to Adam Bishopp, of 
Washington, land in Clayton adjoining land of James 
de Byne (^). In the documents conne6led with the dis- 
pute as to tithes between the Prior of Sele and the 
Abbey of Fecamp in 1285, mention is made of the 
demesne lands of James de Byne at la Roudelle, and of 
land held by his sister Juliana (g). The only person 
bearing the name that occurs in the Lay Subsidy Roll 
for the Rape of Bramber in 1 296 is James de Byne, who 
was one of the Jurati for the Hundred of West Grinstead 
and was assessed at p. S~d. (^). This same James de 
Byne, who held of the Honour of the Castle of Bramber 
one messuage and two virgates of land in West Grin- 
stead, by knight's service, namely, by fealty and the 
services of the tenth part of a knight's fee, and also held 

(a) Cal. of Ancient Deeds, vol. 1, p. 367, B. No. 1586. 

(0) 10 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 118. 

(7) Cartwright's Rape of Bramber, p, 313. 

(5') 40 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 99. 

(e) Magd. Coll. Mun. Box Southwiclc, No. 11. 

(f) Lay Subsidy Roll, 24 E. I, Suss. 189/1. 

8 The By?ie Fa??tily of Sussex. 

nnotlicr mcssuaire and one virj^atc of land situate within 
the manor of West Grinstead, died in the early part of 
1305, leaving an infant heir (a). James de Byne, who 
was possibly this heir, was a witness to a deed dated 
circa 13 10, by which John Borde of Washington 
granted to John le Wolf and Sibyl his wife, land in 
Washington near the land of John de Byne; and again 
to a deed dated circa i 3 1 2, conveying land from Richard 
de Putte of Washington to John le Wolf. In 1327 and 
again m 1332 James de Byne was one of the three per- 
sons described as '"'' tax at ores''' in the Hundred of West 
Grinstead for the lay subsidies then levied (/3). James 
de Byne was also a witness to a deed dated at Findon in 
May 1333, whereby Stephen de Boucles released claim 
to William le Ismonger of land in Shipley (y). In 1334 
James, son of James de Byne, sued John le Somenour 
and Joan his wife, on a claim for 12 acres of land in 
Washington, as his right by writ of entry upon which 
the defendants, by John de Stopham their attorney, 
claimed to have a view [^). This suggests that John le 
Somenour had married the widow of the plaintiff's 

(a) See a case in K. B. Mich., 1305, between Mary, 3rd wife and 
widow of William de Braose, and William de Braose his son and suc- 
cessor, and others, in which the question was whether the wardship of 
the estate of the infant heir of James de Byne had or had not been 
assigned to the widow Mary as part of her dower (Year Books Rolls 
Scries 33-35, E. I, p. 36). For other litigation between these parties 
see the Genealogist, vol. vii, p. 56. 

(i3) Lay Subsidy Roll, i E. 3, Suss, 189/3. ^^ ^ E- 3> ^^^^s. 189/4. 
No other Byne occurs in the Rape of Brambcr. 

(7) 40 Suss. Arch, Coll,, pp. 102, 104, and 109. 

(5) De Banco Roll, 300, Mich, 8 E. 3, m. 41. 

The Byne Faintly of Sussex, 9 

father, and under her title to dower had disseised in 
toto the plaintiff as heir. James de Byne was one of 
the jurors and parishioners of West Grinstead, upon 
whose oaths the Nonarum return for that parish was 
taken at Lewes in 1341 (a); and is no doubt identical 
with the James de Byne who at the inquisition for 
ascertaining the age of John, son and heir of Edmund, 
Earl of Kent, younger son of E. i, taken at Steyning 
9 April, 1 35 1, deposed that he recollected the day of 
birth (7 April, 1330), because a dispute between him 
and Henry de Gate(iG) was settled in the church on that 
day and inrolled in the Missal [y), James at Byne was 
in 1330 tenant of a knight's fee in the manor of Coot- 
ham or Coudham in Storrington ((S*). Mention is fre- 
quently made of a Peter Byne as belonging tempore 
E. 3 to the societas bardorum, which was a guild of 
bankers (g) or a company of merchants (f ) of Florence, 

(a) Nonarum Inq., p. 388. 

(j3) Gate is Eastergate; but is here a pure surname, for by a deed 
dated before 134!^, land in Tortington was conveyed to John de Gate 
of Arundel and Idonia his wife (both dead in 134^) and Henry de Gate 
apparently their son at the yearly rent of 41, (Placita de Banco, Hil., 
16 E. 3, cited in Year Books, Rolls Series, 16 E. 3, part i, pp. 12 1-5). 
In the pleadings Henry is called both Henry atte Gate and Henry de 

(y) 12 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 28, referring to Inq. 25 E. 3, ist nrs. 
No. 76. 

(J) Dallaway and Cartwright's Rape of Arundel, p. 241, note d. 

(e) Ducange, sub voce Caorcini. 

{JO Reilly's Memorials of London, p. 197. There were many such 
mercantile societies. See 46th Report of the Deputy Keeper of the 
Public Records, p. 225, where the Society Bardi is mentioned as exist- 
ing 5 E. I. 


10 T'hc Byne Fa7n'ily of Sussex, 

but he was an Italian, and not a member of the old 
Sussex family (a). On the Saturday in Easter week 
(24 April), 1389, James de Byne and Roger de Byne 
witnessed a deed dated at Shipley on that day by which 
Thomas Bouchi granted to John le Pyke his lands in 
Shipley, Washington, Storrington, and other parishes(/G). 
At the inquisition taken at Bramber, 16 May, 1399, 
for ascertaining the age of Edward, son of Sir Robert 
Tregoz, James de Byne, then aged 54 years and up- 
wards, deposed that he remembered the day of birth, 
23 April, 1378, because on that day he buried his 
eldest son John Byne {y). 

In or before 1397 James Byne who was probably a 
son of the last named James de Byne, married with 
Joane, one of the two daughters and co-heiresses of 
Richard de Whelton ((^). It appears from letters patent 
dated 22 Oftober, 1402 that James Bynde and Joan his 
wife resided in London (g). On 29 Odober, 141 3 par- 
don was granted to Sir Wm. Claxton Knt. for not 
appearing to answer James Bynde and Thomas Depden, 

(a) Abbrev. Rotul. Grig., vol. ii, pp. 23 and 120. Rot. Pari., vol. ii, 
II4^ Calendars of Patent Rolls, E. 3, indices. His name is sometimes 
spelt Byny, Bini, or Byni. In 1281 and 1283 "Binde" of Florence 
occurs (Cal"". of Letter Books of City of London, A, p. 67 and B, p. 6). 
In 1295 and 1297 " Bynde the Lombard " is named in "Irish Documents 
1 293-1 301," pp. 147 and 200. Simon de Bynes vi^as in 1529 master 
courier of the Florentines living at Lyons (Letters and Papers For. and 
Dom., H. 8, vol. iv, p. 2483). 

(|3) 40 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 116. 

(y) Inq. p. m. Chanc. 22 Ric. 2, No. 125. 

(J) Peter de la Rue v. James Byne and others. De Banco Rolls, 545, 
Sussex. Easter, 20 Ric. 2, m. 54^. 

(e) Patent Rolls, 4 H. 4, p^ i, m, 24. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. ii 

citizens and mercers of London, touching a debt (a). 
On 1 8 September, 141 o, James Bynde, mercer, and two 
others as executors of Otho Brys, paid to the City 
Chamberlain ^\o as a legacy by their testator to his 
two daughters (/3). On 3 May, 1422, pardon was granted 
to Sir Thomas Burton, Knt., for not appearing to an- 
swer James Bynde and Thomas Depden, citizens and 
mercers of London, touching a debt of _^8 {y). On 29 
November, 1427, James Bynde is again described as 
citizen and mercer of London {}), 

In 1 41 7 James de Byne, John Mille, William Bek, 
and John Wylteshire, sued William Kyng and others, 
all of Amberley, husbandmen, for breaking the Plain- 
tiffs' close at Amberley, and consuming hay of the value 
of 40J-. (g). In 1 41 9 James Byne, by Robert Bustrigg 
his attorney, sued William Kyng and Roger Kyng both 
of Greatham, " fyssheres," for breaking his close at West 
Grinstead, and worrying his six cows therein with their 
dogs on 12 April, 141 8, so that the cows aborted (f). 
In 1423 James Byne sued David Thurmond of Storgh- 

(a) Patent Rolls, i H. 5, p^ iii, m. 24. 

(|3) Letter Book I of Corporation of London, p. 170. A John (qu. 
James) Bynde was in 1 401 eledled a corredlier or licensed broker by the 
Mystery of Mercers {Ibid.y p. 12). 

(7) Patent Rolls, 10 H. 5, m. 14. 

(J) Patent Rolls, 6 H. 6, p*. i, m. 29. 

(e) Coram rege rolls, 626, Mich., 5 H. 5, m. 4. Ib'id^ 627, Hil., 

5 H. 5, m. 2<*. Ibid.y 628, Easter, 6 H. 5, m. 22. Ibld.^ 629, Trin., 

6 H. 5, m. 2, 25. Ibid.^ 631, Hil., 6 H. 5, m. 16". Ibid.^ 634, Mich., 

7 H. 5, m. 24^. 

(0 Coram rege rolls, 634, Mich., 7 H. 5, mm. 2 and 107. Ibid.^ 
636, 8 H. 5, m. I3< 

12 The By?ie Family of Sussex. 

ton [Storrington], gent, and Alice his wife and others in 
an action of trespass (a). 

Thomas Harlyng, Canon of Chichester, and Re(5tor 
of Pulborough, who according to the brass to his 
memory in the church of Pulborough died 8 May, 
1423(16), by his will dated Monday "in festo cathednc 
Sancfti Petri Apostoli " (22 February, 142^), and proved 
I June, 1423 (Archbishops' Registers at Lambeth, 
Chichele, Part i, 356^^), bequeathed to Robert Byne his 
*' secundum meliorem equum de equis meis cum sella 
et toto apparaltu." 

Such ancient Court rolls as exist of the manor of 
Sullington, co. Suss., which is close to Washington, 
show that prior to a Court holden on the Thursday be- 
fore the Feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr, 3 H. 6 
(9 August, 1425), James Byne had been seised of copy- 
holds in that manor; and whilst no Byne is named in 
the record of the Court holden 28 September, 30 H. 6 
(1451), which is the next extant, yet at the courts 
holden 13 Od:ober, 34 H. 6, 28 April, 35 H. 6, 12 
December, 36 H. 6, and 24 October, 39 H. 6, James 
Byne paid fines which at the last mentioned court were 
" pro terra vocata ffynches " (y). In 1428 Thomas Lew- 
kenore and the heir of James de Byne held a fourth 

(a) Coram rege rolls, 648, East., i H. 6, m. 54*^. Ibid.^ 649, Trin., 
1 H. 6, m. 44«*. 

(/3) 23 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 175. Thomas Harlyng was rc6tor of Pul- 
borough from 1 40 5 to his death, prebendary of Fittleworth 1401 to 1405, 
and archdeacon of Chichester 1405 to 1409. 

(7) The name Byne does not occur in a computus roll for the manor 
from Mich. 18 to Mich. 19, Ric. 2. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 13 

part of a knight's fee in Godham (qu. Coodham) and 
Parham, and were assessed therefor at 3/. 4^. (a). 

In or before the time of E. 4, "James a Byne esquier " 
agreed with James Walsh, who was entitled to lands, 
tenements, rents, and services in the parishes of Ewhurst 
and Ockley, co. Surr., called Conyhurst, Losenersh, 
and Covettes, then vested in feoffees for James Walsh, 
that James Walsh should marry Johane, daughter of 
James a Byne, for which marriage James a Byne gave 
to James Walsh, "a certeyn some of money, and other 
certeyn goodes, and mete and drynke and chambers to 
them both for certeyn yeres after the espousals afore- 
said," for which James Walsh granted that Johane 
should have the said lands, tenements, rents, and ser- 
vices during her life. The marriage took place, and 
James Walsh died, and Johane his widow proceeded in 
Chancery, probably in 1480, to enforce her rights to a 
life estate in the property (jS). 

In 1 1 H. 6 (1433) Joan, the widow of James Byne, 
held one fifth part of a knight's fee in the lands called 
Byne under the Duke of Norfolk, which extended to 20 
shillings cum acciderit [y). Apparently these same lands 

(a) Feudal Aids, vol. v, p. 154. 

(|3) Walsh V. Bardesey, Early Chanc. Proc, Bundle 34, No. 32. The 
bill is addressed to the Archbishop of York, Chancellor of England, and 
must therefore be dated in 1465, or between 9 06lober, 1470, and 
14 April, 1471, at which periods George Nevile filled those offices, or 
between 3 September, 1480 and 9 April, 1483, when Thomas Rotheram 
did so. The bill is indorsed " Coram Dno Rege in Cancellar sua die 
Jovis ^£ futur videl*. xxiij die Novembris." The 23 November fell on 
a Thursday in 1480. 

(•y) Chanc. Inq. p. m., II H. 6, No. 43, doc''. 44, line 50. Cal^ inq. 
p. m., vol. iv, p. 152. 

14 Th^ By?ie Fa?nily of Sussex. 

continued in the family ; and devolved upon an Edward 
Byne who had a wife Isabella, and at least two sons, 
namely, William Byne and Thomas Byne, the latter of 
whom was born about 1485. 

This William Byne died 15 Odtober 1508. By an 
inquisition after his death taken at Petworth 2 Nov- 
ember, I H. 8 (1509) before William Tyndall the 
King's escheator, it was found that William Byne was 
seised of the manor of Byne in Ashurst and West Grin- 
stead, and of a fourth part of the manor of Storrington 
Byne in Storrington, and also of 240 acres of land, 4 
acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood, and 25 acres of 
marsh in " Wessynglye Bodham (a) and Horsham," and 
of the reversion in the residue of the manor of Storring- 
ton Byne in Hurston Byllinghurst and Nuthurst, which 
residue Edward Cooke held for the term of the life of 
Isabella his wife (/3), by the will of Edward Byne, late 
husband of the said Isabella, and of the reversion after 
the death of the said Isabella in 30 acres of land, 60 
acres of pasture, and 25 acres of meadow in Shipley 
and Chiltington, which Edward Cooke held in right 
of the said Isabella his wife for the term of her life un- 
der the will of the said Edward Byne as of fee, and it 
was further found that the manor of Byne was worth 
beyond reprisals £^ ijs. yearly, and was held of Thomas 
Earl of Surrey, and that the said fourth part of the 

(a) Bedeham. See Dallaway and Cartwright's Rape of Arundel, p. 344. 

{0) No will is to be found of this Edward Cooke, or of Isabella Cooke, 
in P.C.C. or at Chichester, nor any inq. p. m. An Edward Coke was 
a witness to the will of Thomas Bennett of Chancflon in Washington 
dated 6 Odober, 1545, and proved 5 February, 154^ (P.C.C. 4, Alcn). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 15 

manor of Storrington Byne was worth beyond reprisals 
^20 yearly, and was held of Thomas Earl of Arundel 
by the rent of one penny and a pound of pepper, and 
that . . . acres of land of the said 240 acres, two acres 
of meadow of the said 4 acres, and the 2 acres of wood 
were worth yearly beyond reprisals . . . and were held 
of the Abbess of Syon by the yearly rent of 41. 1 1^., 
and that . . . acres of the said 240 acres in " Wassyng- 
le " were worth yearly beyond reprisals 20j-., and were 
held of . . . de Hampton by the yearly rent of two 
pence, and that . . . acres of the aforesaid 240 acres, 
25 acres of marsh and 2 acres of meadow in Bedeham 
were worth beyond reprisals 4oj-. 4^., and were held of 
Thomas Earl of Arundel, and that ... in Horsham 
were held of Thomas Earl of Surrey, and that the resi- 
due of the manor of Storryngton Byne was held of the 
Abbess of Syon by the yearly rent of 6/, and that the 
said 60 acres were held of the same Abbess, and that 
the said 30 acres were held of the Master of the Alms 
house of the Holy Trinity of Arundel by the yearly 
rent of 3J-., and it was further found that William Byne 
held no other lands at his death, and that he died 
15 Odtober, 24 H. 7 (1508), and that Thomas Byne 
was his brother and next heir, and was of the age of 24 
years and upwards (a). 

By an inquisition taken at Billingshurst 27 Odober 
12 H. 8 (1520) before William Lussher, the King's 
Escheator, it was found that Thomas Byne was before 

(a) Eschaetor's Inq., File 1066, No. 2, i H. 8. This record is in 
parts illegible. 

1 6 ^he Byiie Family of Sussex. 

liis death seised in demesne as of fee of one messuage 
and 300 acres of land in the parish of West Grinstead 
called Byne lande, and of one messuage and 100 acres 
of land in Ashurst, and so seised had granted the same 
by deed to Richard Sherley, John Goring, Edward 
Lewkenor, senior, and others in fee, to the use of 
Thomas Byne himself and Joan his wife, and the heirs 
between them lawfully begotten, and to fulfil the last 
will of Thomas Byne, and that he made his will and 
thereby declared that Joan his wife should have and 
hold during her life the said messuages and 40 acres of 
the land, and after her death the same should be to the 
use of their lawfully begotten heirs, and that the mes- 
suages and the 400 acres of land in West Grinstead and 
Ashurst were held of Thomas Duke of Norfolk by the 
fourth part of a knight's fee as of his Honour and Castle 
of Bramber, but by what other services the jury were 
unaware, and that Thomas Byne held no other lands or 
tenements of the King in chief or otherwise in demesne, 
service, or reversion on the day he died, namely, 

17 January, 1 1 H. 8 (15I-0), And that Edward Byne was 
his son and next heir, and at the time of his father's 
death was aged 7 years (a). 

No subsequent trace of this Edward Byne has been 
discovered, but the lands which descended upon him as 
heir of his father must upon his death have devolved 
upon, or in some way have been acquired by, the Bynes 
of Rowdell. 

(a) Eschastor's Inq. p. m. Surrey and Sussex, File 1073, Series ii, 12 
FI. 8, No. I, and Chanc. Inq., Series ii, vol. 35, No. 84. 

The Byne Fa^nily of Sussex, ij 

|ARLY in the reign of H. 8 the mansion house 
and estate of Rowdellin the parish of Washington 
were acquired by Thomas Bynde or Byne, who 
resided there as owner, and who appears from his will 
to have inherited or purchased them after the date of 
his marriage. By his will dated 12 July, 6 H. 8 (15 14), 
he direded that his body should " be burid in the 
church of Wassington befor the ymage of San(5le 
Nycolas wher fore I wyll to the reparacions of the 
churche vi^ viij*^. Also to the mother churche of Chy- 
chestr viij^. Also I wyll that therbe at my burying and 
moneth day x priests and every priest to hav for his 
labor viij*^. Also I wyll that the rent issues and profittes 
of my place and landes called Rowdell be taken and 
resyeved by the space of vij yere nex after my dethe 
and that my executrice shall resyeve y^ to pay my dettys 
and fynd aprieste one yere and then all the same landes 
to returne to my son Wylliam and the heyrs of hys 
body And also I wyll that my wyf shall not clayme hire 
dowre but be content with hyr joyntur y* she hath of 
my landes Provyded all weye and also I wyll y*' Jone my 
wyfF have y® said landes and tenementes called Rowdell 
duryng hyr life so y* she and other persons seasid to hyr 
use release and geve as moche landes in value as Row- 
dell ys now being percell of hyr joyntur unto Wyllyam 
my son and to hys heyrs of hys body And moreover 
I wyll y* yf my said wyfe marye and departe frome the 
sayde landes calyd Rowdell and dwell in any other 
place than I wyll y'' said londes calyd Rowdell 


1 8 The Byne FaiJiily of Sussex, 

ynimediately after hyr marage and departure unto 
my sayde son Wyllyam and the heres of his body 
And I wyll y* my said wife have y^ rule and custody 
of my said son Wylliam and of the landes to hym wylled 
duryng the nonage of y*" sayde Wylliam and she to 
order and rule hyme and his said landes by y^ advyse 
and counsel! of Richard Sherley and Edward Coke 
Also I wyll y* myn executrice tak and perceve al 
the issues and profightes of all my landes rentes and 
tenements in Storyngton unto the tyme that she hav 
reseyvyd y^ full sum of xxvi^ xiii* iiii*^ and that sum to 
go to y^ maryage of Elysabeth and Mary my daughters 
equaly to be devydid betwene them and yf yt hapen 
any of my sayde daughters to decesse unmaryed that 
then she y* survyveth hav the hole xxvi^ xiii^ iiii^. Also 
I wyll y* all such persons seased or possessed or y^ of 
ryght ought to be possessed of any landes rentes or 
tenementes within the Countye of Sussex to myne use 
in any manner of wyse be and stand seasid ther of to y® 
use trust and performance of thys my present wyll Also 
I wyll y^ wher John Goring (a) and Richard Sherley 
where assentyng and privy unto a lease y^ I mayde unto 
Peter Bullockherd (iS) of certyn landes in Storyngton 

(a) Probably John Goring of Burton whose will dated i6 Oftober, 
1520, was proved 7 February, 152^ (P.C.C. 5 Maynwaring, Test. 
Vet., 561). 

(/3) Doubtless a relation of Richard Bolokeherde, who according to 
his inq. p. m. taken at Chichester, 11 November, 1542, was seised of 
some 460 *. of property, and was on the last of February, iSf^-, whilst 
walking in the King's highway between the church of Washington 
and his house at "Hiden" murdered by William Lidgates senior and 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 19 

and Coudham for y® wych lease y® sayde Peter hath 
truly contented me his fyne I wyll y' y® sayde Peter 
injoye y^ said landes acccordyng unto my lease ther of 
to hym mayde Also I wyll y' yf this my last wyll be 
nott mayde formeable accordyng to y^ lawe then I wyll 
y' mine executrice do call a lernidman to corecke y' 
not changyng myne intent and last wyll. All other of 
my goodes not bequethed my detts payd I wyll to Jone my 
wyfe whome I make myne executrice and Richard Sher- 
ley and Edward Coke myne overseers. In witnes wher 
of I hav put my seal, geven at Rowdell the xii day of 
July in y^ vi yere of y® reigne of Kyng Henry y^ viii*** 
these beyng witnenes Rychard Sherley Edward Coke 
Peter Bullockherd WylliamiSherley (a) George Rose (/3) 
James Pettett and RaufFe Emory with other more, this 
est amen Jhesus." This will was proved by the execu- 
trix \Ti the Consistory Court of Chichester, 15 Sep- 
tember 1 5 19 (vols, i, 9, and ii, 4). 

From the arms carved on the monument to John 
Byne (A) the grandson of this Thomas Byne, it seems 
that the latter's wife Joan was a Threele of Lox- 
wood. His daughter Mary appears from the will of her 

whose heir was his nephew Peter Bolokeherde, aged lo, the eldest son 
of his brother WiUiam Bolokeherd. Richard Bolokeherde was the son 
and heir of John Bolokeherd who died i8 April, 1 508, seised of property 
in Washington and elsewhere (Exch. Inq. p. m., Series ii, File 1066, 
No. i) when Richard was aged 11. 

(a) Apparently Sir Richard Sherley of Wiston, who died 1540, and 
his eldest son William Sherley who died 29 May, 1551 (5 Suss. Arch. 
Coll., pp. 12 and 14). 

(0) Perhaps George Rose of Amberley, whose will is dated in 1530 
(12 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 82). 

20 77/£? Bjne Family of Sussex, 

brother William Byne to have been married to one 

William Bvne, the son of Thomas Byne, was of 
Ardingly, co. Suss., and of Rowdell, and is the person 
with whom the not very accurate pedigree in Berry's 
Sussex Genealogies, p. i86, commences. He married 
with Alice, third daughter of Richard Culpeper, of 
Wakehurst in Ardingly, by Joan, daughter of Richard 
Naylor, Alderman of London, and Elizabeth his wife [a). 
William Byne had issue four sons, (i) yoh?i Byne (a), 
(2) Edward Byne^ (3) Thomas Byjie, and (4) James 
Byne, and four daughters, (i) Katharine, who was 
married at Camberwell, co. Surr., 25 May, 1573 (^^^^ 
day of the marriage there of her eldest brother, John 
Byne) to Edmond Bowyer (/S), who was Sheriff of 
Surrey and Sussex, 24 November, 1600, to 2 Decem- 

(a) 10 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 154. Richard Culpeper, in his will dated 
6 September, 1539, and proved 16 Odtober, 1539, in P.C.C. {31 
Dyngcley), stated that *' I have payd to the mariagcof Alice my daughter 
20 markes." Richard Naylor, Merchant Taylor and Alderman, was 
buried in the Lady Chapel in the Church of St. Martin Outwitch 
(Seymour's Survey of London, Book ii, p. 380). His will, proved 1483, 
is in P.C.C. (7 Logge). His wife, who was also buried there, was 
remarried to George, Lord Bergavenny (New Peerage, by G. E. C, 
p. 18). Her will as Dame Elizabeth Neville, which mentions her 
daughter Joan, is dated 14 April, 1500 (Test. Vet, p. 441. P.C.C. 
8 Moonc). As Richard Naylor died 1483, leaving several children by 
her, and as Lord Bergavenny, whose issue was by his first wife, who 
died 1485, himself died in 1492, it is clear, contrary to what the above 
authorities state, that Richard Naylor must have been her first husband. 

(0) Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, p. 152. Sir Edmond Bowyer died 
18 February, 162S. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 21 

ber, 1 60 1, M.P. for Surrey, 1603, and was knighted at 
the Charterhouse 11 May, 1603; Dame Katharine 
Bowyer died without issue, and was buried at Camber- 
well 12 July, 1609; (2) Emme or Emma, who was 
married twice, first at Camberwell, 17 May, 1580, to 
Edward Snow, of Alfarthing manor in Wandsworth, 
CO. Surr., and of Chicksands, co. Beds., who died in 
1587 (a), and secondly, also at Camberwell, 2 July, 
1588, to John Bowyer, of Camberwell, where she was 
buried 26 December, 1624 (/3) ; (3) Cicely, who died a 
spinster and was buried at Washington, 27 September, 
1590 (T'); and (4) Mary, who apparently died before 
her mother. William Byne appears at one time to have 
resided at Bysshe Court in Bletchingly, co. Surr., for 
he is so described in a bond dated 11 May, 1544, given 
by John Culpeper of Hakington, Esquire, to Thomas 

(a) A memorial to Edward Snow, erefted, as stated in the inscription, 
by " Emma, his wife, daughter to WiUiam Byne, in the county of 
Sussex, Esquire," was formerly in the chancel of Wandsworth Church 
(Aubrey's History of Surrey, vol. i, p. 132). He and his wife, Emma, 
were in Trin. 29 Eliz. (1587), deforciants in a fine levied for assuring 
the manor of Chicksands to Peter Osborne {see Chan. Inq. p. m. Series 2, 
vol. 249, No. 59). His pedigree is in the Visitation of Beds, 1634, 
p. 410. He had issue three children, (i)^lizabeth, baptized at Cam- 
berwell 24 August, 1 58 1, and married to Henry Harden (Coll. Top. et 
Gen., vol. iii, pp. 152 and 164); (2) V^lice, married at Wandsworth 
2 February, 160^, to Sir Robert Albany, Knt.; and (3) -Sarah, married 
at Wandsworth 10 August, 1607, to Sir Richard Conquest, Knt. 
(Visitation of Beds., 1634, p. 97). 

{B) Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, pp. 152 and 153. 

(y) In 1586 Thomas Culpeper, of Balcombe, entered into a bond for 
securing to Cicely Bynd the payment of £"] los, every 10 April and 
10 06lober during her life at or in the manor house of John Bynd, of 
Washington, called RowdcU (Close Rolls 29 Eliz.). 

2 2 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

Colepepcr of Bedgebury, Esquire, for indemnifying the 
latter against a sum of >C500 in which he was bound by 
a recognisance to William Bynde (a). William Byne 
demised to Richard Arnold, the Manor of Byne, and 
other lands called Byne in West Grinstead for a term 
of years at the yearly rent of jTy (/Q). William Byne by 
his will dated 8 0(5tober, 1558 (about five weeks before 
the death of Queen Mary), in which he is described as 
of" Erdyngleigh," esquire, bequeathed his soul to God, 
and dire(5led that his body should be buried in Christian 
burial, and proceeded, " I wyll that there be bestowed 
at my burning X^io, and at my monethe's mynde 
^^6 8j". od., and at my twelve monethe's mynde 
^3 6^. 8^., to be spent in bread drynck and almes. 
Item. To the poure folkes at Wasshington 20s. Item. 
To Erdyngleigh chyrche towarde the reparacions of 
the Chyrche 20j-. Item. To the Hygh Aulter of the 
parysch chyrch of Erdyngleigh for tythes forgotten 
2s. 4^. Item. To my fouer daughteres Katherine, 
Emme, Cecyle, and Marye to eche of them ;^ioo, and 
yf any dye befoore maryage her £100 to be devyded 
amongst the resydue. Item. To John Wynall my 
seruante, £6 ly. 4^. Item. To Marye Willyams, my 
sister, 20 markes. Item. To eche of my younger 
sonnes, Edward Byne and Thomas Byne, eche of them 
^100, and to James Byne ^60. And as consernyng all 

(a) Harl. Ch. 76 H. 28. Bysshe Court belonged to the Culpepers of 
Wakehurst (Feet of Fines, Surr. 12, H. 7, No. 27, and Inq, p. m. temp. 
Eliz. Suss. Record Soc, No. 68). 

{$) Arnold v. Goble. Court of Requests. Bundle 25, No. 170, 

The Byne Family of Suss ex i> 23 

my manours, Landes etc. (a), In the Shire of Sussex, that 
I may lawfullye wyll I wyll that Alice Byne, my wyef 
(whome I make myn executrix to execute thys my tes- 
tamente) receive the revenues, and then to be to my 
eldest Sonne accordyng to the ryghte coorse of inhert- 
ance, hys Mother's Joynture excepted and my Coope- 
holde Landes whych I cannot bequethe. Concernynge 
the reuersion of the Manor of Elmested in the Countie 
of Kent y* I have in seurty for ,^240 that my Brother 
in lav^e, John Culpeper, of Ingham, (/G) com. Norf., 
owethe me yf he paye unto my wyef myne executrix 
the sayd ^^240 wyth" one yere next after the makynge 
of thys my testament I wyll that the reuersion of the 
Manor of Elmested be unto my brother afoorsaid as ytt 
was befoore I made bargayne wyth hym Also I wyll 
that the Fermes of Rockham and Waltham {y) be in 
my sayd wyef 's handes and after her dethe to the use of 

(a) William Byne bought land in Worth, co. Suss., from John Burley 
in 1 55 1 (Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich. 5, E. 6). 

(|3) John Culpeper, of Ingham, was the seventh and youngest son of 
Richard Culpeper above named, his eldest son being also named John 
Culpeper, as shown by Richard Culpeper's will. John Culpeper, of 
Ingham, by his will dated 16 December, 1562, and proved 6 November, 
1566 (P.C.C. 29 Crymes), gave to Edward Bynde, his nephew, 
j^i3 6j. 8^.; to his own sister, Bynde, a ring worth 20J.; to his cousin 
(niece), Katherine Bynde, {^t^ 65. 8d.; and devised his manor of Elmested 
after the death of Dame Elizabeth, his then wife, unto his eldest brother, 
John Culpeper, of Wakehurst, on condition that he paid £2>'^o to his 
executors, otherwise the same to be sold. John Culpeper, of Wakehurst, 
died 28th March, 1565. 

(y) There was a chapelry of Elmsted in the parish of Waltham, com. 
Kane. (Hasted's Hist, of Kent, fol. ed., vol. ii, p. 743). The parish of 
Elmstead is seven miles south of Canterbury. 

2 4- 77/^ By^ie Fami/y oj^ Sussex. 

all my sonnes and daughteres. When all my legacyes 
have been payde and my testament performed I wyll 
that Wynall have five markes more. Item. All my 
fermes are behynde at Michelmass last past save thre 
receued. Item. The parson of Asshehurst hath payd 
me due at Michelmasse 26/8 parte of paiement of fower 
marks. Item. Woode of Rackham owethe me ^£26 8j-. 8^/. 
due last Michelmass. Item. Mr. John Leeves Esquire 
owethe me jr2o and noo otheres have payd Michelmass 
ferme otherwise but as befoore ys wrytten. I make over- 
seere my brother John Culpeper to whome I bequethe 
for hys paynes £6 6s. 8^/, Item. To Jone Wynall 
latelye one of my wyef 's seruantes 20s. Item. To Mary 
EUic 6s. SJ. Item. Mr. John Hussye and Henry 
Bower (a) ow mi foure ton of yron and there is six 
tonnes in Chamberlayn's shoppe and two tonnes wyth 
Gyrdler and one ton wyth Brigge. Item. To pouer 
folke at Byllingherst 20s. and 20s. to pouer at Storring- 
ton (/3). Item. I ow £10 to John Bysse of Worthe." {y) 
The witnesses to this will were John Culpeper, esquire, 
William Culpeper, gentleman, (^) and John Wynall and 

(a) Henry Bowyer son of John Bowyer, an ironmaster in Sussex, was 
himself interested in the same industry, from which he acquired means 
to buy, from 1564 onwards, considerable landed estates in and near 
Cuckfield, and to build the house in Cuckfield Park. He died 8 Sept- 
ember, 1589 (42 Suss. Arch. Coll., pp. 36-45.) 

(0) William Byne in 1543 sold land in Storrington to John Tayler 
(Feet of Fines, Suss., Hill. 34 H. 8). 

(7) For John Bysshe, of Worth, see Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 199. He 
died 26th June, 1 582, and his inq. p.m. was taken 4 August, 1582 
(Suss. Rec. Soc. Eliz. No. loi). 

{^) William (the fourth son of Richard Culpeper, of Wakehurst), who 

T'he Byne Family of Sussex, 25 

it was proved 25 February, 1 55|- by the testator's widow, 
Alice Byne in P.C.C. (45 Welles). 

It seems indicated by this will that William Byne 
was interested in the ironworks which then existed in 
the neighbourhood of Ardingly, and probably it was 
his connexion with the Culpepers, through his wife, 
that brought him thither. By the nuncupative will of 
his widow, dated 5 June, 1578, in which she. is de- 
scribed as Alice Binde, of Washington, widow, she 
gave her lease in lands, called Monthes, to her youngest 
son, James Binde, and further, her mind was that her 
sons should have such portions as her son John should 
think good, and her daughters, " Emme and Sicilye," 
^200 a piece. Her will was proved 22 June, 1578, in 
the Consistory Court of Chichester by her son, John 
Byne (a) the executor (vol. xii, fol. 47). 

An Edward Byne was assessed in the Rape of 
Bramber at Sompting and at Clapham to the 
Lay Subsidy levied 14 and 15 H. 8 (1523-4) (a). 
In I52y *'John Bynde prest " was a witness to 
the will of John Cowper of Slinfold, co. Suss. 
dated 9 February, 152I- (jG). A Thomas Byne 

in his will proved 17th September, 1585, is described as of St. Dunstan's, 
Canterbury. He was buried there 4 June, 1585. 

(a) Lay Subsidy Rolls, Suss, 189/126. He is perhaps the Edward 
Bynne, of Seeding, whom William Gower, of Horton, in that parish, by 
his will dated 18 April, 1558, and proved 6 March, 155! (Lewes Book 
A. 4, fol. 220^), appointed one of the overseers thereof. 

(^) Wills in Consistory Court of Chichester, vol. ii, fol. 55. There 
is no probate ad. John Bynde, priest, may be the Magister Bynde who 


26 The By?7e Fa77uly of Sussex. 

is said to have been tenant of a kniglit's fee in 
the manor of Cootham 23 H. 8 (1532) (a). Jane 
Rawson of West Burton in Bury, co. Suss, 
(widow of John Rawson of the same place) by 
her will dated 23 November, 1545, and proved 
in the Consistory Court of Chichester 22 Janu- 
ary, 154I; (vol. v, fol. 1 01^, and vol. vi, fol. 22) 
gave " to Laurence Bynde's wedowe a peticote 
with cloth bodices." Edmund Spoke by his will 
dated 25 September, 1548, and proved 6 Nov- 
ember, 1 548, in the same Consistory Court (vol. 
vii, fol. 44) in which he is described as Parson 
of Merston gave to Edmund Bynde his godson 
his old cloke and 2od. in money. John Shorte 
of Littlehampton by his will dated i 0(5tober, 
1555, and proved in the Consistory Court of 
Chichester (vol. viii, fol. 160), 14 December, 
1555, bequeathed to Laurence Bynd half a 
quarter of barley. Thomas Coke of West Burton 
gentleman by his will dated 18 September, 1556 
and proved 8 May, 1560 (P.C.C. 27 Mellershe) 
gave a contingent legacy of ^T 10 unto the child- 
ren of Lawrence Byne and also directed that if 
his son Thomas Coke should die under the age 
of 18 years and his widow Margery should die 
or re-marry before that event the residue of his 
estate should be divided between such of the 

proceeded to the degree of B.D. at Cambridge in 1521-22 (Grace Book /9, 
Part ii, p. 98, and Grace Book y, p. 201). 

{a) Dallaway and Cartwright's Rape of Arundel, page 241, n. d. 


The Byne Family of Sussex. 27 

children of his brother Jerome Coke and of 
Lawrence Byne as should be living at the death 
of his son. It may fairly be inferred from the 
whole of this will that Lawrence Byne had mar- 
ried a sister, then deceased, of the testator 
Thomas Coke, who mentions another sister the 
wife of Richard Farnfolde, and another brother 
Edward Coke. Miles Bynde cler. M.A. is 
named as prebendary of Bury, co. Suss, in 
1559(a), but his proper name appears to have 
been Bendes or Beunes(/3). There was also an 
Edward Byne of Storrington, who married twice, 
first with Ann, whose maiden name is un- 
known (y), and who was buried at Storrington 
28 July, 1572, and secondly, at Storrington, 
18 06lober, 1573, with Agnes Moore. He had 
issue four children, all by his first wife, (i) Wil- 
liam Byne, baptized at Storrington, 12 Septem- 
ber, 1 561; (2) Jane, baptized there 30 March, 
156^, and married to James Evans; (3) Alice, 

(a) Dallaway and Cartwright's Rape of Arundel, p. 268. 

(/3) Hennessy's Clergy List, pp. 6 and 165, and 12, Suss. Arch. Coll., 
p. 260. In a suit in the Court of Requests (Bundle 132, No. 31 ) he is 
called Miles Bens, cler., and in his will in P.C.C. (loi Wingfield) he is 
called Miles Bennes. 

(y) Robert Benet, of Storrington, by his will dated 23 September, 
1555, and proved in the Consistory Court of Chichester 13 January, 
i55|-(vol. viii, fol. 161''), bequeathed "to Byne's love," i.e. sweetheart 
or widow, i^d. Another Robert Benet, of Storrington, by his will dated 
21 November, 1557, and proved in the same Court (vol. ix, fol. 16^), 
devised to his son Richard a tenement and land in Storrington " called 
Brokehowsc late Byne's." 

28 The By/ie Family of Sussex. 

baptized there 19 November, 1567, and (4) 
Thomas Bync, baptized there 7 March, 1572, 
and buried there 17 January, 159 J. Edward 
Byne, of Storrington, by his will dated 2 April, 
1595, after making a nominal bequest to the 
high church at Chichester, gave '* all my free 
landes callyd Andrews in Storington by estima- 
cioun nyne acres to Agnes Byne my wyfe and 
aftere her decese to my sonne William Byne. 
Item. To James Evens my sonne in lawe my 
mare and to his daughter Jane a lambe. Item. 
To my daughter Alice Byne a lambe. Item. 
To my Sonne William one payre of shetes a 
table cloathe and my grete brasse panne after my 
wyfe's decese. Item. The resydew of my goodes 
to my Wiffe durynge her lyfe and after her de- 
cese to be devided amongst all my chylderen," 
and he appointed his wife to be executrix and 
John Wase to be overseer. This will was 
proved 24 April, 1595, by the widow, Agnes 
Byne, in the Consistory Court of Chichester 
(vol. xiv, fol. 373). Agnes Byne was buried at 
Storrington 10 May, 1595, and 14 June, 1595, 
letters of administration of her efFe6ls were 
granted out of the last mentioned court to her 
son William Byne, to whom 30 June, 1595, 
letters of administration, etc., of the goods of 
his father, Edward Byne, were granted out of 
the same court. A William Byne married at 
Storrington, 14 July, 1577, ^^^^ Margaret 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 29 

Wase, probably a daughter of the above-named 
John Wase, who was of that parish (a) ; an Ann 
Byne was buried there 21 December, 1585 ; and 
Mary, daughter of William Byne, was baptized 
there 9 November, 1595. In 1590 William 
Byne was a witness in a cause depending in the 
Archdeaconry Court of Lewes between John 
Coell and William Savadge the vicar of Rotting- 
dean, and he was described as of Seaford, co. 
Suss, husbandman where he had resided two 
years and more having previously resided at 
Hellingly and as having been born at Storring- 
ton and being aged 26 (/3). William Byne of 
Seaford was buried there 13 July, 1598, having 
had issue by his wife Jane (i) Thomas Byne 
baptized there i February, I5f|-, and (2) Joan 
baptized there 2 April, 1598, and buried there 
6 August, 1604. Jane Byne the widow was re- 
married at Seaford 16 July, 1599, to Robert 
Marten {y). Thomas Byne married, first, at 
Friston, co. Suss., 13 October, 161 1, with Eliza- 
beth Gardner widow (^), and, secondly, at Folk- 
ington, CO. Suss., 11 July, 161 6, with Mary 

(a) See Pedigree of Wase. Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 125. 

(/3) Deposition Books 1587-93. 

(7) Robert Marten's first wife, Alice, was buried at Seaford 16 Febru- 
ary, 1 59f . 

(3) On 15 July, 161 7, Thomas Byne was before the Archdeaconry 
Court on an allegation of immorality with Ursula Wclche, of Wilming- 
ton, but on 30 July, 161 7, the case was dismissed (Adt Books ex-officio 

30 The By7ie Family of Sussex. 

Herriott widow. On 25 September 1621 he 
was ordered to take the oath as churchwarden 
of Tarring Neville (a). By his will dated 
13 March, 162^-, in which he is described as of 
Bishopston, he gave ^60 to Jane Marten his 
mother, and after her decease he gave to Amy 
Marten his [half] sister ^20, and the other ^^40 
to be divided between the rest of his [half] 
brothers and sisters, and he bequeathed to his 
wife Mary certain property which after her 
death was to go to Lettice Herriott and Eliza- 
beth Herriott. This will was proved by his 
mother Jane Marten 9 April, 1625 at Lewes 
(Book A 19, fol. 3) and letters of administration 
to Mary Byne reli6t of Thomas Byne were 
granted at Lewes 20 July, 1625, to her daughter 
Elizabeth Herriott (B 5, fol. 227). Thomas 
Byne and Mary his wife were both buried at 
Bishopston, 27 February, 162-*-. In 1615 a 
Thomas Byne and others were deforciants in a 
fine levied by Richard Aylewyn as plaintiff of 
lands in Storrington (/3). 

John Byne (a) the eldest son of William Byne of 
Ardingly and Rowdell, was also of Rowdell, and was 
born 1537. He married 25 May, 1573, at Camberwell, 
with Elizabeth, born 10 June, 1553, daughter of John 
Bowyer of Lincoln's Inn and Camberwell, by his second 

[a) A61 Books ex-offido 1619-22. 

(;3) Feet of Fines, Suss., Easter 13, Jac. i. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 31 

wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Draper of Camber- 
well (a). On 22 April, 1588, John Byne (a) contributed 
^25 towards the expenses of the defence against the 
Spanish Armada (/Q). He died 21 July, 1600, and a 
handsome alabaster monument to his memory was 
erected against the south wall of the chancel of Wash- 
ington church, consisting of the figures of a man and a 
woman, attired in the dress of the time, and respect- 
ively kneeling, the one with five boys behind him, and 
the other with two girls behind her. This monument 
has now been relegated to an obscure situation under 
the tower. It bears the following inscription : 

" Hie jacet corpus 'Johannis Byne armig : qui uxorem 
duxit Elizabetham Bowyer JiUam 'Johannis Bowyer de 
Camerwell armig : et suscepit ex edfilios quinque Ji lias que 
duas et obiit vicesimo primo die Julii^ 1 600, anno cvtatis 
sua 63." 

There are four coats of arms upon it. In the centre 
over the entablature are the arms of Byne, and in a row 
below them are these three shields, ist over the male 

(a) Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, pp. 150 and 152. Visitation of 
London, 1568, p. 4. For a curious account of Elizabeth Draper's 
wedding ring and apparel, see Lyson's Environs of London, ed. 1796, 
vol. i, p. 78. John Bow^yer was admitted of Lincoln's Inn, 15 March, 
i5-2-f, called to the Bar 1548, to the bench there 1555, was autumn 
reader 1556-57, and Treasurer 1564-5 (Black Books, vol. '\^ passim^ and 
Dugdale's Origines Jur., ed. 1666, pp. 253 and 260). For further 
particulars as to the Bowyer family, see Surrey Arch. Coll., vol. iii, 
pp. 220 et seq. 

(/3) I Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 36. As to the amount of ^^25, see the 
form of privy seal inviting the subscription in Noble's Spanish Armada 
List, p. xxxi. 

2 T^he Byne Family of Sussex. 

figure Byne impaling paly of ten (a) ; 2ndly in the 
middle Byne impaling Argent a bend engrailed gules 
for Culpeper; and 3rdly over the female figure, Or a 
bend vaire cottised gules for Bowyer, impaling a fess 
between three annulets for Draper. John Byne (a) was 
buried at Washington, 24 July, 1600. In 1604, on the 
24th of some month being or later than June, but which 
is blank in the register, his widow Elizabeth was re- 
married at Pulborough to Richard Stanley who was of 
Fittleworth, co. Suss. (/3). Richard Stanley died 24 
February, 162^, and his widow Elizabeth by her nun- 
cupative will dated 28 April, 1629, gave to her maid 
servant Susan Ancell ^(^20 and the residue of her goods 
to her [step] son John Stanley's children Elizabeth and 
John, but as she had no money she willed that her 
[step] son John Stanley should pay the legacy of ^20. 
Administration of this will was 6 February, i6ff 
granted to John Stanley during the minority of his 
children Elizabeth and John out of the Consistory 
Court of Chichester (vol. xvii, fol. 247). 

The children of John Byne (a) were (i) Sir John Byne, 
(2) William Byfic\ (3) James Byne, (4) EdwarJ Byne, (y) 

(a) The arms, no doubt, of Joan, the wife of Thomas Byne, of 
Rowdell, who therefrom appears to have been a Threele of Loxwood. 
(Glover's Ordinary, Berry's Suss. Gen,, p. 132.) 

(0) On a brass now attached to the north wall of the chancel of 
Fittleworth Church is: '■^ Hire lyeth y' body of Richard Stanley of Lee 
Esq"" Brother to S'' Thomas Stanley Knight who desceased the foure and 
twentie of February 1 628." 

(7) No child of John Byne (a) was baptized at Washington, Ardingly^ 
or Camberwell, and the names of William, James, and Edward, are 
assumed from the will of Thomas Byne, the brother of John Byne (a). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 33 

and another, and two daughters, one of whom was 
Elizabeth, who, 3 June, 1599, was married at Wash- 
ington (pursuant to a licence at Chichester dated 
31 May, 1599) to Thomas Norton, described as of 
Camberwell, gent, (a) ; and the other of whom was 
Katharine, married to Curtes Barwick of Compton, the 
licence at Chichester being dated 29 April, 1609. John 
Byne (a) had added to the property in the parish of 
Washington by a purchase in 1568 from John Apsley (fi). 
By an Indenture dated 23 Nov., 26 Eliz. (1583) and 
made between John Byne (a), therein described as of 
Rowdell, gent., on the one part, and Sir John Byne, 
therein described as John Bynde, son and heir apparent 
of John Byne (a) and Edmund Bowyer of Camberwell, 
Esq., on the other part the manor of Cudham (Coot- 
ham) and all other the lands of John Byne (a) in Stor- 
rington were assured to Sir John Byne and Edmund 

The fifth son of John Byne (a) was possibly Edmund Byne, who married 
with Frances, daughter of Gregory Bowyer (buried at Worth 13 February, 
1603), a brother of John Byne's wife (Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, 
p. 152). She is the Frances Bowyer, alias Bynde of Lingfield, of whose 
effedls, on 22 February, i6|-g^, administration was granted to her 
" brother," John Bowyer, out of P.C.C. 

(a) Thomas Norton was knighted at Oatlands, 20 July, 161 7 
(Metcalfe's Knights, p. 158), and see Visitation of Kent, 161 9 (Harl. Soc, 
p, 80). By a deed dated i May, 44 Eliz. (1602), and made between 
Thomas Norton of Norwood Chasteners [in Milton], co, Kane. Esq., 
of the one part, and Sir John Byne then John Byne, Esq., of the other 
part, Thomas Norton covenanted to disentail an estate called Frostes in 
Newchurch, co. Kane, and to settle, on the death of his mother, 
Elizabeth Clarke of Wrotham, the manor of Pouldhurst in Kent (Close 
Rolls, 1 713). 

{B) Feet of Fines, Suss. Mich., 10 and 11 Eliz. 


34 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

Bowyer, and to the heirs male of the body of Sir John 
Byne (a) ; and John Byne (a) appears to have made in 
1599 a further settlement, which was perfected by a 
fine in which Edmund Bowyer arm. and John Bowyer 
arm. were plaintiffs, and John Byne (a) and Elizabeth 
his wife were deforciants, of the manors of Byne and 
Cootham, and lands in Washington, Storrington, Ash- 
urst and elsewhere (/G). By an inquisition post mortem 
taken at Horsham 16 December, 1600 before Thomas 
Palmer esquire escheator it was found that John 
Byne (a) on the day he died was seised in his demesne 
as of fee of and in the manors of Byne and Coodham 
alias Storrington and of and in one capital messuage one 
windmill one dove house and 1 20 acres of land in 
Washington, and so seised died 22 (j-/^) July, 1600, and 
that John Byne gentleman was his son and heir, and at 
the time of the death of his father was aged 23 years 
and more and was married. And that the manor of 
Byne was held of the lord or lady of the Barony of 
Brambre as of that Barony by fealty and suit of court 
and was worth yearly ^5 clear. And that the capital 
messuage mill dovehouse and 100 acres of the land in 
Washington were held of Thomas Sherley Knt. as of 
the manor of Charlton by fealty and a yearly rent of 
4J-. I id. and were worth yearly ^3 clear. And that the 
rest of the lands in Washington were held of Thomas 
Buyshop esquire as of his manor of Hurston by fealty 
and a yearly rent of 2s. 6d. and were worth yearly 20s. 

(a) Close Rolls, II 75. 

(5) Feet of Fines, Suss. Mich., 41 and 42 Eliz. 

The Byne Family of Sussex » 35 

clear. And that the manor of Coodham alias Storyngton 
was held of Edward Apsley esquire as of his manor of 
Storryngton by fealty and suit of Court and was worth 
yearly ^5 clear. And that John Byne (a) on the day 
he died had no other or more lands tenements or here- 
ditaments held of the Queen or of any other in demesne 
reversion or otherwise (a). 

Edward Byne, the second son of William 
Byne of Ardingly and Rowdell, wat buried at 
Camberwell, 4 January, 159 J-, and was in all 
probability a bachelor. 

Thomas Byne, the third son of William Byne 
of Ardingly and Rowdell, died a bachelor and 
was buried at Camberwell 29 06lober 161 3. By 
his will, dated i Februaiy, 16^^, in which he is 
described as of Camberwell, gent., (/3) he directed 
that his body should be buried in the church 
there in the chancel, near to his sister the Lady 
Bowyer, if there he happened to die, and if he 
died in any other place at the discretion of his 
executors, and then continued, " Item. I give 

(a) Chanc. Inq. p. m. Ser. ii, vol. 264, No. 108, 43 Eliz. 

(^) If, as is probable, he was identical with Thomas Bynde, the sup- 
pliant in two proceedings in the Court of Requests in 1597 ^"^ 1601, 
this Testator was a citizen and draper of London. These proceedings 
were brought to restrain Ralph Massye and Edmund Porter from inter- 
fering with the possession of a messuage and rooms in the Old Change, 
London, which Thomas Bynde had purchased from William Nedeham, 
of London, Merchant Taylor (Court of Requests, Devon's Calendar 
5/379 and 1/556). 

36 The Byne Fajnily of Sussex, 

to Sir John Byne in token of rememberance a 

ring of goulde of 40/. Alsoe I give to all his 

youngestt children sonnes and daughteres the 

some of ^^40 and to his eldest sonne a Jewell of 

40J. Item I give to my three nieces Mrs. Harden 

the Lady Albenye and the Lady Congquest (a) 

eche of them a ring of goulde of 40J. a peece. 

Item. To my cosin Harden's eldeste sonne 40j". 

to buy him a jewell. Item. To my niece Bar- 

v^'icke a ringe of goulde of 401. Item. To my 

cosen Catherine Byne and to her syster ^20 a 

peece and to her brother ()S) 40/. for a jewell. 

Item. To my nephews William Byne James 

Byne and Edward Byne ^20 a peece. Item. 

To my cosen Hallawey and to her daughtere 

40J. a peece. Item. To the Servauntes in the 

howse 40J-. Item. To them that carrye me to 

churche 6j". %d. Item. To the Ringers dd. 

Item. For a bankett for them that goe to ( 

Churche with me ^^5. Item, I give to Mr. Lee 

of the Inner Temple [y) my beste gowne welted 

with velvett and faced with budge. Item. My 

(a) The three daughters of the testator's sister, Emma Snow, after- 
wards Bowyer. (See ante^ p. 21, note (a).) Henry Harden, son of 
Henry Harden, gent., was buried in the chancel at Camberwell, 13 March, 
1610, when there was given to the poor "by his grandmother, Emme 
Bowyer, wife to John Bowyarc, Esq., 20J." (Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, 
p. 164). 

(/3) The surviving children of the testator's brother, James Byne. 

(y) There were at this date several members of the Inner Temple 
named Lee. Probably the one alluded to is William Lee of Fittleworth, 
CO. Suss., who was admitted in November, 1561. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 37 

cloke faced with taffata I give to my cosen James 
Byne and my mourninge cloke to my cosen 
Edward Byne. Item. To the Poore in Camer- 
welt 40J-. Item. To my brother James Byne 
and my sister Emme Bowyer all the reste of my 
goodes at London and here at Camerwelt or 
elsewhere whome I make my Executors. Lastlye 
I doe hartely intreet my kinde and lovinge 
brother Sir Edmond Bowyer to be overseere 
hereof and for a rememberance in token of my 
love I give unto him a ringe of goulde or ^5 at 
his eledlion." This will was proved 9 November 
1 61 3 by the Testator's brother James Byne and 
Emma Bowyer in P.C.C. (105 Capell). 

James Byne, the fourth son of William Byne 
of Ardingly and Rowdell, married 21 February, 
I5f|- at Camberwell with SancSlia or Sence 
Fromonde (daughter of John Fromonde, buried 
at Carshalton, co. Surr., 11 November, 1580), 
who was baptized at Carshalton 16 January, 
156^, and through her as one of the three 
sisters and coheiresses of John Fromonde of 
' Carshalton, who was buried there 12 April, 
1597, he became entitled to the impropriate 
re<5lory of and an estate at Carshalton (a). By 

(a) Surrey Arch. Coll., vol. vii, p. 142. Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, 
p. 162. Letters of administration to John Fromonde were granted out 
of P.C.C, 16 April, 1597, to his sisters Sence Bynde, and Dorothy 
Munne, his widow Frances Fromonde renouncing. 

38 The By?ie Fa?nily of Sussex, 

her he had five children; (i) Katharine, who 
was married at Carshalton 27th November, 1610 
to Robert Rawnce (a), of Wycombe, co. Bucks, 
and was buried at Carshalton 30 May, 1623; 

(2) Emma baptized at Camberwell 21 January, 
159^, who died a spinster before the Visitation 
of Surrey in 1623, and probably before 1609; 

(3) Edmund By fie h-iTpiiztd at Carshalton 22 Janu- 
ary, i59g, and buried there 21 March, 159.- ; 

(4) Elizabeth baptized at Carshalton 17 June, 
1662, who was married to Thomas Thompson, 
of Streatham, co. Surr., Rouge Dragon Pur- 
suivant of Arms (/3) ; and (5) Henry Byne bap- 
tized at Carshalton 15 February, i6o|-. James 
Byne was buried at Carshalton 5 January, 162 J-, 
and his widow Sence was buried there 2 Octo- 
ber, 1629 (7). 

The pedigree of James Byne and his descend- 
ants, entered at the Visitation of Surrey, 1623, is 
in that portion of it which is printed in vol. ii 
of the Surrey Archaeological Society Collec- 

(a)VIssue of this marriage baptized at Carshalton were Katharine ba[)- 
tized 21 July, 161 1; Edmond baptized 15 February, 161^; Judith 
baptized 20th 06lober, 161 6; and Henry baptized 8 November, 161 8. 

(^)^he pedigree of Thompson, shewing this match, is in the Visita- 
tion of Surrey, 1623. Issue of this marriage baptized at Carshalton, 
were San£la, born 4 and baptized 17 April, 1623; Elizabeth baptized 
28 November, 1624; and Judith baptized 14 April, 1626. 

(7) Surrey Arch. Coll., vol, vii, p. 146. As James Byne did not sur- 
vive his wife Sence, he cannot as suggested in Coll, Top, et Gen., vol. iii, 
p. 152, note {^\ be the person of that name who, 24 April, not May, 
1622, married at Camberwell with Elizabeth Temple. {Ibid.^ p. 162.) 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 39 

tions, and in the edition published by the 
Harleian Society at page 115. A more extended 
pedigree, taken substantially from one given in 
Manning's History of Surrey, vol. ii, p. 513, is 
contained at p. 83 of Berry's Surrey Genealogies. 
From these and original sources Appendix A has 
been compiled. 

Sir John Byne, the eldest son of John Byne (a), 
was born, as shewn by his father's inq. p. m., about 
1576, and was also of Rowdell. He was admitted of 
Lincoln's Inn, i August, 1597; and he married between 
5 November, 1599, and 21 July, 1600, with Audrey, 
daughter of Richard Weaver of Lingfield co. Surr, (a). 
He was knighted by Jac. i, at Whitehall, 23 July, 
1603, being the day before that King's coronation (/3). 
Shortly after the accession of Car. i, when new com- 
missions of the peace for all the counties in England 
and Wales were issued, he was included, as he had no 
doubt been in the previous reign, in that for the county 
of Sussex (<j/). In the register of Washington is the 
following note under date 163^, "Mem. The 14^*^ 
Feby Lycense was granted from the ordinary under the 
Lord Bishop's scale unto Sir John Byne Knt. and Lady 
Audrey his wife, and unto Mr. Edmund and Mr. John 
Byne their sonnes, and unto Mrs. Elizabeth Byne wife 

(a) ,Byne V. Glover. Chanc. Proc. B. and A. Jac. i, Bundle B. 24. 
No. 49. 

{&) Metcalfe's Book of Knights, p. 149. 

(7) Rymer's Foedera. Hague ed., vol. viii, Pt. ii, p. 16. 

40 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

of the said Edmund, to eat flesh in time of Lent at the 
whych tyme straitly by the King's proclamation accord- 
ing unto an ancient Statute (a) all persons were pro- 
hibited from eating of flesh." (/G) 

It is probable that Sir John Byne rebuilt the house of 
Rowdell, which was of the style of Jac. i {y). He 
added to the property in Washington by a purchase in 
1 613 from Roger Soane ((5^). Sir John Byne by his 
will, dated 25 January, i63f, dire6led that his body 
should be buried in the Chancel of the Church of 
Washington, and appointed his eldest son and heir, 
Edmund Byne, to be his sole executor, and bequeathed 
20J-. to the Cathedral Church of Chichester, and ^5 to 
the poor of Washington, and, after noticing that the 
Wardship of Edmund Muschamp, his grandchild, was 
committed to him by the Master of the Court of Wards 
both of his body, lands and marriage, he left the same to 
his executor, his will being that for his said grandson's 

[a] 1 and 3 E. 6, c. 19, 5 and 6 E, 6, c. 3, and 5 Eliz. c. 5, ss. 14-23. 

((3) See also Cartwright's Rape of Bramber, p. 136. John Chamberlain 
writing to Sir Dudley Carleton, 20 February, i6i|, says, " Here be very 
stri£l orders and proclamations for keeping of Lent with order to call into 
the Star Chamber such as shall eat flesh which makes all get licenses, 
&c." Birch's Court and Times of James i,vol. ii, p. 143. In the speech 
made 21 June, 1632, in the Star Chamber by the Lord Keeper Coventry 
to the Judges he specially directed them to call attention on their circuits 
to the King's proclamation on this subje(ft (Cases in the Star Chamber, 
&c., Camd; Soc: p. 179). 

(7) Cartwright's Rape of Bramber, p. 131. There are a view and 
description of it in Gent. Mag., vol. ci, pt, i, p. 305. 

(J) Feet of Fines Suss., Mich. 11 Jac. i. A fine was levied 1629 as 
to land in Cootham, between John Bridget Plaintiff and Sir John Byne 
deforciant. Ibid.^ Mich. 5 Car. i. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 41 

education at Oxford (a) he should be allowed such main- 
tenance as fitted his degree, and he gave to his daughter 
Elizabeth Byne ;f 500, which after her decease he be- 
queathed to his grandchild Mary Muschamp, and after 
directing that his wife the Lady Byne should have the 
education of his daughter Elizabeth, and his grandchild 
Mary Muschamp (/S), to whom he bequeathed ^(^400 
when she became 21 ; he gave to his loving wife the 
Lady Byne all the furniture in her room, and to his son 
John Byne " my scale gold ring which I weare " and the 
lease of a barn in the parish of " Lymsfield " in Surrey, 
and to his son John's wife a gold chain " which was my 
mother's," and to every one of his son John's children 
^5, and after making other bequests in favour of his 
servants, he gave all the residue of his goods, &c., to 
his son Edmund, and nominated Do6lor Pay, Arch- 
deacon of Chichester (7), Henry Goring Esquire, Henry 
Bridger Gent., and William Skiner, yeoman ((5*), to be 
overseers, and in order to raise money to pay his legacies 
he empowered his executors and overseers to cut timber 
and sell the same. Sir John Byne died 26 and was 
buried at Washington 28 January, 164Y. His will was 

(a) Edmund Muschamp, baptized at Cambeiwell 28 August, 1621, 
matriculated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 12 March, 163I. 

(^) Mary Muschamp was married to Edward Eversfield. 

(7) Lawrence Pay, of Christ Church, Oxford, created D.D., 
31 August, 1636, re6lor of Pulborough 1614-1639, was made Arch- 
deacon of Chichester in 1634. He was buried at Pulborough 2 February, 

(J) A fine as to lands in Shipley in which William Skiner was plaintiff 
and John Byne deforciant was levied Trin. 20 Jac. i. 


42 Tlic Byne Fa?nily of Sussex. 

proved by Edmund Byne (a), 8 February, 164" in 
P.C.C. (13 Evelyn). Sir John Byne had five children 
(i) Edmund Byne, (2) yohn Byne, (b) (3) Jane baptized at 
Washington, 21 06lober, 1604, married at Camberwell 
7 January 161 J to Francis Muschamp and buried there 
2 January, i62y, (4) Catherine, baptized at Washington 
25 October, 1607, and buried there 23 September, 16 14, 
and (5) Elizabeth baptized at Camberwell 4 January, 
162J-, who as "Mrs. Elizabeth Byne" was buried at 
Billingshurst 15 September, 1671 (jG). 

Dame Audrey Byne, died 1 1 and was buried at 
Washington 14 March, 164!. Her will, dated 24 Dec- 
ember, 1 64 1, in which she is described as Dame Adria 
Byne, after dire6ting that her body should be buried in 
the chancel of the church of Washington near to her 
late husband, Sir John Byne, proceeded thus : " Im- 
primis: I give to the poor of Washington ^5. Item. 
To every one of my grandchildren ^5 a peece. Item. 
To my eldest sonne Edmund Byne the ^10 he oweth 
me and the ^18 which will be due to me for the keepe- 
inge of his sister Elizabeth Byne. Item. To my sonne 
Edmund's wife my rope of pearle and my purple velvett 
petticote with the purple velvett belonginge to it. 
Item. To my goddaughtere and grandchilde Adria 
Byne, my border of pearle and three wroughte pillow 

(a) The suit of John Addams of VVarminghurst against Edmund Byne 
in connexion with a debt of ^^40 due to Sir John Byne arose out of the 
executorship (Chanc. Proc, B. & A. Car. i, A. 9, No. 15). 

(^) In Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 186, it is stated that she was married to 
Sir John Norton. This is confusing her with Elizabeth Byne married 
in 1599 to Thomas Norton. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 43 

beares and two wroughte cushion cloathes and one suite 
of damaske, to bee delyvered to her att the age of 18 
yeares or daye of mariage. Item. To each of my sonne 
John Byne's children a suite of damaske or diaper so far 
as it will extend. Item. To my daughter Elizabeth my 
weddinge ringe. Item. To my sister Bridger my watche. 
Item. To my goddaughter Adria Bridger (a) my silver 
warming dissh. Item. To my grandchild Henry Byne 
three pieces of plate viz. : a silver tankard, a parcell 
guilte bowle with a cover and a parcell guilte dissh to 
be delyvered when he is 21 yeares of age. Item. To my 
daughter in law Muschamp my gold ringe with a stone 
in it. Item. To my old servant Robert Barker, 40j-. 
Item. To Thomas Cayne, 20s. To my servant Sarah 
Coles, my black mourninge cote and my two under 
redd petticotes with my ordinary wearinge wastcotes 
except my two beste. Item. To my servant John 
Osborne 20s. All the reste and residue of my estate I 
bequethe to my younger sonne John Byne, whom I make 
sole executor. Moreover I doe give and bequethe to 
my saide sonne John, all my moietie of and in those my 
messuages lands, &c., lyeing at Lymsfield, Crowehurst, 
and Oxsted or elsewhere in the county of Surry." The 
witnesses to this will were Henry Bridger and Richard 
Wisbey, and it was proved 4 March, 1 64-, by John Byne, 

(a) Adria, daughter of Henry Bridger (a sister of Elizabeth, the wife 
of John Byne (b) ) baptized at Ashurst 23 06lober, 1634, was married 
to William Shelley of Sullington, who died without issue in 1658 (Misc. 
Gen. et Her., vol, iii, N. S., p. 423), and was remarried about February, 
i66f, to Daniel Waldo, of Gray's Inn and Harrow. (See Chester's 
Westminster Abbey, p. 42 note (4).) 

44 77;^ By?ie Family of Sussex. 

(h), ill P.C.C. (54. Campbell). The lands in Surrey of 
which a moiety was bequeathed by this will, comprised 
considerable properties demised for a long term of years 
at the annual rent of ^Tzo, by a lease dated 22 September, 
28 Eliz. (1586), made by Sir Thomas Ramsey, Knt., 
citizen and alderman of London (Lord Mayor in 
1577-8), which had become vested in moieties in Dame 
Audrey Byne and her sister Joan the wife of Thomas 
Tyrrell, by virtue of the will of their brother Richard 
Weaver, who had himself acquired them under the will 
of his father Richard Weaver the elder [ex). Richard 
Weaver, of Hexted in Lingfield, co. Surr., yeoman, had 
by his will dated ii June, 1599, after making m^ny 
pecuniary bequests, and a specific devise to his uncle 
Alexander Hollowaye of land in Limpsfield called 
Millards, given the residue of his real and personal 
estates unto his sisters Joane Weaver and " Awdry " 
Weaver, and appointed them executrices, Joane Weaver 
proved this will (P.C.C. 81 Kidd) 5 November, 1599, 
and " Awdrie" Binde alias Weaver proved it 12 Febru- 
ary> i6o|-. 

William Byne, a presumed son of John Byne 
(a) was buried at Camberwell 30 July, 1 625, 
and James, another of such sons, may be the 

(a) These fafts are extradled from a bill in Chancery, filed 27 January, 
162 j, by Sir John Byne and Dame Audrey his wife, against one Richard 
Glover who had bought Joan Tyrrell's moiety, for the purpose of obtain- 
ing partition of the properties (Chanc. Proc. B. & A. Jac. I, Bundle 
B. 24, No. 49). A John Weaver of Oxtcd in Surrey was buried at 
St. Dionis Backchurch, 24 August, 1560, 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 45 

James Byne who, 24 April, 1622, married at 
Camberwell with EUzabeth Temple, gentle- 
woman, of whose efFedls administration was 
granted 8 May, 1630, to her father Francis 
Temple (Westminster A(5t Book, iii, fol. 

Edward Byne, another presumed son of John 
Byne (a), married 2 May, 1618, at St. Dun- 
stan's. Stepney, with Joyce, daughter of one 
Edney, of London. In the register he is described 
as of Washington, and she as Joyce Boyere, of 
St. Saviour's, Southwark. She had previously 
been thrice married, first, to one Mayhew, by 
whom she had a daughter, Jane(iG); secondly, 
to John Cownden, of Southwark, by whom she 
had no issue (/S); and thirdly, 14 December, 
1 61 2, at St. Saviour's, Southwark, to Benjamin 

(a) See antey p. 38, note (7). 

{&) Byne v. Dalton, Chanc. Proc. B. and A. Jac. i, Bundle B 3, 
N°. 47. The bill filed 29 February, i62|, describes the plaintiff, Joyce 
Byne, as of London, widow, formerly the wife and then the executrix of 
the will of John Cownden. The answer states that John Cownden by 
his will left her a jointure of £^\0Q a year, and a messuage in Walworth 
for life, and also devised certain lands to Jane Mayhew, the plaintiff's 
daughter by a former husband. In fadl, John Cownden, described as of 
Walworth, gent., by his will dated 23 March, 161-^-, and proved by 
Joyce his relidt 7th April, 1612, in P.C.C. (30 Fenner), bequeathed 
certain bonds, plate, jewels, &c. to Joyce, and constituted her residuary 
legatee and executrix ; and devised to her for life his messuages in 
St. Olave's and St. Saviour's, Southwark, Newington, Walworth, and 
Kent Street, and devised his lands and tenements in Lambeth, except 
those in Kcnnington, to her daughter Jane Mayhew absolutely, his wife 
to receive the rents during Joan's minority or until her marriage. 

46 The Byne Fa?nily of Sussex. 

Bowyer, of Gray's Inn and Camberwell,by whom 
she had issue (i) Sir Edmund Bowyer, Knt., bap- 
tized at Camberwell, 28 06tober, 1613, and (2) 
Joyce, baptized there 10 August, 1615(a). Edward 
Byne, who died before February, i62\ (/9), had 
by her two children (1) Edward Byne, baptized 
at Washington, 8 October, 161 8, and (2) John 
Byne. In June, 1632, Nathaniel Hetherington, 
of Westminster, gent., exhibited a bill in Chan- 
cery against Joyce Byne, to recover ^^50, which 
he alleged that she had promised to him in satis- 
faction of his endeavours and pains to get her 
the wardship of her son, Sir^^Edmund Bowyer [y). 
Joyce Byne, by her will, dated 17 May, 1643, 
in which she is described as of St. Martin'a in 
the Fields, CO. Middlesex, widow, after dire6ling 
that her body should be buried in the parish 
church of St. Martin's, continued, "To my be- 
loved Sonne Sir Edmond Bowyer of Camber- 

(a) Coll. Top. ct Gen., vol. iii, p. 153. Manning's Hist, of Surrey, 
vol. iii, p. 409. Benjamin Bowyer's will, dated 28 January, 16 1|^, in 
which he bequeathed £^io to each of his "cosens," that is, nephews, 
William Byndc, Edward Bynde, and James Bynde, was proved 
18 February, 161^, in P.C.C. (18. Meade). 

{0) See ante, p. 45, note {&). Joyce Byne is described as of St. Martin's- 
in-the-Fields, widow, in a bond dated 21 April, 1627, in favour of Roger 
Kilvert, Merchant of London (Close Rolls, 3 Car. i, pt. 42-175). 
Roger Kilvert had a son Roger baptized at Camberwell 15 May, 1628, 
and buried 7 September, 1635, at AUhaliows in the Wall, where he 
himself was buried 25 August, 1657. 

(v) Hetherington v. Byne, Chan. Proc. B. and A., Car. I, Bundle 
H. 71, No. 3. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 47 

well Knt. ^5 to buy him a rlnge In remem- 
berance of mee. I devise unto my only daughter 
Joyce Bowyer all those thirteene acres of lande 
in Camberwell and all those six acres of lande 
in Walworth in the coy of Surrey. I devise 
to my lovinge frende Richarde Kilvert (a) of 
St. Martins all those my tenn tenementes situate 
in Kent Street in the p'ishe of Newington in 
the coy. of Surry and alsoe all that greate garden 
and I doe hereby devise that the saide Richard 
Kilvert shall yerely during the lyfe of Edward 
Byne my Sonne paye the somme of ^20 to my 
Sonne Edward. Item. I devise untoe my love- 
inge Sonne John Byne all that my messuage 
used for a Bakehows situate in the p'ishe of 
St. Savioure in Sowthwarke, provided allwayes 
that he shall have cleered his apprenticeshyp the 
rentes dureinge thys tyme to be saved for him 
by the sayde Richard Kilvert for his future 
advance in his p'fession and if hee shall happ to 
dye levinge no issue then I devyse the same to 
my daughtere Joyce Bowyer and my sonne 
Edward Byne and their heyres. Item. To my 

(a) He is probably the person of that name alluded to in a small 
quarto published in 1642, and intituled, "The Vintners Answer to 
some Scandalous Pamphlets published as is supposed by Richard Kilvert 
and abetted in some points by his brother Roger and Alderman Abel 
wherein the Vintners vindicate their owne Reputations to the World 
for the satisfadlion of all such as know not the said Kilverts wretched 
and lewd conversation or have credited his foule impudent defamations 
suggested against them," See further, Gardiner's Fall of The Monarchy 
of Chas. I, vol. i, pp. 33 and 77. Also antc^ p. 46, note (|3). 

48 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

Sonne John Byne one sylvere tankarde parcell 
guiltc whych was my mother's. Item. To my 
daughter Joyce Bowyer one greate sylvere tank- 
arde and the goulde ringe in my custodie whych 
was my mother's and the bedde w''^ all the fur- 
nyture and the hangings aboute the chaumbere 
wherein she lodgeth. Item. To my lovein'ge 
godsonne Robert Kilvert (a) ^20 as a token of 
my love. Item. To John Williams an aunciente 
servaunte of Richard Kilvert's £^\o. Item. To 
Anne Day the Nurse that attended mee in my 
syckenesse 40j-. Item To Jane Roe my maide 
servaunte, 40j-. Item to Edward Winton here- 
tofore servaunte to Mr. Kilvert ^5. Item to 
Jane my daughter Joyce Bowyer's mayde 40J. 
and to Richard Allmann, 20s. Lastely I gyve 
unto Richard Kilvert the lease of my house in 
St. Martin's Lane latelye graunted me by the 
Earle of Salisburie and all the residue of my 
goodes &c. whom I apoynt executor." This 
will was proved at Oxford 14 August, 1643, by 
Richard Kilvert (P. C. C. filed not registered). 
Joyce Byne, Richard Kilvert, and one Humphrey 

(a) Robert Kilvert and Joyce Bowyer were married 18 March, 164^, 
at St. Dionis Backchurch. fVom the pleadings in the Chancery suit of 
Cannon v. Sir Edmund Bowyer and Robert Kilvert and Joyce his wife 
(Bill filed 18 November, 1652), it appears that by deed dated 16 0(5tober, 
1644, Joyce Bowyer conveyed the 19 acres of land, devised to her by her 
mother's will, to Anne Cannon in consideration of ^270 (Chanc. Proc. 
B. & A. Reynardson, before 17 14, Bundle 10, No. 43). The deed is 
on the Close Roll, 20 Car. i, pt. 2, No. 15, where it was enrolled 
1 1 November, 1644. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 49 

Mason were sued in Chancery, apparently as 
representatives of Margaret Brookes, by Robert 
Lymbden and others for relief, the nature of 
which can be surmised from the replication filed 
which states, " that six years last past when the 
visitation of the plague was very much in London 
and especiall in the burrough of Southwark 
where the saide Margarett Brookes then lived 
who being sicke sent to Lymbden and his wife 
to desire them to take order to have her brought 
downe into the cuntry unto them for the gayn- 
ening of her health wherefore Lymbden came 
upp to London and took order for her going 
down at her own proper costs and then kept her 
in his house very daungerously sicke for one 
whole year together and upwards in which time 
Lymbden and his wife disbursed in ready money 
for the transporte and attendance on her in the 
time of her visitation and for dyett and divers 
other necessaries the sum or value of ^40 at the 
least for which the saide Complainants as yett 
never received one peny satisfa6tion and at the 
same time these Complainants exercised great 
prudence in their affaires and much ill will of 
their neighbours for bringing the saide Margarett 
Brookes down from London to their house in 
regarde of a suspicion that itt was the visitation 
of the plague." (a). Edward Byne the son of 

(a) Lymden v, Byne, Clianc. Proc. B. and A., Car. i, Bundle, L. 65, 
No. 100. The bill and answer have not been found. 


50 TJic Bync Fainily of Sussex. 

Joyce Byne, may possibly be the person of that 
name whose son yohn Byne was buried at Wands- 
worth, 28 February, 165$- (a) and is probably 
the Edward Bine who was buried at St. Albans 
Abbey 17 Odtober, 1664. Her other son, John 
BvNE, by his will, dated 15 May, 1689, directed 
his body to be buried in the parish church of 
St. Magnus, by London Bridge, and appointed 
his executors to expend in his funeral ^^50, or 
more if they should think fit, and then pro- 
ceeded, " and as to the rest of that small estate 
I have I dispose as follows: — Imprimis To 
M""^. Joyce Cobbett wife of M"". Robert Cobbett 
of A6ton com. Middx. Inholder ^20 together 
with my silver tankard and porringer. Item. To 
Elizabeth wife of M^ Robert Tomson and sister 
to M^'. Joyce Cobbett jr2o. Item. To Mrs. 
Kilvert widdow of Edmund Kilvert jr20. Item. 
To Mrs. Parsons wife of Robert Parsons of Bell 
Yard Fleet Street London Taylor /^20. Item. 
To the daughter of the Widow Mitchell in the 
Strand £20. Item. To the poor of Camberwell 
CO. Surry ^10. To the poor of St. Magnus £10. 
Item. To my three godchildren Margarett 
Stockwell Robert Billow and Michael Arnold 
£^ a piece. Item. To M'■^ Jenks and M'■^ 
Simmonds of Camberwell 20^ a piece. Item. 
To my servants in my service at my death 401 
a piece. Item. Three score pounds to buy two 
(a) Squire's Wandsworth Registers, p. 325. 

T'he Byne Family of Sussex, 51 

silver fflagons to be used at the Communion in the 
church of Camberwell and I do hereby appoint 
the Rev. Richard Parr Do6lor in Divinity and 
Vicar of Camberw^ell (a) and my kinsman 
Anthony Bowyer of Camberwell Esquire my 
executors to whom for their paines I give ^50 
a piece. Item. To my cosen Margarett Hughes 
my heart diamond ring and to the sons of M'^^ 
Tomson and M'"^ Kilvert £^ a piece." This 
will was proved 22 September, 1692, in P.C.C. 
(162 Fane) by Anthony Bowyer, who was a son 
of Sir Edmond Bowyer, the son of Joyce Byne(jG). 
It is evident, either that John Byne was never 
married, or that if a widower at his death, he 
had no issue, and the absence of any reference in 
his will to his brother Edward Byne or to any 
issue of his, imports that Edward had died, 
leaving no issue alive, in 1689. The two silver 
flagons which John Byne directed to be bought 
are still at the parish Church of Camberwell. 
They weigh 65 oz. 12 dwts., and bear the 

(a) Richard Parr was Vicar of Camberwell for almost thirty-eight 
years, and died 2 October, i6gi. See the copy of his memorial in 
Camberwell churchyard, given in Le Neve's Monumenta Anglicana, 
vol. iii, p. 129. An account of him is in the Diary of Dean Davies 
(Camd. Soc.) p. 2, note d. 

(^) Anthony Bowyer was of the Inner Temple, called to the Bar 
26 May, 1661, to the Bench 28 May, 1682, Reader in Trinity Vaca- 
tion, 1686, Treasurer 1697, M.P. for Southwark 1685-1698, and died 
28 June, 1709. His M. I. is in Le Neve's Mon. Angl., vol. v, p. 228. 
He married 14 February, 167I-, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, with 
Katharine St. John. 

52 The By TIC Family of Sussex, 

London Hall mark of 1691 and the inscription 
"The Gift of John Byne Gent: to the church 
of Camerwell, a.d. 1691," with the arms and 
crest of Byne (a). 

Edmund Byne, of Rowdell, the elder son of Sir John 
Byne, was baptized at Ardingly 2 September, 1602. 
He matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, 19 Nov- 
ember, 1 62 1. He married at Washington, 26 Odtober, 
1 63 1, with Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Goring of 
Highden in Washington, by his wife Mary, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Eversfield (/3). Some settlement made on 
this marriage appears to have been perfected by a fine 
levied in 1632 between Henry Goring and Lawrence 
Pay, cler., as plaintiffs, and Sir John Byne as deforciant, 
which affected the manors of Byne and Cootham, and 
lands in Washington, Storrington, Ashurst, Nuthurst, 
Shipley, West Grinstead, and Warnham [y). Edmund 
Byne on 27 February, 164.^, signed the Protestation 
Returns as of Washington. He was buried at Wash- 
ington 22 October, 1646. He had four children: (i) 
Adria, who apparently predeceased her father ; (2) yo/in 
Byne (c); (3) Henry Byne \ and (4) Frances, born 8 and 
baptized at Washington 22 September, 1641, who in 
September, 1663, was married to John Godolphin of 
St. Martin's in the Fields, and died before 8 July, 

(a) See Surr. Arch. Coll., vol, xiv, p. 203. 

(/3) Henry Goring and Mary Eversfield were married at Horsham 
18 January i6','i;. 

(7) Feet of Fine?, Suss., Easter, 8 Car. i. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 5 3 

1676(a), when letters of administration of her effedls 
were granted out of P.C.C. to her husband as Sir John. 
Edmund Byne, by his will dated 3 December, 1645, 
bequeathed to the Cathedral church of Chichester loj-., 
and to the poor of Washington £^, and then continued: 
"Item. To Elizabeth my loving wife jfioo and also 
my beste bason and ewer and my beste bedd and all the 
furniture therewith belonging and two fether beddes 
for servants and six payre of sheetes att her election and 
also I give her my coache and my beste coache horses 
and my blacke and chesnutt maire. I give to my wife 
soe many roomes in my mansion howse as shall be fitt 
for her habitatioun during her widdowhode at the dis- 
cretion of my executors. Item. To my daughter 
Frances jTiooo. And if it shall please God that I have 
any more children before my decese then I give to 
them j(^iooo a piece. Item. To my wife the use of 
all my howseholde stuffe untill my son John shall come 
to his full age. Item. To my brother Byne and his 
wife 20^ a piece. Item. To my brother in lawe Henry 
Goring and his wife 20^ a piece. Item. To my sisters 
and their husbands 20^ a piece. Item. To Mary Gor- 
ring my mother in lawe 4o^ Item. To John Smith 
clerke >rio. Item. To my goddaughtere Jane Byne 
daughtere to my brother John Byne £^. Item. To 
Jane wyfe of Henry Bridger 2o^ Item. To all other 

(a) The license for this marriage, dated i September, 1663, is in 
Foster's Lond. Mar. Lie, col. 558. In Berry's Suss. Gen., p, 186, the 
husband is called Sir John Godolphin, a title he afterwards acquired. He 
was a son of Sir William Godolphin of Cornwall, and was baptized 
24 April, 1636 (The Genealogist, vol. xxvi, p. 63). 

54 ^/^^ Byne Family of Sussex. 

my godchildren lo^ a piece. Item. To all my servants 
20^ a piece. Item. To Francis Abbey ^5. Item. To 
my neice Mary Muschamp ^10. Item. To Mary 
Luxford (a) daughter of Mr. Edward Gorenge my uncle 
40'' and to his other daughtere Bridgett ^5. Item. To 
my son Henry Bine {sic) and his heyrs all my lands 
and tenementes in Ashurst and Shipley in Sussex. My 
executors and overseeres are to have the tuition of my 
children. All the residue of my goodes &c. I give to 
my Sonne John. I ordaine my father in lawe Henry 
Gorringe of Highden Esquire (/3) and Henry his son and 
Elizabeth my wyfe executors of this my will," and he 
appointed his friends John Byne of Thakeham, gent. (•>/), 
Edward Goring of Cobden ((5*), Henry Goring his son, 
and Edmund Muschamp, Esq., his brother-in-law (s), 

{a) Mary Goring was married at Sullington 2 November, 1641, to 
John Luxford of Oclclcy in Keymer, who was buried at Keymer 
18 January 167!. She was remarried at Old Shorcham 2 February, 
167A, to George Vinter, cler:, re£lor of Cowfold and Rotherfield, and 
she died 10 Oftober, 1690, and was buried at Rotherfield. 

(j3) This Henry Goring was buried at Billinghurst 26 February, i65f, 
and his widow, the testator's mother-in-law Mary, formerly Eversficld, 
was buried there 7 January 166 J. 

(7) Not his brother,'but a John Byne who was buried at Thakeham 
7 06lober, 1646, and who was probably the John Byne, gent., who was 
26 September, 1598, eledled Alderman for the Hundred of Easewryth, 
which includes Thakeham in respcdl of lands called Baldwin's (Hundred 

(J) Edward Goring of Cobden, younger brother of Henry Goring of 
Highden, died at Steyning, and was buried at Sullington in 0<5tober, 
1683. His will, in which he is described as of Steyning, is dated 24 Sept- 
ember, 1683, and was proved at Chichester (vol. xxviii, fol. 527). 

(e) Edmund Muschamp signed the Protestation returns as of Wash- 
ington 27 February, 164J, and married there in 1642 with Frances 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 55 

to be overseers. The witnesses to this will were Ed- 
mund Muschamp, Henry Peckham, and John Smith, 
and it was proved 2 March, 164^, by Elizabeth Byne 
the widow, in P.C.C. (84 Fines). His widow was 
plaintiff and John Byne was deforciant in fines levied 
in 1657 of lands in Buckhurst (a) ; and she may be the 
"Mistress Byne" who in 1650 owned lands lying to 
the west of what had been Crown lands called Sedg- 
wick near Horsham (|G). She was, 8 September, 1663, 
remarried at St. Vedasts, Foster Lane, London, to 
Robert Leeves, cler. (7). Robert Leeves, who was a son 
of William Leeves of Wimborne, co. Dorset, was of 
St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, where he proceeded to the 
degree of B.A. 1636, and to that of M.A. 27 June, 
1639. He became reftor of Warminghurst 1640, red:or 
of Woolavington 1661, and canon of Chichester 1660. 
In his will dated 30 July, 1692, and proved 27 May, 
1693 (P.C.C. 39 Coker), he is described as of Rowdell, 
cler., and he thereby dire6led that he should be buried 
in the chancel of Warminghurst Church without pomp 
or a funeral sermon. He died 15 March, 1693 {J), 

Goring, who was buried at SuUington 1 5 June, 1 660. She was a daughter 
of Henry Goring, of Highden. 

(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Trin. and Mich. 1657. The deforciant may 
be either John Byne (b) or John Byne (c). Another fine of lands in 
Buckhurst and Wadhurst, in which Edward Eversfield was plaintift'and 
John Byne, Esquire, was deforciant, was levied in Trin, 1659. 

(^) 25 Suss. Arch. Coll., pp. 44 and 46. 

(y) In the allegation of this marriage, dated 5 September, 1663, Robert 
Leeves is described as aged about 47, a bachelor, and Elizabeth Byne as 
of Washington, widow, aged about 46 (Faculty Licenses). 

(J) Robert Leeves is described as of Rowdell cler. in a deed dated 


56 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

John Bvne (c), the elder son of Edmund Byne, was 
also of Rowdell. He was baptized at Washington 8 
Odober, 1635. By deed dated 14 May, 1657, and 
made between John Byne (c), therein described as of 
Rowdell, of the one part, and Robert Leeves of '' Worm- 
inghurst," cler., of the other part, John Byne (c) con- 
veyed his messuage called Rowdell and all his lands and 
hereditaments in Washington and Sullington to Robert 
Leeves, to make him tenant of the freehold, whereby a 
common recovery might be had and the property remain I 

to John Byne (c); and 9 June, 1657, John Byne (c) 
went before the Lord Prote6tor and acknowledged such 
deed (a). This was of course a step towards disentailing 
part of his estates. He married 14 January, 1655, with 
Susanna, born 11 November, 1637, third daughter of 
Goldsmith Hodgson of Framfield, co. Suss., by Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Ninian Borde of Lindfield, co. Suss. (/3). 
John Byne (c) was returned to represent the borough of 
Bramber in Richard Cromwell's Parliament, summoned 
to meet at Westminster 27 January, 165^, and dissolved 

9 May, 1677 (Haine's Memoirs of R. Haines, p. 91) and also in the 
Court rolls for the Manor of Plumpton, under date 25 November, 1679. 
On a stone within the rails of the Communion Table at VVarminghurst 
is or was this inscription, Robertiis Leeves A.M. nuperrime Re£ior de 
IVarminghurst et Ecclesia Cathedralis Cicestria Canonicus obiit Martii 
15° yl,D. 1693 atatis 84 " (Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 5698}. His age was 
really 77. 

(a) Close Rolls, 3943, No. 27. 

(|3) The marriage of John Byne (c) is entered in the Washington 
Registers, but in such a way as to suggest that it had been solemnized 
elsewhere. The pedigree of Hodgson is given in Berry's Suss. Gen., 
p. 339 (see also 20 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 61, note 8), and that of Borde 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 57 

22 April, 1659; and again in the Pensionary Parlia- 
ment, summoned to meet at Westminster 8 May, 1 66 1 (a). 
He was one of the Commissioners of Subsidy in Sussex, 

1660, appointed under 12 Car. 2, c. 9 (/3). He was 
owner of the Manor of Ewhurst in Shermanbury, co. 
Suss., besides the other family estates (7). He died in- 
testate (^), and was buried at Washington 31 December, 

1 66 1. John Byne (c) had issue four daughters: (1) 
Mary, baptized at Washington 16 December, 1657, 
and buried there 13 January, 165^; (2) Susanna, bap- 
tized at Washington 17 April, 1659, who was married 
there 13 June, 1677, to Sir George Walker, Knt., and 
afterwards Baronet, of Bushey Hall, co. Herts (e) ; (3) 

in 6 S. A. C, p. 203. The Inq. p. m. of Robert Hodgson finds (Chanc. 
Inq. p. m., Series ii, col. 605, No. 23) that Susanna his sister was aged 
3 years 10 months and 24 days on 5 August, 17 Car. i, when he died. 
Goldsmith Hodgson and Elizabeth Borde were married at Lindfield 
20 July 1628. They both died in 1638. Goldsmith Hodgson was the 
eldest son of Barnabie Hodgson of Framfield by Elizabeth, daughter of 
Anthony Goldsmith his wife, and was born 27 December, 1607 (Chanc. 
Inq. p. m., Series ii, vol. 355, Nos. 75 and 78). 

(«) 33 Suss. Arch. Coll., pp. 92 and 95. 

(/3) Ibid.^ vol. ix, p. 106. 

(y) Cartwright's Rape of Bramber, p. 324; Castles, etc., of W. Sus- 
sex, p. 189. In both these works the statements as to John Byne (c) 
and his children are full of errors. 

(5") Letters of Administration are indexed in P.C.C. as granted 
January, 1665, but the books are lost. 

(e) Knighted 22 November, 1676 (Le Neve's Knights, p. 312)^ 
created a baronet 20 January, 1679, and died 1690. The license for 
this marriage is dated 7 June, 1677 (Foster's Lond. Mar. Lie, col. 
1400). The issue of it is given in Berry's Herts. Gen., p. 137. >i^iza- 
beth, daughter of George Walker, Bart., and Susanna, his wife, was 
baptized at Washington 24 March, 167I. See/oj/, p. 62, yiote {a). 


58 The Byjie Family of Sussex. 

Frances, baptized at Washington 16 December, 1660, 
who was married twice, first, in 16S1, to Robert Heath, 
of Piddinghoe and Lewes (a), and secondly, 18 Decem- 
ber, 1683, at All Saints, Lewes, to Henry Pelham (/S), 
and was buried at St. Michael's, Lewes, 17 April, 1704; 
and (4) Mary, who was baptized at Warminghurst 25 
June, 1 66 1 {y)y and died probably unmarried, and cer- 
tainly without issue. 

Susanna, the widow of John Byne (c), was 25 Nov- 
ember, 1663, admitted to copyholds of the manor of 
Hammerden in Ticehurst and Wadhurst as one of the 
tliree sisters and coheiresses of Robert Hodgson, whose 
death had been presented at a court holden 14 Decem- 

(a) III Berry's Suss. Gen., p. i86, it is erroneously stated that she was 
married to Sir Robert Heath. The license for her first marriage is 
dated 17 May, 1681 (Foster's Lond. Mar. Lie, col. 663). Frances had 
issue by this marriage Robert Heath, of whom Henry Pelham became 
guardian (37 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 58). He married at Glyndc 29 April, 
1707, with Arabella Trevor, and died in 17 13. 

((3) The license for this marriage, dated 5 December, 1683, describes 
Frances as Mrs. Frances Heath of St. Michael's, Lewes, widow, about 
22 (Harl. See, vol. xxx, p. 152). Henry Pelham was the third son of 
Sir John Pelham by Lucy, daughter of Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester. 
He died i April, 1721 (Mawson's Obits, The Genealogist, vol, iii, 
N. S., p. 85), and was buried at St. Aime's, Westminster. His grand- 
son, by Frances Byne, became in 1768 Baron Pelham, and in 1801 was 
created Earl of Chichester. By a release dated 25 November, 1702, Sir 
John Pelham settled lands in Chiddingly and East Hoathley to the use 
of himself for life with remainder to the use of Henry Pelham for life 
with remainder to Frances his wife for life with remainders over (37 
Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 65). 

(y) Berry gives Elizabeth, who married one Sadler, and Margaret, who 
married one VVeldon, as other daughters of John Byne (c), but neither 
the register nor a comparison of dates bears out his statements. 



The Byne Family of Sussex, 59 

ber, 1 64 1, and also as one of the two sisters and co- 
heiresses of Mary Marshall. In 1664 Susanna Byne, 
widow, was assessed to the Hearth Tax on 15 hearths in 
Washington (a). She was, 2 February, i66|-, at Warm- 
inghurst, remarried to Francis Guybon, afterwards Sir 
Francis Guybon, Knt., of Thursford, co. Norfolk (jG), 
and 21 April, 1669, she surrendered the above copy- 
holds to him. He, 17 April, 1673, surrendered them 
to Nicholas Sanders. 

The surviving daughters of John Byne (c) sold Row- 
dell to the Carylls, and about 1697 it was sold to James 
Butler of Amberley, whose descendants conveyed it to 
Charles Goring. He pulled down the old house, and 
after his death in 1821 the property was alienated to 
Sir Charles Merrick Burrell, who, in 1827, parted with 
it to Major Sandham {y). His descendants sold the pro- 
perty to Charles Pickersgill CunlifFe, after whose death 
in 1902 it was again sold. 

Henry Byne, the younger son of Edmund 
Byne, was baptized at Washington 8 February, 
163!-, died a bachelor, and was buried there 9 
August, 1662. By his will, dated 13 March, 
i66-|-. in which he is described as of Rowdell, 

(a) Lay Subsidy Rolls Add. Sussex 258/14. 

((3) The license is dated 11 January, i66f (Foster's Lon. Mar. Lie, 
col. 599). She died within a year or two of her re-marriage, as Sir F. 
Guybon was re-married as a widower about February, 1675. Ibid.^ col. 
599, and Le Neve's Knights, p. 364. 

(7) Cartwright's Rape of Bramber, p. 131; Castles, etc., of W. Sussex, 
p. 255. 

6o The By?ie Family of Sussex, 

Gent., he disposed as follows: "Item. To my 
mother Mrs. Elizabeth Byne 20s. to buy a ringe 
as a token of rememberance of me. Item. To 
my sister [in law] Susanna Byne and to Mr. 
Robert Leeves the summe of loj. to buy them 
ringes. Item. To my loveinge sister Frances 
Byne all and singular my messuages landes &c. 
in the County of Sussex and now in possession. 
Item. I bequethe unto the aforesaide Frances 
Byne my landes tenementes &c. situate in the 
Countye of Surry in possession or reversion." 
And after giving to each of his goddaughters 
wherewith to buy a piece of plate, he declared 
that his " will is that my executor shall paye all 
legacies and detts with the firste rentes receeved 
from the landes in Sussex," and appointed his 
sister Frances sole executor. This will was not 
proved till 8 July, 1676, when it was proved 
by John Godolphin, " a soldier," as the admin- 
istrator of his late wife, the Testator's sister, 
Frances Godolphin, alias Byne, in P.C.C. (56 
Bcncc). How it happened that Henry Byne 
had acquired any interest in the manor of Byne 
has not, as a fa6t by reference to a6lual docu- 
ments, been discovered, but by a deed dated 19 
March, 166], and made between Elizabeth Byne 
of Rowdell, widow [of Edmund Byne], and 
Henry Byne of Rowdell, of the ist part, Robert 
Leeves of Worminghurst, cler., of the 2nd part, 
and Francis Moss of Petworth, gent., of the 3rd 

The Byfie Family of Sussex, 6i 

part, it was stipulated that a common recovery 
should be suffered of the manor of Byne, alias 
Byne's Bridge ; of lands in West Grinstead, con- 
taining 320 acres, in the occupation of Edward 
Peckham ; of two messuages and 140 acres of 
land in Ashurst, called Claylands and Wellands, 
in the occupation of John Beard; of a messuage 
and 90 acres of land in Shipley, in the occupation 
of Robert Denn ; and of all the lands of Elizabeth 
Byne, Henry Byne, and Robert Leeves, late the 
lands of Edmund Byne, Esquire, deceased, in 
the parishes of West Grinstead, Ashurst, and 
Shipley ; which recovery was to enure to the 
use of Elizabeth Byne for life, remainder to the 
use of Henry Byne for life, remainder to the 
use of his issue in tail, remainder to the use of 
Frances Byne [afterwards Godolphin] in tail 
general, remainder to the use of Robert Leeves 
in trust for such person or persons as Henry 
Byne should by deed appoint, and in default of 
appointment to the use of the right heirs of 
Henry Byne. By a deed dated 20 March, 166}, 
in exercise of the power so limited to Henry 
Byne, he appointed that Robert Leeves, after 
the determination of the prior estates, should 
hold the manor and other lands so settled until 
Susan Byne, Frances Byne, and Mary Byne, the 
daughters of John Byne (c), should attain 21 or 
be married, and afterwards in trust for such 
person or persons as Robert Leeves should by 

62 TJie Bypie Family of Sussex. 

deed appoint which either used the name of 
Byne or should change their name to that of 
Byne, and in default to the use of such person 
or persons as either were of the name of Byne, 
or should take such name, as should be nomin- 
ated by such person as Robert Leeves should by 
deed or will appoint (a). 

There was thus a failure of the male Issue of Edmund 

His brother, John Byne (b), was baptized at 
Washington 2 06lober, 1603. He matriculated 
at Christ Church, Oxford, 19 November, 1621. 
On 6 February, 1634, he filed a bill In Chancery, 
In which he is described as of Rowdell, against 
his kinsman John Bowyer of Camberwell, seeking 
relief In respecSt of a judgment at law on a bond 
for >C20, dated some four or five years previously, 

[a) Deeds penes Messrs. Hunt, Currey, Nicholson and Co. In 
8 Anne, by force of proceedings in the Common Pleas, a partition was 
e/Fedled of the manor of Byne by which one moiety was allotted to 
Henry Pelham and the other moiety to Elizabeth, wife of Adam Brown 
of Upper Tooting, Susannah, the wife of Hugh Bosvile of the Inner 
Temple, and Byne Walker, spinster, the three sisters and co-heiresses of 
Sir Walter Walker, Bart., the son of Sir George Walker (see antey 
p. 57, note (e)). By deed dated 20 June, 17 10, this latter moiety was 
assured in severalty to Byne Walker, then the wife of John Spence of 
Upper Tooting, Esq. (see Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 26), and they by deed 
dated I November, 171 1, and a common recovery, settled it on them- 
selves and their issue in succession. Sir Walter Walker was killed 
whilst hunting near Lewes, and was buried at Plumpton, 18 April, 
1706, and his sister, Byne Spence, was buried at South Mailing, 
20 Odobcr, 1 721. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 63 

which he alleged had been satisfied by payments 
on account before judgment (a). He married, 
10 July, or according to the Bishop's transcript 
I August, 1634, at Ashurst, CO. Suss., with Eliza- 
beth, baptized at Warminghurst, 22 May, 16 16, 
eldest daughter of Henry Bridger of Peppers in 
Ashurst, by Jane (Ravenscroft) his wife (/3). He, 
27 February, 1 64-2-, signed the Protestation Returns 
at Ashurst. He seems to have resided in Ashurst 
until about 1642, and then to have lived in 
Thakeham, co. Suss. In that year a fine was 
levied of lands in Thakeham in which John 
Byne (b) was plaintiff and W. Shortred was de- 
forciant (7). On 20 April, 1646, he exhibited a 
bill in Chancery, in which he is described as of 
Thakeham, against John Bowyer of Worth ((5^), 

(a) Byne v. Bowyer, Chanc. Proc, B. & A., Car. i, Bundle B. 34, 
No. 65. The replication is in Bundle B. 143, No. I. 

((3) See Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 109, and Misc. Gen. et Herald., vol. i, 
N. S., p. 475. This Henry Bridger, baptized at Warminghurst, 29 Janu- 
ary, 158A, was son of Richard Bridger by Isabella (Weller) his wife, and 
was buried at Warminghurst, 5 August, 1657. His daughter, Mary 
Gratwicke, widow, of Westerham, co. Kane, who was baptized at 
Ashurst, 22 July, 1627, by her will dated 5, and proved by her brother, 
John Bridger, 23 June, 1669 (P.C.C. 71 Coke), after giving legacies to 
her brother, Henry Bridger, and other brothers and sisters, gave to her 
sister Elizabeth Byne, who was one of the attesting witnesses, a 20j. 
piece, and her silver watch, and to her niece Jane Byne ;^I0. By the 
inq. p. m. of this Richard Bridger taken at Petworth 5 September, 1615, 
it was found that he was seised inter alia of the manor of Bowles, late 
Bynes, in Pulborough (Chanc. Inq. p. m., Series ii, vol. 350, No. 43). 

(7) Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich., 17 Car. I. 

(J) John Bowyer of Worth was no connexion of the family of Bowyer 

64 T^he Byiie Family of Sussex. 

in relation to a mortgage on the latter's land 
there, dated 16 August, 1640, for securing >(^2oo 
then advanced to him by John Byne (b). The 
defendant in his answer, filed 7 November, 1 646, 
mentions that he borrowed the money through 
Henry Bridger of Ashurst, and that at that time 
John Byne (b) was of Ashurst, and excuses his 
default in payment by reference to the cotem- 
poraneous "troubles and warrs " (a). John 
Byne (b) was buried at Thakeham 3 April, 
1658. By his will dated 26 March, 1658, in 
which he is described as of Thakeham, gent., 
he bequeathed to the poor of Thakeham 20/., 
and to his sons Edmund, John, and William, each 
of them £^0 for the placing of them as it should 
seem best to his executors, and then proceeded: 
" Alsoe I doe gyve untoe each of my saide sonnes 
the severall summes of /^200 when they become 
21. Item. To my daughter Jane ^300. Item. 
To eche of my younger daughteres namlye 
Elizabeth and Adrea ^^250. I ordain my love- 
ing frends and kinsfolkes John Byne (c) of 
Washington Esquire Edmund Muschamp of 
Sullington Esquire Richard Bridger of Ashurst 

of Camberwell. He was a son of William Bowycr of Charlwood by 
Sara (Boord) his wife, and married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John 
Whitfield of Worth, the marriage settlement being dated 15 February, 
1631 (Close Rolls II, Car. i, 2612). 

(a) Byne v. Bowyer, Chanc. Proc, B. & A., Car. i, Bundle B. 76, 
No. 43. The replication is in B. & A,, Bridges, before 1714, Bundle 4, 
No. 23. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 65 

Gent, (a) and John Bridger of Blllinghurst Esquire 
executours in truste of this my laste wille. And 
whereas my personall estate is not sufficientt for 
the payement of my detts and legacyes I doe 
hereby gyve full power to my saide executours 
as if I myself had done it to graunt aliene bar- 
gaine sell or lease all those my two manors in 
the parish of Harbledown (jG) or elswhere in 
the county of Kent and all those my three houses 
landes &c. being in the parishes of Limpesfield 
Crowehurst and Oxsted in the county of Surry 
called by the names of Stacyde and Millers 
And all those landes and tenementes in Thack- 
ham in the county of Sussex called Champnee [y) 
in my own occupacion My executours are to 
render the overpluss to my eldeste sonne Henry 

{a) Richard Bridger, baptized at Shipley 13 February, i6i-^, the 
eldest son of the above-named Henry Bridger, and a brother-in-law of 
John Byne (b), was afterwards of Coombe in Hamsey, married Frances, 
daughter of Walter Burrell, of Cuckfield, was Colonel of the Sussex 
Militia and M.P. for Lewes i67f to 1695, was buried at Warming- 
hurst 8 January, 169!, and left a will dated 6 December, 1689, which 
with three codicils, the last dated i May, 1695, was proved by his son 
Richard at Lewes, 13 Odober, 1703 (Book A 65, fol. 166). 

(/3) There appear to have been two manors in Harbledown, one called 
Hall or Beverley, and the other Poldhurst (Hasted's Hist, of Kent, vol. 
iii, fol. ed., pp. 575-576). Hasted following Philipott's Villare Canti- 
anum, p. 179, speaks of a Sir Thomas Bind who purchased Poldhurst 
after 1619. Sir John Byne bought it of Sir Thomas Norton in or before 
1 61 7 (Feet of Fines, Kent, Easter, 14 Jac. i). See as to Poldhurst, 
ante^ p. 33, note (a). 

(7) ^aere the place now called "Campions." On 25 06lober, 
1686, Mary Shelley is described as of Champneys in Thakeham (Haines' 
"Memoirs of Richard Haines," p. 92). 



66 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

Byne and all estates not sold are to remayne to 
my eldeste sonne Henry Byne and his heyres for 
ever. Alsoe I will that my loveing Wyfe shall 
have the use of so muche of my howse holde 
stuffe as shall be needfull for her keeping howse 
dureing the tyme of her Widdowhoode. Memo- 
randum. That I John Byne (b) of Thakeham 
aforesaide before the sealinge hereof doe add this 
coddicill that whereas I have made my frendes 
John Byne (c) Edmund Muschamp Richard 
Bridger and John Bridger executours in truste of 
my wille I doe hereby farther apoynte my wyfe 
Joynt Executor in truste with them and hereby 
give her power equall with any of them." This 
will was proved i November, 1660, by Elizabeth 
Byne the relid in P.C.C. (203 Nabbs). The 
children of John Byne (b) were: (i) Jane, bap- 
tized at Ashurst 1 9 May, 1635, who was married 
to Stephen Greenwell; (2) Elizabeth, baptized 
there 2 August, 1636, who died an infant; (3) 
Mary, baptized there 6 December, 1638, and 
buried at Thakeham 4 July, 1657; (4) Honour, 
baptized at Ashurst 25 January, i6||^, who died 
early ; (5) Frances, baptized at Ashurst 29 April, 
1 64 1, who was buried at Thakeham 2 December, 
1656; (6) Elizabeth, baptized at Thakeham 16 
April, 1643, who appears to have been married 
to one Smalley ; (7) Henry Bynt\ baptized at 
Thakeham 6 September, 1646 ; (8) Edmund Bym\ 
baptized there 21 September, 1647; (9) John 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 6j 

Byne (d), baptized there 30 June, 1649; (^o) 
William Byne^ baptized there 28 January, 1651 ; 
and (i i) Audrey or Adria, baptized there 4 Nov- 
ember, 1655, who was twice married, first to 
one Lee, and secondly to one Elliott. 

On 14 February, i66|-, Jane Byne and Eliza- 
beth Byne, the two eldest of the three surviving 
daughters of John Byne (b), filed their bill in 
Chancery to have their legacies raised, and in 
the answer thereto of the Defendants Henry 
Byne the son, Elizabeth Byne the widow, and 
Richard Bridger and JohnBridger,sworn3oMay, 
1668, it is stated that John Byne (b) did not 
own all the manors and lands mentioned in his 
will, but only land (apparently Champneys in 
Thakeham) which had been sold since his death 
for JC740, for that the land called Stacyes (a) 
had been settled on his widow Elizabeth by 
deed made on her marriage, 10 Car. i, between 
Sir John Byne and John Byne (b) of the one part, 
and Henry Bridger and Lawrence Pay of Pul- 
borough, cler., of the other part, and that the 
other manors and lands had been settled and 
entailed, so that Henry Byne the son was then 
entitled to them as heir in tail to his father and 
the Lady Adria Byne (/3). Stacyes had been 

(a) Stacyes, in the will of John Byne (b) called Stacycie, was the 
ancient name of Whitehouse Farm in Limpsfield (Surrey Arch. Coll., 
vol. vi, p, 162). 

(|3) Byne v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Hamilton, before 17 14, 
Bundle 495. 


68 'The By?ie Fa?ni/y of Sussex. 

purchased in 1630, for by deed dated 4 06lober, 

1630, and made between John Bowyer of Cam- 
berwell of the one part, and Sir John Byne and 
John Byne (b) of the other part, John Bowyer, 
in consideration of ^450 then paid and of ^540 
to be paid at the house of John Hewett called 
the Spread Eagle in Chichester on 10 October, 

1 63 1, conveyed the messuage called Stacyes, 
with all lands in Crowhurst, Limpsfield, and 
Oxted thereto belonging, to the use of Sir John 
Byne for his life, and afterwards to the use of 
John Byne (b) and his heirs (a). 

Elizabeth Byne, the widow of John Byne (b), 
was assessed to the Hearth Tax in Thakeham on 
eight hearths in 1664 and 1665 (/3). She died 
in 1682 [y). By her will dated 4 October, 1682, 
in which she is described as of Steyning, co. Suss., 
widow, she bequeathed to the poor of the parish, 
where it should please God she should die, 20J-., 
to be disposed amongst them at her funeral, and 
then proceeded: "Item. To my son Henry 
Byne a twenty shilling peece of gold. Item. To 
Elizabeth the wife of my son Henry Byne my 
Ruby Ring. Item. To my granddaughter 
Frances the daughter of my said son Henry 20J-. 

(a) Close Rolls, 6 Car. i, pt. 22-24. 

(/3) Lay Subsidy Rolls, Add. Suss. 258/14, 258 15. 

(7) The Steyning registers contain only one entry of a burial between 
February, 1681, and 6 August, 1690. The burial of Elizabeth Byne is 
not in the transcripts for Steyning, nor in those for Thakeham. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 69 

of gold. Item. To my son Edmund Byne ^5. 
Item. To my son John Byne (d) £10. Item. 
To my daughter Jane Greenwell £10 and the 
interest of j(^20 to be paid her till her son William 
Greenwell comes to the age of 15 yeares and 
then the said summ of ^20 to be paid toward 
the putting out of the said William Greenwell 
as apprentis but if he dye his mother Jane is to 
have the >(^2o. Alsoe I give to the said Jane 
Greenwell my red wroughte bedd my great 
cheste of drawers my great wedding ring my 
great Bible and my lookinge glasse and one 
halfe of my wearing apparell. Item. I give 
my daughter Adria Lee widdow ^(^20 as alsoe 
my diamond ring my little cheste of drawers my 
sweete bagg (a) and the other half of my wearing 
apparell. Item. To my granddaughter Adria 
Smalley ^5 as alsoe her great grandmother the 
Lady Byne's wedding ringe," and she diredled 
the residue of her estate to be divided in equal 
5th parts between her sons Edmund and John, 
her daughters Jane and Adria, and her son 
William, whom she made sole executor. Such 
will was proved 14 December, 1682, by William 
Byne in P.C.C. (145 Cottle). 

Henry Byne, the eldest of the sons of John 

(a) A bag for perfumery. " It makes the air more perfumed than my 
mother's sweet bags that she puts among the linen" (Defoe's "Life of 
Duncan Campbell" (1720), chap. iv. 

JO T/ie By Pie Family of Sussex. 

Byne (b), married with Elizabeth, born in 1652, 
daughter of William Scrase of Annington in 
Botolphs CO. Suss, by Frances (Valiant) his 
wife (a). Henry Byne resided at one time at 
Sele, alias Beeding, as the Visitation books show 
that he was Churchwarden there in 1673, and 
9 December 1673 he was ordered by the Arch- 
deaconry Court to exhibit his bill of present- 
ments, for making default in which, he was ex- 
communicated 3 February, i6y\[(S). He was 
probably the Henry Byne who at the coronation 
of Jac. 2 was one of the Gentlemen Pensioners 
attending on the Queen [y). He also appears to 
have been the plaintiff in fines levied in 1663 of 
lands in Barcombe, and in 1678 of land in Pet- 
worth, in which Thomas Goring and George 
Goring were respectively deforciants ((J'). Henry 
Byne had an only child Frances who was bap- 
tized at Sele 6 April, 1671 and was married to 
Edmund Nugent. Henry Byne died in Sept- 

(«) William Scrase, of Annington, was buried at Botolphs 2" Sept- 
ember, 1683, his wife Frances having been buried there 3 November, 
1 68 1. His eldest son, William Scrase of Steyning, who was buried at 
Botolphs 12 February, 17 if, by his will dated 19 November 1713, the 
witnesses to which were J. Gratwick, junr., Bernard Chatfield, John 
Johnson, and Thomas Lancaster, but which seems to have never been 
proved, bequeathed " unto my neice Neujent daughter of my sister 
Byne deced the sume of tenn pounds and to her daughter Hancock five 
pounds " (original will lent to the writer by Mr. P. S. Godnian), 

(/3) A61 Books ex officio^ 1671-1675. 

(y) Curling's Account of Gcntlenien at Arms, p. 155. 

(d) Feet of Fines, Suss., Hil., 15 Car. 2, and Mich., 30 Car. 2. 

T^he Byne Family of Sussex, ji 

ember, 1688, having by his will dated 16 Sept- 
ember, 1688, in which he is described as of the 
parish of St. James', Westminster, Esquire, be- 
queathed to his son-in-law Edmund Nugent and 
Francis his wife ^10 a piece to buy them 
mourning, and after making pecuniary bequests 
to his " sisters Jane Greenwell wife of Stephen 
Greenwell and Adria Elliott wife of Mr. Elliott," 
and to his " loveing brother William Byne and 
Sarah his wife," he bequeathed the residue of his 
personal estate to his wife Elizabeth, who i Octo- 
ber, 1688, proved such will in P.C.C.(i3i Exton). 
On 20 October, 1 659, Elizabeth Scrase then aged 
7 was admitted to copyholds of the manor of 
Beeding, and her husband Henry Byne was ad- 
mitted to the same 14 September, 1671. At a 
Court holden 2 June, 1702, it was presented 
that Henry Byne and Elizabeth his wife were 
both dead, and that Frances Nugent widow was 
their only daughter, and she then surrendered 
these copyholds to her uncle William Scrase 
of Steyning(a). • 

Edmund Byne the second son and John Byne 
(d) the third son of John Byne (b) seem both to 
have died before September, 1688, unmarried. 

William Byne, the fourth son of John Byne 
(b), married about January, 167I-, with Sarah 

(a) Court Rolls, Book B, fols. 3 and 9, and Book C, fol. 2. 

72 l^he Byne Fa?nily of Sussex, 

Pengry (a), but had issue only daughters. He 
bought in 1690 a house called the White Horse, 
in St. Clement Danes (iG), and he was carrying 
on his business of a hosier there in 1700 (y). 
Other property in St. Clement Danes was con- 
veyed to him by deed dated 1 1 July, 1702, and 
made between Gilbert Glisson of Marmshall, co. 
Dorset, cler., of the ist part, William Byne of 
the 2nd part, and Edmund Ebbutt of the 3rd 
part [^). William Byne by his will dated Octo- 
ber, 17 10, in which he is described as of St. 
Clements Danes, Hosier, devised certain free- 
holds in that parish to his wife Sarah, to hold to 
her for life, and after her death to his daughter 
Martha Byne, and after her death to his daughters 
Charlotte Byne and Anna Maria Byne and their 
heirs, charged with an annual payment of ^6 in 
favour of his daughter Mary Turner, widow ; 
he then gave a mortgage security on certain 
property in Buckingham upon trusts for the 
benefit of his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of 
William Egerton, and bequeathed some lease- 
holds in the cross street between Essex Street 

(a)iSee marriage allegation dated 19 January, 167 J, in which he is 
described as of St. Mildred's in the Poultry, citizen and leatherseller, 
Bach'' (Harl. Soc, vol. xxxiv, p. 108). 

(/3) Byne v. Buck, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Whittington, before 
1714, Bundle 766. There is also a suit in Chancery against him in 
relation to some rent, called Gretton v. Byne, ibid.^ Bundle 343. 

(7) Middlesex and Herts, N. and Q., vol. ii, p. 94. 

(d) Close Rolls, I Anne, pt. 3-33. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 73 

and Milford Lane, in the Strand, to his daughter 
Elizabeth, and all the money that would be due 
on his death on the policy in Mr. Hartley's 
Office to his daughters Martha, Charlotte, and 
Anna-Maria equally, and after various legacies 
for mourning gave the residue of his personal 
estate to his daughters, except Mrs. Egerton, 
equally, and bequeathed to his wife the furniture 
of such of his Chambers in the house wherein 
he lived as she should choose, and also two pair 
of sheets and two pair of pillow beares, four 
silver spoons, twelve of his best pewter plates, 
and six of his best pewter dishes. One of the 
witnesses of this will was the Testator's niece, 
Frances Nugent, and another was Edward 
Shelley, and such will was proved 12 Decem- 
ber, 17 10, by the widow, Sarah Byne, and the 
daughter, Martha Byne, the executrixes in 
P.C.C. (263 Smith). 

Martha Byne, by her will dated 2 July, 1738, 
in which she is described as of St. Clement's 
Danes, spinster, gave pecuniary legacies to her 
" sister Elizabeth Egerton," and to her " nephew 
Edward Turner," and bequeathed the residue of 
her estate to her sister, Charlotte Byne, who as 
executrix proved such will 8 April, 1745, in 
P.C.C. (104 Seymer). 

Charlotte Byne by her will dated 29 August, 
1763, in which she is described as of St. Clem- 
ent's Danes spinster, direc^ted that she should be 


74 T^li^ By?ie Family of Sussex, 

buried in the same vault wherein her sister 
Martha Bync lay in St. Clement's Danes, be- 
queathed to her nieces Sarah Lock and Ann 
Orpwood and her great nephews William Lens 
and John Egerton /,'3o apiece, and gave her two 
undivided third parts of a messuage in Shire 
Lane and Ship Yard St. Clements Danes and the 
residue of her goods and effects to her niece 
Ann Lens, who as executrix proved such will 
4 September 1764 in P.C.C. (336 Simpson). 

Thus there seems to have been a complete failure of 
the male line descending through Sir John Byne. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 75 

RACE of Byne, springing possibly from the 
same origins as those of the family who settled 
at Rowdell, existed in the east of Sussex. Robert 
Byn was in 1327 assessed to the subsidy in Ewhurst, 
and Richard Byn was assessed thereto in 1 327, and again 
in 1332, in Heathfield. Simon Bynde or BYNE(A)cler. 
who was elected a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 
1 5 17, and proceeded to the degree of B.C.L. in 1520, 
was re6tor and prebendary of Brightling, co. Suss., from 
1532 to 1537(a), The Valor Ecclesiasticus mentions 
him (/3) as the prebendary in 153!^, and shews that the 
clear yearly value of the prebend was ^^i i. At a Court 
holden for the manor of Burwash, co. Suss., 9 061:ober, 
26 H. 8 (1534), John Byne, who then served on the 
homage, was fined 2d. for cutting down trees and up- 
setting the King's highway and filling up a ditch; and 
at a Court holden for the same manor, 4 Od:ober, 1536, 
it was foufid that John Byne owed suit and was fined 
2d. in default {y). This John Byne again served on the 
homage 18 April, 1537 (<^). In 1549 John Byne was 
assessed at Burwash, in the Hundred of Hawksborough, 
to the Lay Subsidy then levied, at 13 shillings on ^^13 

(a) Register of University (Oxf. Hist. Soc), vol. i, p. 113. Hors- 
field's Hist, of Suss., vol. i, p. 566. 

(/3) Vol. i, p. 344. The prebend belonged to the Collegiate Church 
of Hastings. 

(7) Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 3 1 32 1, now among Add. Charters and 
Rolls, vol. xi. 

(J) Ibid., 31322. 


76 The By lie Family of Sussex, 

in goods, the last payment of which was made 4 March, 
155.V (a). He is the John Byne (aa) of Burwash, yeo- 
man, who by his will dated 27 November, 1559, after 
directing his burial in the church of Burwash, and mak- 
ing bequests to his son-in-law Goddard Cruttenden, his 
own wife Joan, his daughter Joan Cruttenden, and others, 
noticed that he had given by deed to his son Symon 
Byne (b) and his heirs lands called Kenwardes and Stan- 
lynes in Burwash, and devised to his son Henry Byne 
(aa) his lands called Woodlands and Mattens Crofts in 
Burwash upon condition of his allowing the Testator's 
widow ten loads of wood yearly, and paying to his son 
Richard Byne £20, and appointed his son Henry Byne 
(aa) and Goddard Cruttenden executors, and Richard 
Byne, the Testator's brother, to be overseer. John Byne 
(aa) was buried at Burwash 29 November, 1559, and 
his will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of 
Lewes in December, 1560 (Book A 4, fol. 474). John 
Byne (a a) had issue : (i) Symon Byne (b) ; (2) Henry Byne 
(aa) ; (3) Richard Byne, who was buried at Burwash 
16 April, 1 561; and (4) Joan, who was married at 
Burwash 20 July, 1559, to Goddard (in the register 
called Godfredus) Cruttenden (/S), and was remarried at 
Burwash 15 October 1576 to Thomas Barham. 

(a) Lay Subsidy Roll, 3 E. 6 ; Suss. Rape of Hastings, 190/233, 
190/239, and 190,247. 

(/3) Goddard Cruttenden, described as " the younger" of Burwash, by 
his will dated 5 June, 1574, gave the residue of his personal estate to his 
wife Joan, whom he made executrix, and devised all his lands to her for 
life, and mentioned his sons Goddard, and John, and unnamed daughters, 
and appointed his brother Henry Byne (aa) to be overseer. This will 

The Byne Family of Sussex, jj 

Symon Byne (b) by his will dated 20 December, 
1560, in which he is described as of Burwash, gave 20s. 
to the poor there to be distributed at the discretion of 
his brother Henry Byne (aa), whom he appointed 
executor, made pecuniary bequests to his son Richard 
Byne, to his daughter Margery Byne (a) to his brother 
Richard Byne, and to his own wife Joan, and devised 
his house and lands to his wife till his son came to age, 
when he was to have " the estate." This will was regis- 
tered at Lewes (Book A 4, fol. 480). Richard the son 
of Symon Byne (b), was baptised at Burwash 20 August, 
1559, and may possibly be the Richard Byne, M.A. of 
Cambridge, who was incorporated at Oxford 12 July, 
1608 (^). 

Henry Byne (aa) was also of Burwash {y), and mar- 
ried first with Margery, who was buried there 1 1 July, 
1576, and secondly at Burwash 2 December, 1577, with 
Elinor Cruttenden, who was remarried at Burwash 15 
February, 15^^, to Alexander Jacob. At the Court 
holden for the manor of Burwash 27 September, 1575, 
Henry Byne stated that he had, since the last Court, 

attested by Thomas Glyde of Echingham, William Stapley, and Thomas 
Parris cler. was proved by the reli£l at Lewes 23 June, 1575 (Book A 6, 
fol. 345). 

(a) Perhaps the Margaret Byne who was married 11 Odlober, 1573, 
at Buxted to Henry Garnet. 

(/3) Register of University (Oxf. Hist. Soc), vol. ii, pt. i, p. 358. 

(7) Henry Colman of Burwash by his will dated 12 August 1557 
appointed his wife Annis executrix and Henry Byne " myn overseere to 
stay my wyfFe in this behalf." This will was proved at Lewes 2 July, 
1558 (Book A 4, fol. 119b). 

78 The Byne Fajnily of Sussex, 

bought land from Thomas Dawe, and inquired what 
fine he had to pay to the lord (a). By his will dated 
2 April, 1578, after two bequests in favour of the poor, 
he bequeathed to Margery Browne, the daughter of 
Constance Byne, ^4, to be paid by his two sons by even 
portions at 21 or marriage, and to Ann Brown 20^, and 
to each of his godchildren 6/. and to each of his ser- 
vants, Stephen Smith, Margery Donat, and EUinor 
Bexley, 6j-. 8^., and to his sister Joan Barham as much 
russet as would make her a cassock, and dire6led that 
the residue of his goods should be divided by Lawrence 
Swane, Thomas Shepherd, Edward Byne, and John 
Byne equally between his two sons, and appointed his 
son William Byne executor; and he then devised his 
lands called Woodlands and Underwiverhurst, contain- 
ing 33 acres, to his son William Byne and his heirs, and 
diredted that his said son should have two loft chambers 
and the " galatt loffte " on the west side of his house 
to lay his stuff in until he became 21. Henry Byne (aa) 
was buried at Burwash 8 April, 1578, and his will was 
proved 7 October, 1578, by his son William Byne, in 
P.C.C. (35 Langley). This William Byne is probably 
the person of that name who was buried at Burwash 
23 November, 1587 (/3). Perhaps the other son of 
Henry Byne (aa) was Henry Byne, who was buried at 
Wartling, co. Suss., 24 January, 162^. This Henry 
Byne, described as of Hurstmonceux, was 16 February, 
i6og presented '* for not living with his wife." He 

(a) Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 31341. 
(/5) Sec, however, Appendix B. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 79 

appeared, and alleged "that hee for his parte is willing 
to live together with his wife but that she refuseth to 
live with him " (A(5l ^ook?, ex officio 1606-16 10). On 
10 06lober, 16 16, Henry Byne described as of Hurst- 
monceux, and 10 March, i6iy, Henry Byne described 
as of Wartling, was excommunicated for living from his 
wife (Ad: Book ex ojicio^ 161 4-1 61 9, and A6t Book, 
1 6 17). On 7 March, i6^|-, and 30 May, 1620, he and 
his wife, described as of Wartling, were presented *' for 
not living together as they ought to doe " (A61 Books, 
1 6 19- 1622). This wife Margaret was buried at Hurst- 
monceux, 20 May, 1620, and 9 September, 1622, Henry 
Byne re-married at Wartling with Agnes Cooper, 
widow. On 23 April, 1623, letters of administration of 
his effects were granted at Lewes (B. 5, fol. 135) to his 
relift Anne Byne who was re-married at Wartling, 
5 May, 1623, to Richard Skelton. 

John Byne (aa) in his will mentioned his brother 
Richard Byne. 

Richard Byne was of Ticehurst in the Hundred of 
Shoyswell, where he was assessed, first on ^16, and then 
on ^13, in goods, at 16 and 13 shillings respectively to 
the Lay Subsidy levied in 1549 and 155I, of which also 
he was a "pettye collector "(a). By his will dated 8 
April, 1574, after some charitable legacies, he gave to 
" Gillyan " his wife a pecuniary legacy, and then pro- 
ceeded : " I guive unto my wife Gillian one cheste with 
all that is yn hym and my beste bedde with all thyngs 

(a) Lay Subsidy Roll, 3 E. 6, Suss., Rape of Hastings, 190/233, 190/ 
239, and 190/247. 

8o The By?2e Family of Sussex. 

bclongyng unto hym duryng the tyme of her naturall 
lyfe and after her decese I wyll the saide bedde to my 
doughetre Margarett. I alsoe guive her my syde sedle 
w^*^ was called hers befoure. Item. I wyll that my 
wyfe shall have one conveniente chaumber either in my 
Farm called Witherden or my newe howse in Bur- 
washe (a), and she to haue her choyce of the twoe. 
Item. I guive unto my daughtere Margarett 20s. to be 
payde one hole yere after my decease. Item. I guive 
unto my daughtere Odiane ^5. Item. I guive unto 
my Sonne Thomas 6s. 8^. and one cowe. Item. I wyll 
unto my daughtere Margery 6/. 8^. Item. I wyll unto 
my daughtere Anne 6/. ?)d. Item. I wyll unto Mary Col- 
man one ewe and a lambe. Item. I wyll unto John my 
Sonne and Odiane my doughtere to either of them a 
fether bedde with all belongyng to the same. Item. I 
wyll al my howseholde stufFe to be devided betwixt 
John my sonne and my twoe doughteres Odiane and 
Margarett. The reste of all my goodes I guive to my 
Sonne John Byne whome I make executor. Item. I 
make and ordeyne my cosin Henry Byne (jG) my over- 
seere and he to have for hys paynes 10/. and for everye 
daye that he dothe travelle to see thys my Wyll per- 
formed for hys horse and for hymselfe ij". 6d. yf he go 
on fote for everye daye's travelle ij." The witnesses to 
this will were Richard Barham, John Oxenbridge, and 

(a) Richard Byne purchased land in Burwash of Henry Mery in 1566 
(Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich., 7 and 8 Eliz.). 

(/3) Henry Byne (aa), son of John Byne (aa), was the testator's 
"cosin" or nephew. See ante^ p. 77. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 8i 

Thomas Parris, minister (a), with others, and it was 
proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Lewes 13 May, 
1574, by John Byne the son (Book A. 6, fol. 204). The 
widow Gillian was buried at Burwash 20 February, 
1 58f . Richard Byne's issue were two sons, 'John Byne (m) 
and Thomas Byne (m), and four daughters, Margaret, 
Anne (who was married to Gardiner), Odiane, and 

John Byne (m) married at Burwash 10 July, 1569, 
with " Dyonisia " Pudland, daughter of Richard Pudland 
of Heathfield by Joan his wife (/G). John Byne (m), by 
his will dated 25 January, 15I-0-, wherein he is described 
as of Witherden in Ticehurst, gave a legacy to the poor 
of that parish, to his daughter Mary a vast quantity of 
chattels, to " Dyanyce my wyfe " his lease of Wither- 
den, but upon condition that she paid to Symon Byne 
of Burghersh ^10, performed his will, and brought up 
his children; and he gave to his wife the residue of his 
goods, and directed that, if she did not enter into a bond 

(a) Thomas Parris, cler., was a minister at, but not vicar of, Wadhurst 
as suggested, 26, Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 94. John Hatley,who is there stated 
to have been instituted on his death, was, according to the Visitation 
Book of the Deanery, 1606- 1640, in fa£t instituted on the death of 
Robert Parris. 

(/3) Richard Pudland of Heathfield, by his will dated I November, 
1557, ^"^ proved by his widow Joan at Lewes, 20 December, 1557 
(Book A. 4, fol. 18), devised his lands to Francis his son absolutely, 
mentioned his sons John and Christopher, and referred to another who 
was probably Stephen, and gave legacies to them, and to his daughters 
Jone, Alys, Denis^ Elnor^ and Margaret, all gf which children were 

under age. 


82 The By?ie Family of Sussex. 

to perform his will, then Edward Byne and his brother- 
in-law, Stephen Piidland (a), should enter his farm and 
perform his will, they being overseers and his wife 
executrix. And as to the disposition of his lands in 
Burwash, he willed that " Dyonice " his wife should 
receive the issues until his daughter Mary Byne attained 
2 1, which lands were let on lease to Symon Byne (c), 
and then she was to enter and hold the same, but in 
default of her issue they were to remain to John Byne 
(n), his brother Thomas Byne's son, and his heirs; and 
he bequeathed a legacy to his brother [in law] Gardner's 
children, viz., Anne and Elizabeth. This will, among 
the witnesses to which were Anthony Byne, Magnus 
Fowle, and John Oxenbridge, was proved at Lewes 
lo May, 1 58 1, by the widow, Dionysia Byne (Book A. 7, 
fol. 219; U. 2, i9),who died about 1615. John Byne (m) 
had two children, Mary married to Thomas Freeman, 
of Burwash, yeoman, and a child baptized at Burwash 
10 April, and buried there 18 May, 1574. On 4 March 
1 6 1-, letters of administration of the goods of John 
Byne (m), left unadministered by Dionysia Byne de- 
ceased, were granted to his son-in-law, Thomas Freeman 
(B. 4, fol. loi). Mary Freeman was buried at Burwash 
12 April, 1623. 

Thomas Byne (m) was of Burwash, and by his will 
dated 20 November, 1588, gave to Amy his wife his 

(a) Stephen Pudland was of Heathfield, and by his will dated 27 Nov- 
ember, 1590, and proved 27 February, 159^ (Book A. 8, fol. 397) by 
his wife Mary, he made bequests to her and his six children. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 83 

three tenements in Burwash, the first known by the 
name of Frie, the second called Pasture Wood, con- 
taining by estimation 12 acres, and the third, called 
Delvate, for ten years, to educate and bring up his 
children ; and afterwards he gave the same to Thomas 
Byne (n) his son and his heirs, upon condition that he 
should pay to Margaret and Elizabeth, the Testator's 
daughters, £^ each, and to Peter Byne and Joseph Byne 
his sons ^10 each. And he thereby gave to his son 
Thomas those two hearth plates which were then used 
in his chimney, and other chattels, and declared that if 
his son Thomas died before he came into the above 
estate and legacies, they should descend and come to the 
testator's son, John Byne (n), and he appointed his wife 
executrix, and his friends Joseph Newington and Edward 
Byne overseers, the witnesses being Edmund Holby (a) 
Richard and William Batchelor, and Thomas Gibson, 
cler. Thomas Byne (m) was buried at Burwash 23 Nov., 
1588, and his will was proved at Lewes, 24 February, 
I58f, by the reli6t (Book A. 8, fol. 261). Thomas Byne 
(m) had issue (i) Margaret, baptized at Burwash, 3 Sept- 
ember, 1567 ; (/S) who appears to have been married at 
Goudhurst, co. Kane, 12 August, 1594, to William 
Meriam ; (2) Elizabeth, baptized at Burwash 28 Sept- 
ember, 1569, and married to one Webb; (3) Lawrence 

(a) Edmund Holby, who was a clothier and was born at Cranbroolc 
about 1534 (Deposition Boole under date 29 May, 1604), married 13 
April, 1562, at Burwash with Joanna Byne. Joane Holby, widow, was 
buried there i November, 1613. 

(/i) An unnamed wife of a Thomas Byne was buried at Burwash, 
3 November, 1565. 

84 ^he By 716 Fa?nily of Sussex. 

Byne^ baptized there 13 December 1571 ; (4) Mary, bap- 
tized there 8 June, 1572 ; (5) Thomas Byne (n), baptized 
there 14 February, 157!; (6) John Byne (n), baptized 
there 10 June, 1576; (7) Peter Byne, baptized there 
16 February, I57f; and (8) Joseph Byne, baptized 
there 23 August, 1584. Amy Byne by her will, dated 
1 6 January, 161 6, in which she is described as aged, 
gave legacies to her sons, Lawrence Byne, John Byne, 
and Peter Byne, to her daughter, Elizabeth Webb, 
widow, to Lawrence Byne's five children, to John Byne's 
six children, and to her daughter Webb's three children, 
and bequeathed the residue to her son, Joseph Byne, 
whom she appointed executor, and she made Thomas 
Rooper and Stephen Byne (a), overseers. This will was 
attested by John Dawe, Faintnot Batchelor (a), and 
Nicholas Turke, and was proved by Joseph Byne at 
Lewes, 27 February, 162 J (Book A. 17, fol. 143). 

Lawrence Byne married with Margery (? Yonge) 
and was of Brenchley, co. Kane. In 161 8 he and his 
wife Margery were deforciants in a fine levied by John 
Byne, senior, of land in Burwash (/3). By his will dated 
I July, 1623, he directed that his property should be 
divided into two parts, whereof his executors should 
have one, and that the other part should be divided into 
six equal parts for his five children, namely, John, 
Thomas, Mary, Amy, and Elizabeth, whereof John was 

(a) From the Visitation for 3 July, 1635, it appears that fFaintnot 
Batchelor of Burwash was licensed to pradtise as a "chirurgus." 
(/?) Feet of Fines, Sussex, Easter, 15 Jac. i. 

^ A 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 85 

to have two parts, and each of the rest one part, and 
he appointed his wife Margery executrix, and desired 
that his children's portion should be paid at 21, or 
marriage, and that his loving brother, Mr. Mathew 
Yonge (a), of Peesmarsh, and his friend John Huggett, 
of Brenchley, should be overseers. This will was proved 
by the relift 12 August, 1623 (P.C.C, 86 Swan). Amy 
Bine was married 8 July, 1631, to Thomas Mitchell, 
of Maidstone (/3). Probably John and Thomas, the sons 
of Lawrence Byne, are the persons of those names who 
participated in the royalist rising in Kent in 1648, and 
to whom the following orders refer. 1648. June 4. 
Ordered by the committee of both houses at Derby 
House " that warrants for committing Wm. Dyer and 
John Bine to the prison of Peterhouse be approved 
signed and sent with the warrant to the gaoler to receive 
them into his custody as prisoners for bearing arms in 
the late rebellion in Kent." And in 1648, July 11, it 
was ordered by the same that those taken by the men 
of Herts (among those taken being Thomas Bine) be 
committed to Peterhouse for raising arms against the 
Parliament, and that their horses and arms be given to 

(a) There is a pedigree of Matthew Yonge who had a sister Margaret 
in Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 269. He married at Rye 20 February, i6o5, 
with Margaret Fisher, widow, being described in the license as of East 
Guildford, his previous wife, Mildred, having been buried at East 
Guildford, 18 January, 160^. 

(/3) In the register of All Saints, Maidstone, as published Misc. Gen. 
et Her., vol. ii, 3rd Series, p. 246, she is called Anne Byne. But in the 
license dated 5 July, 1631, which mentions John Bine, of Maidstone, 
and Thomas Bine, of Holy Cross, Canterbury (Canterbury Marriage 
Lie, 2nd Series, col. 678), she is rightly described as Amy Byne. 

86 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

those who took them prisoners (a). This John Bine 
married, 14 January 162 J-, at All Saints, Maidstone, 
with Mildred Maylam. Alexander Meriam of Maid- 
stone, 'yeoman, by his will dated 17 August, 1630, and 
proved 8 November, 1630, in the Consistory Court of 
Canterbury (vol. 49, fol. 25), devised his properties in 
the parish of Maidstone, then in the tenure of John 
Byne, or his assigns, to his godson, Alexander Meriam. 

Thomas Byne (n) apparently died intestate before 
1 6 18, and may have been the husband of Alice Byne, 
who by her will dated 21 May, 1636, in which she is 
described as of Ticehurst, widow, gave legacies to her 
brethren, Thomas and William Higham, and her sister 
Agnes, wife of Nicholas Catt, to Symon Conney, to 
Elizabeth Smyth, daughter of Thomas Smyth, her 
brother-in-law (|3), and to other persons. This will was 
proved at Lewes, 10 July, 1636, by Thomas Smith 
(Book A. 24, fol. 108). There is no allusion to any 
children of the testatrix in her will. 

John Byne (n) was of Burwash, and married there, 
31 May, 1602, with Susan Ticehurst. He was church- 
warden of Burwash 1609, and 16 January, i6iy, he 

(a) Calendar of State Papers, Domestic, 1648-9, pp. 94 and 184. 
The royalist rising in Kent in 1648, is described in Archzeolog. Cant,, 
vol. ix, p. 31, and see Hasted's Hist, of Kent, by Drake. Hundred of 
Blaclcheath, p. 181, note. 

(/5) In 161 7 a fine as to lands in Burwash was levied between a 
Thomas Byne, as plaintiff, and Thomas Smith, as deforciant (Feet of 
Fines, Suss., Trin., 15 Jac. 1). Thomas Smith married at Burwash 
6 April, 1624, with Mary Higham. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 87 

brought into the Archdeaconry Court a copy of the 
registers for 1609, which he had been ordered to do; 
and on 16 April, 161 1, he and his co-churchwarden, 
Goddard Freeman, were ordered to bring in their ac- 
counts (a). [By his will, dated 2 April 1630, after a 
legacy to the poor, he bequeathed to Thomas Byne (o) 
his eldest son, certain chattels, including an iron furnace 
and one iron plate, and to John Byne (o), his second son, 
other chattels, and then proceeded. " Item. To Mary 
my eldest daughter wife of Thomas Milles of Ticehurst 
jf 20 one brasse cauldron and one great cheste. Item. 
To Elizabeth Byne my daughter ^20 to be raised out 
of the sale of coppice woods uppon Young Wood and 
Pasture Wood also one cheste a lesser one than the other 
before gyven and two payer of sheetes and one brasse 
kettell after my wyfe Susan's decease. Item. To my 
daughter Susan ^10 and one pott w^^ I boghte and one 
cheste. Item. To my daughter Goodgifte Byne jfio. 
Item. To my daughter Ellen ^^lo. Item. To my 
daughter Anne ^10. Item. All the residue of my 
goodes I bequethe to Susan my wife and Thomas my 
eldeste sonne whom I make executours and I make my 
lovinge friends Stephen Byne (a) and Marke Coney 
both of Burwashe to be overseeres. Item. I bequeath 
all that messuage and landes wherein I now dwell in 
Burwashe called the Frie and one other tenement of 
land called Pasture Wood to Susan my wife for her life 
and after her decese to Thomas Byne my eldest sonne. 
Whereas I have mortgaged my tenemente called Del- 
(a) Bishop transcripts and Adl Books ex officio^ 1610-1612. 


88 The Byne Fajnily of Sussex, 

vatts (a), for £2(), now my Wille is that Susan my wife 
and Thomas my son shall pay and discharge the ^29, 
then they shall receive the rents until such time as my 
son John Byne shall be 21." The witnesses to this will 
were Thomas Glyd and Joseph Byne. John Byne (n) 
was buried at Burwash 6 April, 1630, and his will was 
proved 22 April, 1630, at Lewes (Book A. 21, fol, 6). 
The issue of John Byne (n), were (i) Mary, baptized at 
Burwash, 9 December, 1604, who was married there 
9 September, 1628, to Thomas Milles(iS); (2) Anne, 
baptized there 25 September, 1605, and buried there 
18 November, 1618; (3) Thomas Byne (o), baptized 
there i March, 160 5; (4) Elizabeth, baptized there 
20 November, 1608, and married there 9 February, 
163^, to Lawrence Noakes (7); (5) Susan, baptized 
there 22 September, 161 1 ; (6) Goodgift, baptized there 
18 September, 16 14; (7) yohn Byne, baptized there 
26 January, and buried there 24 March, 16 if; (8) John 
Byne (o), baptized there 15 January, i6i~; (9) Anne, 
baptized there 20 July, 1623; and (10) Ellen. At the 
Court holden for the manor of Burwash 14 September, 
1630, the death of John Byne (n) was presented, and at 
the Court holden in April, 1631, Thomas Byne (o), was 

(a) The three properties Frie, Pasture Wood, and Delvatts were all 
devised by Thomas Byne (m) to his son Thomas Byne (n). 

(/3) Mary, daughter of Thomas Milles, was baptized at Burwash, i 
November, and buried there 15 November, 1629. The will of Thomas 
Mills of Ticehurst was proved at Lewes 21 April, 1642, by Ralph Cooper 
the executor (B. 7, fol. 280), but was not transcribed into the registers. 

(7) Lawrence Noakes was buried at Brightling, 3 February, 167"; 
his wife having been buried there 23 May, 1664. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 89 

admitted to some copyholds, formerly of his father, 
situate on the east side of Sellers Brook, which in April, 
1633, were surrendered on a sale to Refrain Ticehurst 
of Burwash, widow (a). A Susan Byne, wife of a John 
Byne, was buried at Burwash, 18 December, 161 1, and 
if her husband was John Byne (n), he must have married 
a second time with a Susan (fi). 

Thomas Byne (o), was of Burwash, yeoman. He was 
accused in i6|-| of irreverent behaviour in the chancel 
of the church there during divine service, but 12 Feb- 
ruary, i6-|-|, the case was dismissed [y). By his will 
dated 2 June, 1658, after noticing that Jeffery Glydd of 
Dallington, gent., {^) owed him ^240, he gave £120 
thereof to his son, John Byne (p), at his age of 21 years, 
and the other ^120 thereof, to his daughter Mary at 
21 or marriage, and he bequeathed to his wife one 

(a) Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 33176, fol. 83 and 88. Refrain Tice- 
hurst was widow of George Ticehurst, to whom, as Refrain Foster, she 
was married at Burwash 15 May 16 15. 

(/3) Susan Byne "the mother of Thomas Byne" (o), was living 26 
January, 164I-, when Randolph Cooper of Ticehurst, yeoman, filed a 
bill in Chancery against them both, in which Susan is so described, for 
relief on a bond (Chan. Proc, B. and A., Car. i, C. 67, No. 47). 

(7) A6t Books, ex officio^ 1639-1640. 

(J) On 4 May, 1 676, "Mr. JefFery Glyd a poor broken gentleman," 
as he is described in the registers, was buried at Dallington, his wife 
Susanna (Cruttenden) having been buried there 24 April, 1676. For his 
pedigree, see Visitation of London, 1634, vol. i, p. 317. Ann, wife of 
Jeffry Glyd, was buried at Brightling 30 April, 1638, and 20 Novem- 
ber, 1639, he married there with Susan Hepden, widow, who in the 
license at Lewes dated 13 November, 1639, is described as of Burwash. 
Geoffrey Glidd, gent., was deforciant in a fine levied Trin. 13 Car. 2, 
as to lands in Dallington. 


90 The By?ie Fcunily of Sussex. 

silver bowl and four silver spoons, then in her custody, 
and divers other chattels, and directed the residue ot 
his effects to be divided between his children, and 
nominated his "cozen" Richard Glydd, the elder, of 
Dallington, gent., to be sole executor. This will, which 
was attested by Henry Goldsmith, Edward Fisher and 
Robert Spiller, was proved by the executor 23 June, 
1658, before the Judges for probate of wills at London 
(P.C.C. 487 Wootton). Thomas Byne (o) was buried 
at Burwash, 12 June, 1658. He may be the Thomas 
Byne who was sworn Parish Registrar of Burwash in 
1654, His issue by his wife Mary, who was buried at 
Burwash, 4 September, 1655, were (i) Johti Byne (p), 
baptized at Burwash, 14 May, 1648; (2) Thomas Byne 
(p), baptized there 10 June, 1649, and (3) Mary. 

John Byne (o) was of Salehurst, co. Suss. He married 
in 1664 with Elizabeth Springatt (a). The court rolls 
of the Manor of Hammerden show that 7 October, 
1 67 1, he and Elizabeth his wife surrendered to the use 
of himself for life, remainder to the use of his wife for 
life and then to the heirs of their bodies, certain copy- 
holds to which he had been admitted 27 October, 1663, 
on the surrender of Goddard Mills. By his will dated 
18 November, 1675, he devised "to John Mills son of 
Goddard Mills my kinsman all my lands and buildings 
in Ticehurst provided allwayes that my wife Elizabeth 
shall enjoy it during her life paying my two kinswomen 
Mary and Susanna Mills £t, a year. Item. I devise to 

(a) The license in the P'aculty Office is dated 23 September, 1664. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 91 

John Byne (p) son of my brother Thomas Byne (o) all 
that my house and lands called Tilbuth in Burwash 
provided allwayes that he paye ^\q to Mary Byne 
daughter of my brother Thomas Byne. Item. To my 
Wife the use of the brooke lately purchased of Thomas 
Amos of Salehurst for the term of foure yeares and after- 
wards I give it to my executor provided he paye ^10 
to my brother John Springate. Item. To Richard the 
son of Richard Mathews my kinsman ^Tio and to the 
six children of my kinsman Laurence Noakes ^f 10. And 
I appoint Thomas Noakes executor and he to have the 
residue of my effedts and I give to the poor of the parish 
40J-." John Byne (o) was buried at Salehurst 23 Novem- 
ber, 1675, and his will was proved 10 December, 1675, 
by Thomas Noakes at Lewes (Book A. 34, fol. 125). His 
death was presented at a court for the manor of Ham- 
merden, holden 6 April, 1676, and at a court holden 
12 Odtober, 1697, Thomas Byne (p), and John Byne 
(?) '* consanguinei " (nephews), and next heirs of John 
Byne (o) were each admitted to a moiety of his copy- 
holds (a). John Byne (o) had no issue, and his widow 
Elizabeth was buried at Salehurst, 8 June, 1724 (/3). On 
28 June, 1682, John Wann, alleging himself to be a 

(a) The customary descent in the manor of Hammerden is as in 

(/3) She may, however, be the Elizabeth Bine named in the license of 
the Vicar-General of Canterbury, dated 13 May, 1679, for marriage 
between Thomas Bentley of Beckley, co. Suss., yeom., Bach., about 40, 
and Elizabeth Bine of Hawkhurst, co. Kane, widow, about 45. This 
marriage took place at Beckley in 1679, but no further date appears. 
Thomas Bentley was buried there 19 August, 1681. 

92 The Byne Fa??tily of Sussex. 

legatee under the will of John Byne (o), took proceed- 
ings in the Archdeaconry Court against Thomas 
Noakes (a). 

John Byne (p), married at Wadhurst, 2 June, 1685, 
with Mary Lucke, and by his will dated 27 April, 
1703, in which he is described as of Wadhurst, yeo- 
man, gave to John Byne (q), Samuel Byne, Sarah Byne, 
Elizabeth Byne and Anne Byne, children of his brother 
Thomas Byne (p), all his lands in Burwash after the 
decease of his wife, and to his kinsman William 
Peckham of Wadhurst ^30, and all the rest of his 
estate, whom he appointed sole executor. John Byne 
(p), was buried at Salehurst, 9 May, 171 2, and his will 
was proved in the Peculiar Court of South Mailing, 
19 May, 171 2, by William Peckham (Reg. 5, fol. 145). 
On 21 May, 1721, a caveat was entered against doing 
anything in the goods of John Byne (p), by Stephen 
Pilbeame on behalf of Dorothy Pilbeame alias Peckham 
his wife, the Administratrix of the goods of William 
Peckham, deceased, but it was afterwards subdu<51:ed. 
John Byne (p) had no issue. His wife, Mary, was buried 
at Wadhurst, 7 August, 1706. 

Thomas Byne (p) married ist with Mary Catt, and 
2ndly, 12 November, 1686, at Burwash, with MaryTye. 
In his will dated 18 December, 1704, he is described 
as of Burwash, weaver, and he thereby gave to his wife 
Mary numerous chattels and ^os. a year, to be paid out 

(a) A<51 Books ad initanciatii-f 1691-1696. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 93 

of his lands in Burwash, and to Samuel Byne, his second 
son, all his weaving tackling and ^Tio, and then con- 
tinued: "Item. To my five daughters Sara, Elizabeth, 
Anne, Mary, and Hannah Byne £10 2. piece. Item. 
To my eldeste son John all my lands and chattels he 
paying all my debts legacies &c. whom I make executor. 
William Weston of Etchingham and Samuel Catt of 
Rotherfield my brother to be overseers." This will was 
proved at Lewes, 25 August, 1705, by the executor 
(Book A. 46, fol. 72), the testator having been buried 
at Burwash, 27 December, 1704. Thomas Byne (p) 
had issue by his first wife; (i) yohn Byne (q) baptized 
at Burwash, i March, i6y|-; (2) Mary baptized at 
Rotherfield, 11 August, 1672, who died early; (3) 
Samuel Byne baptized at Rotherfield, 13 December, 
1675; (4) Sarah baptized at Burwash, 15 August, 1680, 
and married to John Latter of Yalding, co. Kane. ; (5) 
Elizabeth, baptized at Burwash, 27 March, 1683, and 
married to Edmund Sawyer of Staplehurst, co. Kane. ; 
(6) Anne, baptized at Burwash 1685, and married to 
Thomas Catt of Frant ; (a) and by his second wife (7) 
Mary, baptized at Burwash, 31 March, 1692, and 
married to Richard Peirson; and (8) Hannah, baptized 
there, 6 July, 1694, and married to Thomas Manwar- 
ing of Yalding. An unbaptized child of Thomas Byne 
(p) was buried at Burwash, 21 January, i6f|-. At a 
court holden for the manor of Hammerden, 22 Septem- 
ber, 1 705, presentment was made of the death of Thomas 

(a) Sarah, daughter of Thomas Catt, was buried at Frant, 21 April, 
1729, and Thomas Catt was buried there 27 November, 1741. 

94 T^he Byne Family of Sussex, 

Byne (p), and that John Byne (q) and Samuel were his 
sons and heirs, and they were each admitted to a half 
of their father's moiety of the above mentioned copy- 
holds, that is, to a quarter of the whole. At a court 
holden 26 August, 171 2, after the death of their uncle, 
John Byne (p) John Byne ((^) and Samuel Byne were 
each admitted in like manner to a half of his moiety. 

John Byne [q) never married, and by his will dated 
30 March, 171 3, in which he is described as of Burwash, 
weaver, he gave to his sisters, Sarah, Elizabeth, and 
Anne, >C3'^ apiece, and to his sisters [of the half blood] 
Mary and Hannah, is. apiece, and devised to his 
brother, Samuel Bine, all his messuages in Burwash, 
subject to the payment of ^^90 to his sisters, Sarah 
Elizabeth and Anne Bine, and after bequeathing the 
residue of his effedls to his brother Samuel, whom he 
constituted executor, he nominated his uncle, Samuel 
Catt, of Rotherfield, to be overseer. John Byne (q) was 
buried at Burwash, 31 January, 171I, and his will was 
proved at Lewes, 12 March, 171^, by his brother 
Samuel (Book A. 49, fol. 170). At a Court holden for 
the manor of Hammerden, 12 August, 171 9, Samuel 
Bine, as only brother and heir of John Byne (q), was 
admitted to the latter's moiety of the above mentioned 

Samuel Bine by his will dated 8 December, 1737, in 
which he is described as of Burwash, weaver, gave to 
Richard Peirson, of Yalding co. Kane, and Mary his 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 95 

wife for their lives his messuage and land wherein he 
then dwelt, and after their decease to their son, William 
Peirson, And he gave his copyhold in Ticehurst to 
Edmund Sawyer, of Staplehurst, yeoman, upon trust to 
sell the same and pay the money to Sarah, wife of John 
Latter, of Yalding, Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Sawyer, 
Anne, wife of Thomas Catt, of Frant, Mary, wife of 
Richard Peirson, and Hannah, wife of Thomas Man- 
waring, of Yalding, yeoman. Samuel Bine was buried 
at Burwash, 15 December, 1737, and his will was 
proved at Lewes, 18 December, 1737, by Richard 
Peirson (Book A. 55, fol. 214). At a court holden for 
the manor of Hammerden, 4 May, 1738, presentment 
was made of the death of Samuel Bine, and that his co- 
heiresses were his three sisters, Sarah Latter, Elizabeth 
Sawyer, and Anne Catt, being his sisters of the whole 

Peter Byne, the seventh child of Thomas Byne (m), 
married about May, 161 2, with Jane Humphrey, 
widow (a). He is described as of Ticehurst as a surety 
to the bond dated 12 September, 16 14, for the marriage 
of Fayntnot Bacheller of Burwash and Elizabeth 
Humphry of Ticehurst. He was tenant from 161 6 
to 1624 or later of Halton Farm in the manor of 
Burwash {fi). In 1621 Peter Byne was deforciant in a 

(a) The license at Lewes for the marriage at Ticehurst, where it does 
not appear to be recorded, is dated 5 May, 161 2. 

(/3) Rent rolls of the manor. Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 33142, 
fol. 207. 

96 The Byne Fa7?iily of Sussex. 

fine levied by John Humphrey of land in Ticehurst (a). 
Described as of Burwash, he was, 29 January, 162^, 
cited in the Archdeaconry Court "for his absence from 
Church," and 12 February, 1622, on not appearing he 
was excommunicated (/3). He was buried at Burwash, 
30 March, 1630, and apparently had no issue. 

Joseph Byne, the eighth child of Thomas Byne (m), 
was a customary tenant of the manor of Burwash at 
divers dates ranging from 22 September, 1624, to Sept- 
ember, i63o('^). He was buried at Burwash 26 January, 
163I, and apparently never married. 

John Byne (aa) [antL\ page 76] was also in all prob- 
ability a brother or near relation of William Byne (aa) 
of Burwash, who was buried there 28 August, 1559. 
By lease dated 19 November, 1537, Thomas [Taylor] 
then Abbot of Robertsbridge, demised Witteres tene- 
ment in Burwash to William Byne for twenty-one 
years from Lady Day, 1539, at the yearly rent of 
23^-. 4^. {^). William Byne (aa) was assessed on^jTio 
in goods at 10 shillings to the Lay Subsidy levied 1549 
and 1 55 J in the Hundred of Hawksborough, which 
includes Burwash, and also in the Borough of Possing- 
worth (e). William Byne (aa) bought land in Burwash of 

(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Easter, 19 Jac. i. 
{P) Ad Books, ex officio^ 161 9-1622. 
(7) Brit. Mus. Add. MSS., 33176, fol. 68-81. 

{^) Letters and Papers For. and Dom. H. 8, vol. xiv, Pt. i, p. 423. 
(e) Lay Subsidy Roll, 3 E. 6, Suss, Rape of Hastings, 190233, 
190,239, and 190/247. 

T^he Byne Family of Sussex, 97 

J. Segar in 1550(a). He by his will dated 16 April, 
1557, directed that there should be bestowed at his 
burying in bread and drink for the sustentation of the 
poor loj-., and at his month's mind ts. 8^., and after 
bequeathing to his daughter, Margery, ^5, proceeded 
thus : " Item. To Edwarde my sonne a table a settell 
my worste cubbord a greate spytt al my sydar vessells 
and my twoe greteste chestys. Item. To Symon my 
Sonne ^^15 to be payed to the sayd Symon at 21. Item. 
To Jone my Wyff 30j-. my beste kyne a foure yere olde 
mayre a hogge and all my howsehold stufFe. Item. 
The reste of my godes shal bee equallye shyfte betwene 
my thre chyldren viz. Anthonye Simon and Edwarde. 
Item. Richard Barham and Jone my Wyff to be 
executors and John Byne " (probably John Byne aa) 
" to be my ouerseere. And concernynge my Landys. 
Fyrst. Edwarde my sonne shal have and enjoye all my 
coopeholde lande. Item. To Anthonye my sonne a 
p'cell of lande called Upper CrofFt and another called 
Colth. Item. To Edwarde my sonne a p'cell of lande 
called Moyses uppon condicioun that hee paye the 
aboove leggaci." This will was proved in the Arch- 
deaconry Court of Lewes, 24 April, 1560 (Book A. 4, 
fol. 428). Joan Byne, the widow of William Byne (aa), 
was buried at Burwash 31 July, 1575. By her will 
dated 20 May, 1567, in which she is described as of 
the parish of Burgehurst [Burwash] she disposed as 
follows: "Item. I bequeth to Anthoney my sonne one 
kowe twoo platteres twoo peutar dysshes one payre of 
(a) f>et of Fines, Suss., Mich. 4 E. 6. 

98 Tlie Bj?ie Family of Sussex. 

shetes and twoo candellstyckes. Item. I give to Simon 
my Sonne one kowe twoo platteres twoo peutar dysshes 
twoo candillstyckes and one couerlett of the midel sorte. 
Item. I bequethe to Margerye my doughter a payre of 
shetes one plattere and one peutar dysshe. Item. I 
bequethe to Jane Foster my doughtere one payre of 
shetes one platter and one peutar dysshe. Also I wyl 
that Symon my sonne shal have one bullok of the age 
of twoo yeres twoo payre of shetes one cheste w*^ the 
lock and keye and 40/. Item. I wyl that the chyldren 
of Goddard Russell and Margarey my doughter shal have 
eche of them 3J-. \d. Item. I wyl the chyldren of 
Henry Foster and Jane my doughtere shal have eche of 
them 3/. 4^. The resydew I gyve and bequeth to 
Edwarde my sonne whom I make sole executor and 
hee is to gyve to the Poore att my burryall loj-. for my 
sowles helthe." The witnesses to this will, which was 
proved 15 September, 1575, in the Archdeaconry Court 
of Lewes (Book A. 6, fol. 337), a caveat having been 
first lodged, 8 August, 1575, at the instance of Henry 
Foster (B. i — 32), were John Oxenbridge, Richard 
Barham, and John Batchelor. 

The children of William Byne (aa) were therefere 
(i) Edward Byne (aa); (2) Anthony Byne; (3) Symon 
Byne(c); (4) Margaret, who, 6 September, 1651, was 
married at Burwash to Goddard (in the register styled 
Godfredus) Russell, who was of Salehurst; and (5) Jane, 
married to Henry Foster. 

Edward Byne (aa) was of Burwash, yeoman, and 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 99 

married with Agnes, only child of Magnus Fowle of 
Mayfield, co. Suss., by Alice (Lucke) his wife (a). He 
was both a freehold and copyhold tenant of the manor 
of Bivelham, in Mayfield, and he was on the homage at 
the Court holden 19 April, 1582. It appears from the 
roll of the Court holden 30 September, 1585, that his 

(a) Magnus Fowle by his will dated 30 July, 1595, gave the residue 
of his goods to Agnes Byne, his daughter, and Magnus Byne, his god- 
son, whom he made his executors, and devised the lands which he had 
purchased in Ringmer and Mayfield to his "son in law" Edward Byne, 
for 5 years with an ultimate remainder to Magnus Byne in fee, and he 
devised all his other lands and tenements to his daughter Agnes Byne 
for life, and after her decease to Magnus Byne and his heirs, with an 
executory devise over of his lands in Ringmer and Glynde in favour of 
the poor of Ringmer, Lewes, Southover, and Rotherfield, in case his 
son-in-law or daughter, or Magnus Byne should allow Arthur Lang- 
worthe to acquire any interest therein. This will was proved by Agnes 
Byne 23 September, 1596, in the Peculiar Court of South Mailing (B. 
11), and in P.C.C. 32 Drake. Arthur Langworth, whose pedigree is 
given in "Some pedigrees from the Visitation of Kent," p. 9, died in 1605 
seised of Broyle Place and lands in Ringmer (Horsfield's Lewes, vol. ii, 
p. 189). Magnus Fowle married with Alice, daughter of Richard Lucke 
of Mayfield (Fowle v. Holden, Chanc. Proc, Series ii, Bundle 62, No. 
58), and he is described as of Mayfield, yeoman, when a surety to Ad- 
ministration bonds dated 29 April, 1560 (Lewes Book, A. 4, fol. 337). 
Richard Lucke died 3 May, 1593, ^^^ ^'^ \'^<\. p. m. was taken 39 Eliz. 
Magnus Fowle was the only son of Gabriel Fowle of Southover, who by 
his will dated 27 January, I55f, and proved at Lewes by Magnus Fowle, 
17 August, 1559 (Book A. 3, fol. 170), from which it appears that he 
was master of the Free Grammar School there, devised his properties in 
Ringmer and Glynde to Magnus Fowle. On 20 July, 1551, Gabriel 
Fowle was described as of Burwash (A<Sl Books, ex officio, 1 550-1 557), 
and in these books it appears that he often acSted as a prodlor in that 
court. He was son of Nicholas Fowle by Joan (Vince), and brother of 
William Fowle, of Riverhall, with whom the pedigree in Berry's Suss. 
Gen. commences, and of Bartholomew, the last prior of St. Saviour's, 
Southwark (Harl. MSS., 1562, fol. Sg'' and 90). 


loo Tlie By?ie Family of Sussex, 

freeholds were called Bronserdshill, and from a rental of 
the manor dated 12 April, 1595, that he paid a rent of 
jd. for his copyholds. He was one of the churchwardens 
of Burwash in 1592 (a). He was proceeded against in 
February, 1593, for not paying his tax for the repair of 
the church there, but on 14 March, 159I, it was proved 
to the Court that he had paid the tax into the hands of 
Mr. Robert Porter, minister there, and the cause was 
dismissed (jG). He was also a freehold tenant of the 
manor of Hammerden, and was fined for non-attendance 
at the Courts holden 8 October, 161 1, 17 April, and 
7 October, 161 2, before and after which dates the rolls 
are missing for some years. It is shown by a map of 
this manor, dated in 16 14, that this freehold property 
was situate at or near Stonegate Cross in Ticehurst. In 
1588 he suffered a common recovery of 10 acres of 
land and 10 acres of pasture in Waldron and Heath- 
field, on the demand of Magnus Fowle; [y) and later in 
the same year he was deforciant, in a fine levied of land 
in Waldron in which Magnus Fowle was plaintiff ((5^). 
He was deforciant in a fine levied in Easter, 16 12, of 
land in Burwash, in which William Hamman was 
plaintiff (g), and was deforciant in a fine in Michaelmas, 
161 3, levied of land in Hailsham,)by Stephen Sommer. 
He was plaintiff in a fine levied in 1608, in which 
Thomas Saxpie was deforciant, of land in Ringmer (^). 

(a) Ad Books, ex officio^ 159^-^593) fol' 9^'')' 

(/3) Ibid., 1591-1593- 

(7) Recovery Roll, No. 21. Easter, 30 Eli/-., m. 21*^, Sussex. 

(J) Feet of Fines, Suss., Triii,, 30 Eliz. 

(e) Ibid., Easter, 10 Jac. i. {() Ibid., Trin., 6 Jac. i. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, loi 

By an indenture dated i6 February, i6of, and made 
between William Fagg of Mersham, in Kent, gent., 
of the one part, and Edward Byne (aa) of the other 
part, and by virtue of a fine levied in order to bind 
Elizabeth, the wife of William Fagg (a), in considera- 
tion of ;^42 5, a property in Catsfield, called Heards- 
beake, adjoining the churchyard there, and containing 
by estimation 80 acres and lands called Somerleas 
there, and a croft of land there called Beake, containing 
2 acres, were assured to Edward Byne (aa) in fee 
simple. By a deed poll under the hands and seals of 
Dame Ellen Pelham, widow of Sir Edmund Pelham, 
Henry Darrell and Thomas Tyndall, in consideration of 
^50, land called Twiserlye, containing 10 acres, and 
abutting on Somerleas, was conveyed to Edward Byne 
(aa) and Edward Byne the younger, " third son of 
Edward Byne " (aa), their heirs and assigns, for ever ; 
and the grantors thereby appointed Walter Saxpes of 
Battell, gent., and Magnus Byne of Framfield, gent., 
their attornies, to take and deliver seisin to the grantees. 
Edward Byne (aa) made his will dated 1 1 December, 
161 1, to the following effect. " I commende my sowle 
to God. I gyve to the Poore of Burwash loj-. to be 
payd on the day of my buriall. Item. I bequethe to 
Symon Byne (c) my brother loj-. Item. I bequethe 
unto my sonne John my best cubbord standynge in the 
hall the iron plates standing in the hall chymney and 
in the kitchen chymney the furnase in the backhouse 
my beste joyned cheste standinge in the middel 
(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Hil., 6 Jac. i. 

102 The By 726 Fa??ii/y of Sussex, 

chambere one fetherbedd one boalster two plllowes two 
pillowe cotes one coueringe one blankett fower payer 
of shetes of indifferente sorte two peuter platteres one 
peiiter dysh a latten candelstyck the longe table in 
the hall w'^' the frame whereon yt lyeth and my beste 
longe forme. Item. I bequethe to my sonne William 
one bedsteddle or 20s. in monye one fetherbedd one 
boulster two pillowes two pillow cotes one coueringe 
one blanckett fower payer of shetes of indiferent sorte 
two peuter platteres and one peuter dishe. Item. I 
bequethe to my sonne Edwarde my joyned bedsteddle 
standinge in my howse at Chatfield [Catsfield] w^^' all 
other moveable goodes of mine there one fetherbedd &c. 
Item. I give unto my sonne Stephen one joyned bed- 
steddle or 20J-. in monye &c. Item. I bequeth unto 
Magnus Byne my sonne ^20. Item. I bequeth unto 
John Byne sonne of the saide Magnus ^5 and I give to 
Agnes Byne daughter of Magnus £^. Whereas my 
sonne Edwarde Byne standeth bounde unto mee in one 
obligacion of the some of jC^oo w^'' condicion there 
under written for the full payement of ^100 out of thys 
some I bequeth to my son William J^^o to be payd by 
my Sonne Edward within one yere nexte after my decese. 
All w^^ goodes and household stuffe so by mee bequethed 
unto my sonnes my meaning is that Agnes my Wiffe 
shall have enjoye and use duering her lyfe and after her 
decese to come and remayne unto them accordynge as 
the same ys befoore given. Item. To my sonne William 
^^50. Item. To my godsonnes Edward Byne Edwarde 
Cruttoll and Thomas Byne 3^. 4J. each. All the 

T'he Byne Family of Sussex, 103 

resydue of my goodes and chattells I give to Agnes my 
WifFe whom I make sole executrix. I do apoynt my 
couzen John Byne of Burwash Town (a) and my brother 
Symon Byne (c) to be my trustye supervisors and over- 
seeres and I give them 3J-. 4^." The witnesses to this 
will were John Byne and David Foster. Edward Byne 
(aa) was buried at Burwash 4 January, 161-f-, and his 
will was proved 29 March, 1614, by Agnes his relict, 
in the Archdeaconry Court of Lewes (Book A. 14, 
fol. 191). By her will, dated 27 April, 1625, in which 
she is described as of Burwash, widow, Agnes Byne dis- 
posed as follows : " Item. To the poore people of the 
p'ishe of Burwashe 20j-. to be distrybuted upon the daye 
of my buriall. Item. To Rose Burner my goddaughter 
the wife of William Bourner a flock bedd a flock boulster 
a coverlett and a blanckett of the meaner sorte. Item. 
To Rebecca Freeman my goddaughter 2s. to Agnes 
Merion is. and to Thomas Mitton my godsonne 2/. 
To Ann Crotonden my servant 3/. \d. Item. To John 
Byne sonne of my sonne Magnus Byne loj-. Item. To 
my goddaughter Agnes daughter of my saide sonne 
Magnus ioj. Item. To my sonne William Byne ^^o 
alsoe two paires of shetes and one paire of pillow coates 
of an indiferent sorte and my lesser iron pott. Whereas 
I have in my lyfe tym given unto my sonne Edwarde 
Byne ^^40 wich I meant for his portion I do further 
give him ^10 and my great iron pott called Marmore (jG) 

(a) Probably the John Byne mentioned in Appendix C. 
(/3) Apparently a family colloquialism or nickname for the particular 
pot used for making preserves of fruit, and derived from the Kentish 

104 '^^^^ By?ie Family of Sussex, 

my other great iron pott and a great brasse kettle a paire 
of iron handirons a little frame table with the frame and 
forme belonginge to the same a great chayne a painted 
cheste standing in the middel chambere and thre paires 
of shetes and two paires of pillow coates of indiferent 
sorte. Item. To Elizabeth daughter of my sonne 
Stephen Byne a peece of \2s. in gould and two littel 
plaine chestes. Item. My Will is and I doe order 
that all my pewter vessells shalbe equallie shifted and 
devided betwene all my fower sonnes Magnus William 
Edward and Stephen Byne in fower equall partes." 
Agnes Byne was buried at Burwash 15 June, 1626, and 
her will was proved in that year in P.C.C. (i 12 Hele). 
Edward Byne (aa) had issue (i) Magnus Byne [a) ; 
(2) William Byne (b b) ; (3 ) Edward Byne (b b) ; (4) 
Stephen Byne (a); (5) John Byne (bb); (6) an unbaptized 
daughter who was buried at Burwash, 1 4 August, 1590; 
and (7) "James Byne, baptized there 9 December, 1593, 
and buried there 20 December, 1594. 

Anthony Byne was of Battle, co. Suss. By 
his will dated 2 July, 1590, after bequeathing 
20/. to the poor of Battle and 6/. 8^. to the 
poor of Burwash, he continued: "Item. To 
Elizabeth Foster my servaunt 6^. 8^. Item. To 
Thomas the son of Goddard Russell 6s. Sd. 
Item. To the chyldren nowe ly vynge of Edward 
Byne (aa) tenn shillings equallie to bee devided 

marm^ meaning jelly (Halliwell's Di6t., 7th ed., p. 542), and connecfted 
with marmalade (see Skeat's Etym. Di(Sl., p. 354). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 105 

amongste them. Item. I wyl to Edward Byne 
(cc) my Sonne ^50 to bee payd att hys age of 
one and twentie yeres and yf he fortune to de- 
cese befoor his age of one and twentie yeres then 
I bequethe to everye of the chyldren of Edwarde 
Byne (aa) my brother Symon Byne (c) my 
brothere and Johane the nowe wief of Henry 
Foster and Margarey the nowe wief of Goddard 
Russell IOJ-. to bee payde w*'^ in one yere after 
the decese of my sonne. All the reste of my 
godes my detts beyng payd my funerall exe- 
cuted and my leggacyes dyscharged I gyve and 
bequethe unto Johane my Wief whom I make 
my sole execut''. I ordeyne as myn ouerseeres 
my brother Edwarde Byne (aa) and my cosen 
Gregory Relfe (a) and I gyve to eyther of them 
6s. Sd. a peece for theyre paynes. The laste 
Wyll of mee concernyng all my Landes at 
Burwash I gyve them unto Johana my Wief 
and afterwarde to remeyne to Edwarde my 
Sonne and hys heyres for ever." The witnesses 
to this will were John Byne, Daniel Kent, and 
Henry Cropper, and it was proved 22 August, 
1 59 1, by Joan, the Testator's relict in P.C.C. 
(58 Drury). 

Symon Byne (c), married at Burwash 25 
06tober, 1574, with Elinor Pudland, daughter 

(a) For Gregory Relfe see Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 282, and 18 Suss. 
Arch. Coll., p. 14. 

io6 The By7ie Family of Sussex, 

of Richard Pudland (a) and who was buried 
there 22 July, 1608. He was churchwarden of 
Burwash in i6o2(iG). Symon Byne (c) by his 
will dated 14 March, 161^, in which he is 
described as of Burwash, gave to Thomas his 
second son " a presse standynge in the parlor 
chambere alsoe a flocke bedd w^^ the boulster 
couerlett blanckett and twoe payre of shetes and 
one payre of the beste sorte three peutar plat- 
teres and three peutar dyshes my iron pott of 
the middel assize alsoe ^f 40 of money but uppon 
condicion that he doe paye to my sonne William 
Byne 40J. yerelie for the keping of my daughter 
Joane. Item. I bequethe unto John Byne my 
younger sonne my cubbord standynge in the hall 
and the fetherbedd wheruppon I now lye &c. 
alsoe jC4o but uppon condicion that he doe paye 
to my Sonne William 40J". yerelie towardes the 
mayntenance of my daughtere Joane. The resy- 
due of all my goodes to my eldeste sonne William 
whome I make executour providedd allwayes 
and my wyll is that my sonne William ymedi- 
atlye after my decese shall have the gouvern- 
mente mayntenance custodye and guidance of 
my sayde daughter Joane dureinge her lyfe and 
to fynd allowe and provyde unto her necessarye 
meate drynke apparell washyng lodgynge and 
all other things whatsoever meete and neces- 

(a) See ante^ p. 8 1 note (/3). 

(/?) Ad Books, ex officio^ 1 600-1 605. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 107 

sarye for her bodye yerelye and att all tymes 
duryng her lyfe. I doe nominate my welbeloved 
kinsmen and frendes Stephen Byne (a) of May- 
field yeoman and David Foster of Burwash 
smythe to be my trustye and faythfull overseeres 
and for theyr paynes I give them 2J-. eche." 
The witnesses to this will were Magnus Byne 
(a), who wrote it, and William Byne. Symon 
Byne (c) was buried at Burwash 15 November, 
1 6 1 6, and his will was proved 9 December, 1 6 1 6, 
by his son William Byne in the Archdeaconry 
Court of Lewes (Book A. 15, fol. 192). 

The issue of Symon Byne (c) were (i) Edward 
Byne, baptized at Burwash 24 May, 1584, and 
buried there 13 June, 1584; (2) William Byne 
(cc), baptized there 8 January, 158I-; {'^) John 
Byne, baptized there 9 February, I58f, and 
buried there 22 April, 1590; (4) Thomas Byne, 
baptized there 12 April, 1590; (5) Joan, who 
was apparently non compos mentis, and was buried 
at Burwash 23 November, 1625; and (6) John 
Byne (cc). 

Descendants of Edward Byne (aa). Ante, page 104 

I. Magnus Byne (a) was baptized at Burwash, 4 Nov- 
ember, 1576. The Court rolls of the manor of Ham- 
merden shew that on 24 August, 1602, Cortelands in 
Ticehurst were mortgaged by John Humfrey to Magnus 
Byne (a) to secure ^54 los. made payable at the house 

io8 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

of " Edward Byne the father of Magnus in Burwash.' 
On 22 June, 1604, a license was granted at Lewes in 
which he is described as of Burwash, gent,, for his 
marriage with Elizabeth Polhill of Burwash, spinster (a). 
Under the date 22 June, 1606, is an entry in the Bur- 
wash registers that " Elizabeth Bine daughter of Magnis 
Bine " was " maried " which clearly means buried. 
Elizabeth Bine, who was the wife of Magnus, was 
buried at Burwash, 28 July, 1607. Magnus Byne (a) 
was admitted 21 July, 1606, to Croxted and other 
extensive copyholds of the manor of Framfield in the 
parishes of Framfield and Little Horsted. In 1 607 he was 
plaintiff and Edward Byne (aa) his father was deforciant 
in a fine levied as to lands in Ringmer(/3). He married, 
secondly, 23 August, 1608, at Kingston Bowsey, co. 
Suss, (in the license at Lewes, for which marriage, 
dated 20 August, 1608, he is described as of Framfield, 
gent.), with Bathshua, daughter of Morgan Newington, 
of Kingston Bowsey, by Elizabeth (Stephens) his wife(y). 
In 161 1 Magnus Byne, gent., was churchwarden of 
Framfield. His second wife was buried there 22 July, 

{a) One of the sureties was Hamond Hardiman of Cliff, near Lewes, 
glover, who was buried in the " quicr " of All Saints, Lewes, in 1617. 

(/3) Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich., 5 Jac. i. 

(7) Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 158, Morgan Newington by his will dated 
19 May, 1 610, and proved in P.C.C. (82 Wingfield) l September. 
1610, and at Lewes, 21 September, 161 0, by his widow Elizabeth 
(Book A. 28, fol. 39), gave to his "daughter Bathshua Bine" 3;. \d.\ 
and Elizabeth Newington his widow, by her will, dated 27 April, 1621, 
and proved by her son Samuel in P.C.C. (44 Savile) 17 May, 1622, and 
at Lewes (Book A. 28, fol. 105), bequeatlicd "to the four children of 
Magnus Byne my sonnc in law io.(. each." 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 109 

1620. He married thirdly, 17 June, 1628, at Framfield, 
with Elizabeth Manser, widow of Abraham Manser, 
and daughter of John Byne (a). There is on the Close 
Rolls a record of a bond entered into by Hamond Hardi- 
man (/S) of Cliffe, near Lewes, glover, Thomas Carew 
of Lewes, gent., Magnus Byne of Framfield, gent., and 
others, on 12 May, 7 Jac. i, whereby they became 
bound to the Lord Chancellor in ^Cs^^? subje6l to a 
condition for avoiding it if certain monies ordered by 
the Court of Chancery to be paid on 15 November 
then last past were duly paid, provided such order were 
not reversed {y). Magnus Byne (a) was the Magnus 
Byne living in Pevensey Rape, which comprises Fram- 
field, who compounded his fine for not taking up knight- 
hood ((5^) on the occasion of the coronation of Car. i 
(1629). In 1629 Magnus Byne (a) purchased land in 
Mayfield from W. Galle (s). In 1642 a fine relating to 
lands in Battle and Ticehurst was levied in which Joseph 
Newington, gent., and Judith Philcox, widow, were 
plaintifi^s, and Magnus Byne, gent., and Elizabeth his 
wife, and John Craddock and Mary his wife, were 

(a) See Appendix C. 

(/3) Hamond Hardiman, a legatee named in the will of Magnus 
Fowle the maternal grandfather of Magnus Byne (a), is therein called 
" my cozen," or nephew. Magnus Fowle's only sister Agnes was de- 
scribed in the will of her father Gabriel Fowle as the wife of John 

(y) Close Rolls, 2017. 

(5) 16 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 47. For a dissertation on obligatory 
knighthood see Coll. for Hist, of Staffs. (Wm. Salt, Arch. Soc), vol. ii, 
pt. ii, pp. 4 et seq. 

(e) Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich., 4 Car. i. 

no 'The Byne Fa7?iily of Sussex » 

deforciants (a). Magnus Byne (a) by his will dated 
7 May, 1647, wherein he is described as of Framfield, 
gent., gave pecuniary legacies to the poor of Framfield, 
Burwash and Chiddingly, and, after forgiving his son 
Magnus Byne (b), all debts owing to him, bequeathed 
to Mary, wife of his said son one piece of gold of 
twenty shillings, and to Magnus Byne (c) the son of 
his said son one piece of gold called a Portigue, to 
Mr. John Sawfford, minister of the parish of Framfield, 
los. (jG), to Elizabeth Byne the daughter of Thomas 
Byne his son loj*. and two silver spoons, and to Thomas 
Byne the son of Magnus Byne (b) two silver spoons, 
and then gave the residue of his goods to his son 
Thomas Byne, whom he made sole Executor, And he 
devised his freehold lands and tenements in the parishes 
of Ringmer and Glynde unto Thomas Byne his youngest 
son his heirs and assigns, and constituted his brother 
Stephen Byne (a), and the latter's son Magnus Byne 
(e), overseers of his will, which was attested by John 
Peckham, William Peckham, and John Squire. Magnus 
Byne (a) was buried at Framfield, 13 May, 1647, and 
his will was proved by his son Thomas Byne, 3 Febru- 
ary, 164I- in P.C.C. (32 Essex). The children of Magnus 
Byne (a) were (i) 'John Byne (ee); (2) Agnes who was 
married about December, 1639, to John Bennett of 
Lewes iy) ; (3) Magnus Byne (b) and (4) Thomas Byne. 

(a) Note of Fine, Suss., Mich., 18 Car. i. 

(/3) John SafFord was intruded to the vicarage of Framfield, 4 Janu- 
ary, 1644 (26 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 44). 

(•y) The license from the South Mailing Deanery Court is dated 
2 December, 1639. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 1 1 1 

In the parliamentary survey of the Broyle in Ringmer, 
dated i February, 1649, the Broyle is described as 
bounded from King's Gate to Moore Gate by lands 
of . . . Bine and Herbert Springate, esq. : {a). These lands 
of . . . Bine were evidently part of those devised by the 
will of Magnus Byne (a) to his son Thomas Byne, who 
appears to have conveyed them about 1651 to his neigh- 
bour Herbert Springatt, as in Easter Term of that year 
the latter levied a fine with regard to them against 
Thomas Byne "senior" as deforciant (jG). At a Court 
for the manor of Laughton holden 5 April, 1654, it 
was presented that Thomas Byne had on the preceding 
10 January surrendered a messuage barn and 50 acres 
of land in East Hoathly called Cockshotts, otherwise 
Paeons, to the use of William Smith, for which Thomas 
Byne paid a heriot by composition of 40j-. Thomas 
Byne had been admitted to this property on 8 August, 
1650. This Thomas Byne appears to be the Thomas 
Byne, buried at Burwash, 5 August, 1667, who had 
issue (i) Elizabeth Byne; (2) Thomas Byne baptized 
at Burwash, 21 March, 164I-, and buried there 8 April, 
1659; and (3) William Byne baptized there 16 May, 
1652, and buried there 15 February 165-I. 

Magnus Byne (b), married 9 May, 1637, at Fram- 
field, with Mary Durrant, spinster (7^), and died before 

(a) Bridge's Topographer, vol. iv, p. 285. Horsfield's Lewes, vol. ii, 

P- 193- 

(/3) Feet of Fines, Sussex, Easter, 1651. 

(7) The license in the South Mailing Deanery licenses is dated 

5 May, 1637, the sureties being Magnus Byne (b), and his father called 

Magnus Byne senior of Framfield. 

I r 2 The By7ie Fa7?iily of Sussex. 

October, 1663, seised, as his father had been, of con- 
siderable copyhold estates of the manor of Framfield. 
He had issue (i) Magnus Byne {q)\ (2) Thomas Byne, 
who was buried at Framfield 21 November, 1670; 

(3) Elizabeth, who was buried there i July, 1730; 

(4) William Byne, who was buried there 26 September, 
1679 ; (5) Jo/in Byne, baptized there i February, 1651 ; 
and (6) John Byne, baptized there 16 November, 1656, 
both of whom died infants. His widow, Mary Byne, 
by her will dated 3 September, 1680, wherein she is 
described as of Framfield, gave to her son, Magnus 
Byne (c), a loj". piece of gold and a great iron spit, 
and to her grandson, Magnus Byne (d), two silver 
spoons, and to each of her granddaughters, Agnes Byne 
and Sarah Byne, one silver spoon, and she bequeathed 
to her daughter, Elizabeth Byne, all the rest of her 
goods and chattels, and appointed her daughter, Eliza- 
beth Byne, executrix, and her brother, John Durrant, 
of Hellingly, and her cousin, Richard Durrant, of Fram- 
field (a) to be overseers. Mary Byne, the widow, was 
buried at Uckfield, co. Suss., 16 April, 1697, and her 
will (12) was proved 18 May, 1697, by the daughter, 
Elizabeth Byne, in the Peculiar Court of South Mailing 
(Reg. 3, fol. 57). The death of Mary Byne, as being 
the widow of Magnus Byne (b), was presented at a court 
for the manor of Framfield, holden 22 December, 

(a) "Mr. Richard Durrant" was buried at Framfield, 24 May, 

(p) Her will is indexed as that of Mary Byne of Uckfield. 

The By ne Family of Sussex. 113 

Magnus Byne (c) w^s of Framfield, gentleman, and 
married at East Hoathly, co. Suss., i December, 1674 
(the license at Lewes being dated 28 November, 1674), 
with Constance Osbaldiston, of Framfield, widow of 
John Osbaldiston, gent., a recusant, who was buried 
at Alciston 17 May, 1669, and daughter of Robert 
Rochester (a) by Mary (Fisher) his wife. On 9 August, 
1676, Magnus Byne(c) surrendered the copyhold estates 
in the manor of Framfield, " late of Magnus Byne (b) 
his father and formerly of Magnus Byne (a) his grand- 
father " (to which Magnus Byne (c) had been admitted 
7 October, 1663), to the use of himself for life, with 
remainder to the use of Constance, his wife, for her life, 
with remainder to the use of the heirs of their bodies. 
Magnus Byne, gent, (c), was buried at Framfield, 8 Nov- 
ember, 1680, and early in i68|- letters of administration 
of his effedts were granted out of the Peculiar Court of 
South Mailing to his widow, Constance Byne (Book C. 2, 
last page). He had issue (i) Magnus Byne (d) ; (2) Agnes, 
who was married to Samuel Shadwell of Southwark; 
(3) Sarah, who was married at Ringmer i September, 
1702, to George Coleman of Crowhurst (/3), where she 

(a) Robert Rochester of Selmeston, co. Suss, gent., (buried there 
6 September, 1689), by his will dated 15 May, 1688, and proved at 
Lewes 9 April, 1690 (Book A. 40, fol. 2), after mentioning his 
daughter the wife of . . . Wood, gave £5 to each of her children, 
viz., Richard and Ann Osbaldiston, Magnus, Agnes, Sarah, and John 
Byne, and Joseph and Robert Wood, on attaining 21. His wife Mary 
Rochester was buried at Selmeston, 6 January, 168^. 

(/3) The license in the South Mailing Deanery licenses is dated 
31 August, 1702, Sarah Byne being described as of Framfield. She had 
a child, Constance Coleman, baptized at Crowhurst 28 August, 1703. 

114 ^/^^ Byne Fajuily of Sussex, 

was buried 12 January, 170J ; and (4) Jo/m Byne, who 
was baptized at Framfield 22 September, 1680, and 
died an infant. There is a license dated 17 May, 1683, 
in the South Mailing Deanery licenses, for the marriage 
of John Wood and Constance Byne of Framfield, widow, 
but the entry of such marriage has not been found (a). 

Magnus Byne (d) was baptized at Framfield 22 Sept- 
ember, 1675. He was admitted 15 December, 1680, to 
the copyhold estates which had been his father's and 
grandfather's, and 19 December, 1694, 22 December, 
1697, and I March, 1705- to others also in the manor of 
Framfield, and he mortgaged these properties by 
numerous conditional surrenders. On 20 June, 1704, 
Stephen Walton, of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, 
CO. Surr., filed a bill in Chancery against him to enforce 
his liability as a surety for one Charles Bennet (/S). 
Magnus Byne (d) appears from his nuncupative will 
made 15 and 16 November, 171 o, to have been taken 
" suddenly ill upon a journey at the house of one Henry 
Apps in Lewes," and such will, by which he left *' all 
that I have to my sister Agnes Shadwell," was proved 
by her 22 December, 1710, in P.C.C. (262 Smyth). 
He was buried 16 November, 17 10, at St. John's sub 
castro, Lewes. On 7 March, 171", presentments were 

(a) Robert, son of John Wood of Iwood, and Constance his wife, 
was baptized at Warbleton, 6 March, 168^, and their son Joseph was 
baptized at Selmeston 20 April, 1686. John Wood, described as of 
Framfield, was buried at Warbleton i April, 1699. 

(/?) Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Bridges, before 17 14, Bundle 307. His 
great aunt Agnes had been married to John Bennett {ante^ p. no). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 115 

made at a court holden for the manor of Fram- 
field to the effe6l that Agnes, the wife of Samuel 
Shadwell, was the only, that is, the only surviving, 
daughter of Magnus Byne (c) and Constance, his wife, 
and was the heiress as well of Magnus Byne (d), as of 
Magnus Byne (c) and Constance, his wife, and she 
was then admitted to the copyholds accordingly. On 
9 06lober, 171 1, Samuel Shadwell and Agnes, his wife, 
surrendered all these copyholds described as in the 
parishes of Framfield and Horsted Parva to the use of 
the Honourable Thomas Pelham. 

II. William Byne (bb), who was baptized at Bur- 
wash 28 October, 1579, died a bachelor, and was buried 
at Burwash 28 August, 1628. By his will, dated 4 April, 
1628, he thus disposed, "To the poor of Burwash 20/. 
Item. To John (ee) the eldeste sonne of my brother 
Magnus Byne (a) one angell in gould half a spurrohall 
[spur-royal] in gould and one broken gould ringe. 
Item. To Magnus (b) sonne of my brother Magnus 
Byne (a) one angell in gould and my great joyned cheste 
standing in my bedd chambere, and my best cloke and 
beste hatte, and my wearing linnen, and the hoode to 
my cloke. Item. To Dorothy Byne my goddaughtere, 
daughtere of my brother Edward (bb) three peeces of 
pewtar viz: a broad brimmed plattere, a narrow 
brimmed plattere, and a fruit dishe, and £^. Item. 
To Mary and Elizabeth Byne, daughteres of my brother 
Edward (bb), ioj-. a peice. Item. To Magnus Byne (e) 
sonne of my brother Stephen Byne (a) my box at 

ii6 The By?ie Fa7nily of Sussex. 

Burwash Towne, one angell in gould and my peece of 
silver of 51. called George on Horseback (a). Item. To 
John (ff) Sonne of my brother Stephen Byne my Byble, 
my boorded cheste, and an angell in gould. Item. To 
Elizabeth Byne daughtere of my brother Stephen one 
iron Pott, and halfe my pewtar not already bequethed, 
and halfe my linnen ; and the other halfe of my linnen 
and pewtar I give to Agnes daughtere of my brother 
Magnus. Item. I give unto John sonne of my brother 
Stephen Byne my Byble my joyned bedd stedle etc. 
Item. To William Childe my godsonne 3J-. \d. Item. 
To David Foster sonne of David Foster my godsonne 
5J-. Item. To Elizabeth Relf my goddaughtere, 
daughtere to Thomas Relf, 5^. Item. To Thomas 
Relf my cloke unlyned. The resydue of all my goodes 
I bequethe to my brothers Magnus and Stephen Byne, 
whom I make my executors; And as touching the dis- 
position of my landes and tenementes in Waldron, 
Burwash, and Ticehurst; Imprimis I give and devise to 
Edward Byne my brother all my landes and tenementes 
called Wellands in Waldron for lyfe, and after his 
decese I give the remaynder to Magnus sonne of my 
brother Magnus. Item. To John sonne of my brother 
Stephen Byne all that my parcell of miedow lande called 
Hering's Meade in Burwash. And as touching my 
lande at Ticehurst I leave the same to descende and 
come unto my eldeste brother Magnus and to his 

(at) " A George on horseback of wood," etc., occurs in the Kenil- 
worth Inventory, 1584, printed in the Author's notes to "Kenil- 

The By ne Family of Sussex, 117 

heires, as In right by the coorse of the common lawes 
of this Realme it ought to descende and come after 
my decese. I doe nominate my welbeloved kinsmen 
Henry Cruttenden and David Foster both of Burwash 
to be my trustie supervisors and overseers and to have 
6j. %d. apeece." This will, which was attested by Mark 
Coney and George Hosmere, was proved 20 December, 
1628, by the Testator's brothers, Magnus Byne (a) and 
Stephen Byne (a) at Lewes (Book A. 20, fol. 125). His 
lands in Ticehurst, which he seems to have acquired 
in 1 6 14 from Christopher Warnett (a), were called 
Hedgeings, containing fourteen acres by estimation, and 
were freehold of the manor of Hammerden, at a court 
for which, holden 16 September, 1628, presentment 
was made of his death, and that Magnus Byne (a), 
gent., was his elder brother and next heir. 

HI. Edward Byne (bb), who was baptized at Bur- 
wash 21 May, 1 58 1, was at one time resident at Fram- 
field, for 2 October, 1609, he was described as of 
Framfield, yeoman, when a surety to a marriage bond, 
and 10 February, 161 2, he was also described as of 
Framfield in a bill which he filed in Chancery against 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Markwick of Heathfield, 
yeoman, to recover " one goulde ringe of the value of 
40J-., or thereabouts," which he had entrusted to her as 
an engagement ring (/S). Edward Byne(BB) married at 

(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Easter, 12 Jac. i. 

(/3) The bill is addressed to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere who died in 
1617, and was of the time of Jac. i, but the references to the pleadings 

ii8 The By?ie Family of Sussex, 

Rotherfield 4 May, 1 615, with Dorothy Alchorne. He 
was afterwards of Catsfield, and Thomas Large (a), 
rector there, on 27 June, 1620, entered a proceeding 
against him in the Archdeaconry Court as to tithe, 
which failed on a technical point, and 26 July, 1620, 
commenced a second cause for the same subjedl, for 
which, 21 November, 1620, Edward Bvne (bb) ten- 
dered IOJ-. in discharge (/3). By a deed dated 21 May, 
1624, he mortgaged lands in Catsfield called Barnefield, 
Parsonage Meade, The five acre meadow, the Bram- 
blyfield, the Broomyfield, and the little three-corner 
Brooke to Thomas Dyne, gent., of Battle, for ^65 6/. 8^. 
(Chanc. Inq. p.m., 2nd Series, vol. 688, No. 24). On 1 3 
February, 163-, John Gyles, cler., who claimed to have 
purchased the manor of Doles and Skeynes from Sir 
James Colbrand, exhibited a bill in Chancery against 
Edward Byne (bb), alleging that he held of that manor 
24 acres of land by the yearly rent of 3/. 6d.^ one 
pair of gloves, and suit of Court, to which Edward 
Byne (bb) pleaded that the land in question was held of 
the manors of Netherfield and Potmans Catsfield [y). 

are Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Car. i, Bundle B. 162, No, 59, and B. 166, 
No. 84. See also 38 Suss. Arch, Coll., p. 194. 

(a) Thomas Large, M.A., ordained deacon by Anthony, Bishop of 
Chichester, 12 October, 1 600, and priest by the same, 8 June, 1601, 
was instituted to Catsfield, 26 June, 1606, on the presentation of 
Thomas Alfrey, gent., patron pro hac vice, and induded 8 July, 1606 
(Visitation Books for 20 September, 1606, and 30 September, 1613). 
He was buried at Catsfield 16 April, 1624. 

(/3) Ad: Books, ad instanciam^ 1618-1621. 

(7) Gyles V. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Car. i, Bundle G. 32, 
No. 17. John Gyles, M. A., born in Eastbourne in 1587 (Deposition 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 1 1 9 

Edward Byne (bb), by his will dated 10 December, 
1647, in which he is described as of Catsfield, yeoman, 
his name being spelt Bine, after directing that his body 
should be buried in the churchyard at Catsfield, and 
giving to the poor there 20s. disposed as follows : " To 
my grandchilde Thomas Colvill loj-. Item. Dorothy 
my wife shall have the tuition of my two grandchildren 
untill they shall accomplishe the age of 21 yeeres 
and my will is that Dorothy my wife shall paye £^0 
which I give unto Mary Colvill upon agremente made 
betweene John Carpenter and I when she shall accom- 
plish the age of 2 1 yeares according to the saide agre- 
mente. Item. To Elizabeth Bine my daughtere one 
halfe parte of all that my messuage called Heardsbeake 
in Cattesfield and the halfe parte of one close conteyn- 
inge by estimacion two acres of lande being in Cattes- 
field and abuttinge to the churchyarde And also the 
moitie or halfe parte of all those landes tenementes etc. 
called Somerleas and Twiserlye with the moitie or 
halfe parte of the barne upon the landes called Somerleas 
of late built in Cattesfield conteyning by estimacion in 
the whole four acres and tenn acres. Item. I give and 
bequeathe unto my daughtere Elizabeth one joyned 

Books of the Archdeaconry Court under date i December, 1640, was 
ordained deacon 8 December, 1611, and priest 22 December, 161 1 
(Visitation Book for 1635), instituted to Ninfield 22 December, 161 1, 
on the presentation of John Foster the patron, and indufted 23 Dec- 
ember, 161 1; and in the parliamentary survey made in 1649 he was 
found to hold the manor of Doles and Skeynes in the parish of Pevensey 
(24 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 256). He was buried at Penhurst 8 November, 

120 The By?je Family of Sussex, 

cheste standynge in the Buttrye chambre to be de- 
lyvered att the death of Dorothy my wife. All the reste 
of my goodes I gyve unto Dorothie my wife whom I 
make sole executrix And I do intreate Mr. John James 
of Cattesfield clerke (a) and Stephen Bine (a) my 
brother of Burwash to see this my testamente per- 
formed." One of the witnesses to this will was Stephen 
Byne (a); and it was proved 9 March, 164I, by the 
reli<5l Dorothy Bine (P.C.C. 44 Essex). Edward Byne 
(bb) had issue one son, Fjdward Bine^ baptized at Cats- 
field 18 February, 1 6 1-|, who was buried there 17 April, 
1616; and three daughters, (i) Dorothy, named in the 
will of her uncle William Byne (bb), who died a 
spinster, and was buried at Catsfield 12 September, 
1629; (2) Mary, baptized at Catsfield 7 December, 
1 61 7, and married there twice, ist, 19 April, 1635, to 
Edmund Colvill, who was buried there 2 July, 1637 (jG), 

(a) The contemporary Rector of Catsfield, indu6ted 1624. In his 
will dated 16 September, 1657, and proved in P.C.C. (80 Wootton), 
19 February, 165!^, ^e is described as of Catsfield, minister. 

(/3) His will dated 28 June, 1637, was proved at Lewes, 7 Septem- 
ber, 1637, (Book A. 25, fol. 48), by "Edward Byne my father in law" 
the executor. By it, after leaving 20s. to the poor of Crowhurst and 20s. 
to the poor of Catsfield, Edmund Colvill gave to his son Thomas 5^., 
and to his daughter Mary his freehold land in Westham, and diredled 
that his personal efFedls should be divided between his loving wife Mary 
and his daughter, and mentioned his father Thomas Colvill. It appears 
from a Chancery suit wherein his children Thomas and Mary Colvill 
by Edward Byne their grandfather and next friend were plaintiffs, and 
their stepfather John Carpenter was defendant (B. and A., Mitford, 
before 17 14, Bundle 47, No. 19), that the land in Westham was worth 
/12 per annum, and that Edmund Colvill possessed copyholds of the 
manor of Crowhurst worth ^^40 per annum. At a Court for that manor 

The Byne Faintly of Sussex, 121 

and 2ndly, 17 Odtober, 1639, to the above named John 
Carpenter, the license at Lewes for such latter mar- 
riage being dated 20 September, 1639, and she died 
in or about March, 1644; and (3) Elizabeth, married to 
John Wimshurst. The disposition in his will of one 
moiety only of the specified real estate is attributable to 
the fa6l that by an Indenture dated 19 March, 163^-. 
and made in contemplation of the marriage of his 
daughter Mary, he had conveyed the other moiety of 
such property to William Sheather of Crowhurst, and 
John Delve of Warbleton, yeomen, and their heirs 
To the use of himself for his life, and after his decease 
To the use of Edmund Colvill and Mary his intended 
wife, and of the longest liver of them, with remainder 
to the use of the heirs of Edmund Colvill by Mary 
Byne, and in default to the use of her right heirs for 

Dorothy Bine, the reli6l of Edward Bine (bb) by 
her will dated 10 March, 165!^, wherein she is described 
as of " Chatfield," widow, after a legacy to the poor, 
proceeded : " To Dorothy Wimshurst my grandchilde 
j^5 which saide some was given by my husband Edward 
Bine and also one joyned cheste. Item. To Elizabeth 
Wimshurst my daughter ^5 to be payde unto her when 
my executor shall accomplish his age of 21 yeeres. 
Item. To Richard Wimshurst and Dorothy Wimshurst 
my grandchildren one cubbord and table one bedstedde 
one fether bedde one fether boulstere one table and one 

holden 8 August, 1644, the guardianship of Thomas Colvill, under 14, 
was committed to Edward Byne (bb). 


122 The Byne Fa^nily of Sussex. 

churne wich goodes are now in the house of John 
Wimshurst (a) their father. All the residue of my 
goodes I give to Thomas Colvill my grandchild whom 
I make sole executor." This will was proved 21 August, 
1656, at London, before the Judges for probate of wills, 
by Thomas Colvill (P.C.C. 297, Berkeley). Richard 
Wilmshurst and Thos. Colvill, the grandsons of Edward 
Byne (bb) sold Heardsbeake, Somerleas, and Twyserlye 
to James Markwick, citizen and clockmaker of 

IV. Stephen Byne (a), who was baptized at Burwash 
3 July, 1586, was of Mayfield (jG) and afterwards of 
Burwash,- yeoman. He married 22 January, 161^, at 
Wadhurst, with Mary, daughter of John Maunser of 
Wadhurst, who was a son of Robert Maunser of High- 
town in that parish {y). In the Survey of the manor of 
Framfield taken 27 August, 16 17, he is entered as 
holding the reversion expedtant upon the death of Agnes 
Byne his mother in some copyholds in the parish of 
Buxted. He is the " Steven Bine " of Hawkborough 
Hundred, in which Burwash is situate, who in 1630 
answered to the Commission for examining into the 

(a) John Wimshurst was buried at Catsfield 4 March, i66|^. 

(/3) See ante^ pp. 87 and 107. In the Deposition Books of the Arch- 
deaconry Court he is described on i March, 163^ as of Burwash, 
yeoman, where he had lived 30 years, and as having been born in 

(7) John Manser of Wadhurst, yeoman, by his will dated 26 Decem- 
ber, 1597, ^"*^ proved in the Peculiar Court of South Mailing, 27 April, 
1598 (Bundle B., fol. 39), devised his lands in Burwash in default of 
issue of his son Christopher to the daughter Mary and her heirs. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 123 

cases of persons liable to compound for not taking up 
knighthood on the occasion of the coronation of Car. i 
that he was discharged in the Exchequer (a). At the 
Court for the manor of Sharnden in Mayfield holden 

23 July, 1634, Stephen Byne (a) was on the homage; 
and from the rental book of that manor dated 1635 it 
appears that he then held as freehold by military 
service, namely, the fourth part of a knight's fee, a 
messuage called Burdens, a barn and several parcels of 
land in Mayfield, containing by estimation 80 acres 
then in the occupation of one Wells and lately lands of 
Magnus Fowle, gent., one of which parcels of land was 
called Downescroft and another was called Longfield, 
at a rent of ^s. 6d. There is a note of later date in this 
book that Stephen Byne (a) had alienated this property 
before 1648 to Henry English, and in fact in 1642 he 
was deforciant in a fine levied by Henry English as to 
these lands (/3). In 1635 Stephen Byne (a) was church- 
warden of Burwash, and as such brought in the terrier 
of the glebe 3 May, 1636(7/). He by his will dated 

24 July, 1660, thus disposed : " I give to my daughter 
Mary Byne a tenement called Moyses((5') containing 
14 acres in Burwash provided allwayes that if my son 
Stephen Byne shall pay unto my said daughter Mary 

(a) 16 Suss, Arch. Coll., p. 46. See ante^ p. 109, note {^). 

(fi) Feet of Fines, Suss., Mich., 17 Car. i. 

(y) Aft Books, ex officio^ under date 3 May, 1636. 

(J) Moyses was devised by the will of William Byne (aa) to his son 
Edward, the father of Stephen Byne (a), ante^ p. 97. Stephen Byne 
(a) in 1 62 1 acquired land in Burwash from Henry Goldsmith. (Feet of 
Fines, Suss., Easter, 19 Jac i.) 

124 ^''^ Byne Family of Sussex. 

the sume of ^loo then my devise shall be voyde and 
the estate shall then go unto Stephen, Item, To my 
wife Mary halfe the household stuffe. Item, To my son 
Magnus my best silver bowle. Item, To the poor of 
the parishe 20s. All the reste of my goodes I give to 
my son Stephen, whom I make executor." This will 
was attested by Edward Polhill and John Polhill(a). 
Stephen Byne (a) was buried at Burwash 22 April, 
1664, and his will was proved i May, 1664, by his son 
Stephen Byne (b) at Lewes (Book A. 30, fol. 114). 
Stephen Byne (a) had issue (i) Elizabeth baptized at 
Burwash 22 January, 161 J, who was married there 
14 August, 1632, to Gregory Markwick, of Wadhurst, 
gent (jG), and was buried at Burwash 8 April, 1639; 
(2) Magnus By?ie (e) born 1 6 1 5 ; (3) John Byne (ff) bap- 
tized at Burwash 2 May, 1617; (4) Mary, baptized 
there 30 July, 1620; (5) Edward Byne (dd) baptized 
there 2 December, 1623 ; and (6) Stephen Byne (b) bap- 
tized there 14 October, 1632. 

(a) Edward Polhill the eldest son of Thomas Polhill, by Fayntnot 
(Tyshurst), his wife, who were married at Burwash 10 December, 1616, 
was born 6 September, 161 7, was J. P. for Sussex, and the author of 
some religious works (see Berry's Suss. Gen,, p, 264, and 17 Suss. 
Arch, Coll., p, 171). His brother John Polhill was born 11 April, 

(/3) The license at Lewes for this marriage when Stephen Byne of 
Burwash, gent,, was one of the sureties is dated 6 August, 1632, Eliza- 
beth daughter of Gregory and Elizabeth Markwick was baptized at 
Burwash 24 March, 163^, Gregory Markwick, remarried at Rother- 
field, 5 September, 1639, with Mary Hosmer, and is perhaps the 
Gregory Markwick above 85 years old, who was buried at Ticchurst 
8 Odobcr, 1 683. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 125 

Magnus Byne (e) cler., was of Emmanuel College, 
Cambridge, where he proceeded to the degree of B.A. 
in 1634. He was licensed to the curacy of Wadhurst 
9 December, 1639, and in that license he is described 
as M.A. (a). He was, 24 July, 1640, inducted to the 
redtory of Clayton cum Keymer, co. Suss. This com- 
bined rectory, valued in Liber Regis at ^(^21, was in 
1650 of the annual value of ^133 51. 4^. (/3). According 
to the evidence adduced 29 January, 169I-, in a cause 
of tithes brought in the Archdeaconry Court by John 
Watson, cler., the then reftor, Magnus Byne (e) always 
compounded for his tithes, and did not take them in 
kind {y). Whether, however, he was suing for tithes in 
kind or on a composition, Magnus Byne (e) took pro- 
ceedings in that Court to recover tithe against the 
executors of Emery Puttock of Keymer, and against 
Robert Comber of Cuckfield (^). Magnus Byne (e) 
married twice, first with Ann, baptized at Clayton 
2 March, i6o|-, daughter of William Wane, cler., by 
Joan (widow of Thomas Kemp of Albourne, yeoman) his 
wife (g) and widow successively of John Batnor, cler., 

(a) *' Quo die dominus surrogatus concessit licendam Magistro Magno 
Byne clerico in Artibus Magistro ad deserviendum curae in EcclesiS 
parochiale de Wadherst," etc.. Court Book of South Mailing Deanery, 

(/3) 10 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 23, note. 

(y) Deposition Book marked 1690-1691. 

(J) hSi Books, ex officioy under dates 11 March, 1661, and 22 May, 

(e) William Wane, born at Westerham, co. Kane, in 1561 (Deposi- 
tion Book under date 15 March, i6o|), was ordained deacon 28 May, 
1598, and priest 24 June, 1598, by John Sterne, Bishop of Colchester, 

126 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

and of William Chowne, cler. (a), both previous redlors 
of the same parishes, and who was buried at Clayton 
II March i66}; and secondly, about September, 1662, 
with Sarah Bartlett, spinster, daughter of John Bartlett 
of St. Faith's, in the City of London, Citizen and 
Stationer (/3), and who was buried at Clayton 7 February, 
i6|~^. By a deed dated 16 July, 1650, and made be- 
tween Sir John Woolaston, Knt., and others being the 

suffragan for the Bishop of London, and after being curate of Wivcls- 
field, CO. Suss., was i January, 160}, indudled to the re<5tory of Clayton- 
cum-Keymer on the presentation of the Crown. (Visitation Book, 
1 606-1 6 10, and see a letter from Edward Michelborne to Sir Robert 
Cecil in Hist. MSS,, Hatfield, pt. xi, p. 504.) In 1606 and 1607 he was in 
trouble in the Court on account of his relations with a woman named 
Ellenor Poulter (A61 Books, ex officio^ under dates 9 June, 1606, and 
14 July, 1607). He was buried at Clayton 22 September, 1626. 

(a) John Batnor, M.A,, baptized at Westmeston co. Suss. 4 January, 
I59f, and son of John Batnor, cler., redlor of Westmeston, by his wife 
Joan, widow of John Pardon of Ditchling, was ordained deacon by 
George, Bishop of Lincoln, 20 September, 161 8, and priest by George 
Carleton, Bishop of Chichester, 18 December, 1625, was instituted to 
Clayton, 28 September, 1626, on the presentation of Richard Batnor, 
gent., the patron, and was indudled I October, 1626. He married at 
Clayton with Ann Wane, 9 July, 1628, the license at Lewes being 
dated 8 July, 1628. He was buried at Clayton 29 June 1638, and was 
succeeded in the rectory by William Chowne, eldest surviving son of 
Thomas Chowne of Alfriston, Esq. by Rachel (Campion) his wife, who 
was instituted 17 July, 1638, on the presentation of Ann Batnor, widow, 
with whom he married at Clayton 17 Odlober, 1638, the license at Lewes 
being dated 19 September, 1638. William Chowne was buried at 
Clayton, 10 June, 1640. 

(/3) The allegation for this marriage, dated 23 September, 1662, 
describes Magnus Byne as of Clayton, cler., aged 46, widower, and it 
was to be solemnized at Lambeth or St. Mary le Bow (Faculty Office). 
John Bartlett took up his freedom of the Stationers' Company, 26 July, 
16 1 9 (Arber's Stationers' Registers, vol. iii, p. 685). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 127 

trustees under a so-called A61 of Parliament passed 
30 April, 1649, for abolishing of Deans, Deans and 
Chapters, etc., of the one part, and Magnus Byne of 
Clayton, cler., of the other part, the trustees for the 
consideration of ^233 5/., sold and conveyed to Magnus 
Byne (e) all that Farm called Flottenden, co. Suss., and 
three closes of pasture called Milcroft, the Barn Field 
and the North Field, having the mill lands on the north 
part and the highway leading from Bivelham to Wad- 
hurst on the east part, containing 23 acres, a close of 
arable land and hop ground called Round Brook, con- 
taining I acre 3 roods, certain closes of arable land 
called Barn Piatt, Home Field, Thistlefield, Hilly Field, 
and Stublett, containing 30 acres, a coppice containing 
5 acres, five closes called the Heart, the Low Brook, the 
Long Wish, the Pitfield, and the Four Acres, contain- 
ing 22 acres, four closes of pasture having Batts Wood 
on the south containing 33 acres, and High Town 
wood containing 6 acres 2 roods, all which premises 
were in the parish of Wadhurst and Rape of Pevensey, 
and were late parcel of the estates of the late Vicars 
Choral of the late Cathedral of Chichester (a). Magnus 
Byne (e) purchased from Nicholas Snatt and Mary his 
wife some land in Uckfield in or before 1650 (jG), as to 
which, and also some land in Keymer, a fine, in which 
he and his first wife Ann were deforciants, was levied 
in 1651^(7'). He was also seised in right of his wife Ann 
of an interest in the manor of Tollers and lands with 

(a) Close Rolls 3546, No. 32. 

(/3) Feet of Fines, Suss., Easter, 1650. (r) Ib'id.^ Hil., 165^-. 

128 TJie Byne Family of Sussex, 

common of pasture for 550 sheep and all other cattle 
in Alfriston and in Westham, both co. Suss., as shown 
by a fine in which he and his wife were deforciants, and 
Thomas Jenner, gent., and William Faulkner, gent., 
were plaintiffs (a). The title of Magnus Byne (e) and 
his wife to these properties was derived under the will 
of her second husband, William Chowne, who was the 
second son of Thomas Chowne of Alfriston (buried 
there 26 March, 1639) by Rachel (Campion) his wife. 
By this will, which is dated 11 May, 1640, and was 
proved at Lewes 6 July, 1640, by Ann Chowne his 
widow (Book A. 27, fol. 90), after reciting that by deed 
dated 18 January, i6f-|^, between William Chowne of 
the one part and Rachel Chowne his mother, William 
Campion, Esquire, Harbart Springet, Esquire, and 
Edward Chowne, gent., of the other part, William 

(a) Feet of Fines, Suss, Hil., 165 J. Thomas Sherman granted the 
'' manor " of Tollers to John Ernley who died in 1520, having by his 
will left it to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Gyles Fynes (Chanc. inq. 
p. m., Series ii, vol. 35, No. 5), and it was the subjedl of a fine levied 
between John Duke, plaintiff, and John Fynes and Elizabeth his wife 
deforciants, Easter, 15 Eliz.,and a fine levied between Thomas Chowne, 
plaintiff, and John Thorpe and Elizabeth his wife deforciants, Trin., 
18 Jac. I, and of a fine levied between William Hamilton, plaintiff, and 
Mary Chowne, spinster, deforciant, Mich,, 37 Geo. 3. Henry Chowne 
of Horsham, a younger brother of William Chowne, cler., in his 
will dated 17 July, 1665 (P.C.C. 166 Hene), specifically devised the 
manor with its appurtenances in Westham and Alfriston, On 13 June, 
1845, the manor or reputed manor of Tollers together with Burnt 
House Farm in Alfriston and Litlington were put up for sale by audlion at 
the Mart in London, according to printed particulars and conditions of 
sale which the writer has seen, but which are too general in terms to 
afford any information as to the "manor." 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 129 

Chowne had mortgaged the manor or farm of Tollers 
in Alfriston and Westham, and property called Boones 
in Alfrlston, to secure the payment on 25 March, 1647, 
of ^207 to Rachel Chowne with interest; William 
Chowne devised these properties to Ann his wife and 
William his son and their heirs in joint tenancy. 
William Chowne the son was baptized at Clayton 
8 0(5lober, 1639, and died an infant. The advowson of 
Clayton-cum-Keymer belonged to John Batnor, cler., 
the re6tor thereof, who by his will dated 27 06lober, 
1629, and proved at Lewes 30 July, 1638 (Book A. 25, 
fol. 135), disposed of it upon trusts for the benefit of his 
widow Ann; and after her death by deed dated 10 April, 
1662, William Newton, the surviving trustee of such 
will, conveyed the advowson to Magnus Byne (e) 
in fee. 

Magnus Byne (e) in 1656 published a book directed 
against the Quakers, intituled " The Scornfull fakers 
answered and their railing Reply refuted by the meanest of 
the Lord's servants Magnus Byne^*' which was printed in 
London by William Bentley for Andrew Crook at the 
sign of the Green Dragon in St. Paul's Churchyard. A 
copy is in the British Museum Library, 105 C. 6. It 
begins with a preface addressed "To the Reader" which 
is signed " Thine in the Lord Magnus Byne." From 
this preface it appears that he had personally encountered 
two Quakers, named Thomas Lawcock and Thomas 
Lawson, for he states that " I had some dealing by con- 
, ference, and by questions and answers and replies on 
both sides. As concerning their questions propounded 


1 30 The Byne Fa?nily of Sussex. 

to me in writing I gave them but a brief answer not 
minding to make anything public unto the world know- 
ing mine inability to come forth in print in the midst 
of such a variety of judgments abroad yet receiving a 
reply from Lawson full of lying and railings and evil 
surmisings I was pressed in my spirit to give some 
satisfaction unto my friends." The only local allusion 
is the statement that Thomas Lawcock " meeting at 
one Goodman Matthew's house near me was called aside 
by the woman of the house of good repute, but almost 
turned a Quaker, to whom the woman in kindness said. 
Sir, will you eat something which I have provided? 
The Quaker replied What ! shall I eat with Devils and 
Dogs? and pointing to a Dog, There is thy Companion, 
thy fellow creature of the same name with thyself 
(saith the Quaker), and shall I eat with these a Devil 
and a Dog?" The body of the book from page i to 
page 14 consists of questions and answers bearing on the 
early Quaker notions. To these follows a composition 
headed " The scornfull Quakers railing reply refuted " 
which extends to page 66 when it closes with the printed 
signature of Magnus Byne. This commences " Thomas 
Lawson, I have read thy papers, and in them art thou 
seen to be full of lying railing accusing condemning 
according to the spirit of thy Father who was a Murderer 
and a lyar from the beginning." On page 51 occur these 
passages: '-'■ Reply. But I am crafty thou sayest and to 
maintain myself in pride and fulnesse have got the Tythe 
of two Parishes. Answer. Friend it was not my craft 
which got me my tythe of two Parishes, neither doth 

The Byne Faintly of Sussex, 1 3 1 

my craft maintain me in them. I am very unskilful! in 
craft guile hypocrisie ; all that deal with me find me 
plain and faithfull, neither can I dissemble to deceive as 
many do. But stay; hast thou not heard of a providence? 
Surely this gave me my Tyth of two parishes." From 
page 67 to the Finis at page 123 is a composition 
headed "A Reply to Lawson's Answers to 28 Questions 
wherein his darknesse and bitternesse are still manisted 
[j/<c:] by the same Authour Magnus Byne." The book 
as a whole contains much personal inventive on both 
sides, that on Lawson's part appearing of course by 
quotation only, and also a skilful exhibition of scriptural 
and do6trinal erudition, logically and forcibly applied 
by Magnus Byne. This book called forth an answer by 
Thomas Lawson, in a quarto published in 1656 intituled, 
" The Lip of Truth opened against a Dawber with un- 
tempered morter, A few words against a book written by 
Magnus Byne, Priest in the county of Sussex, which he calls 
The Scornfull fakers etc. But he himself is found the 
S corner and the Lyer charging me with things 1 never spoke 
nor never entered into my heart to speak.'' George Fox the 
founder of the Quakers also replied to it in " The Great 
Mistery of the Great Whore unfolded'' etc., published in 
1659 at page 83 (a). 

Magnus Byne (e) was present at the first visitation of 
Peter Gunning, Bishop of Chichester, held at St. 
Michael's, Lewes, 14 September, 1670. He was buried 
at Clayton 3 March, 167^, and letters of administration 

(a) 16 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 73. Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana, p. 98. 
As to Thomas Lawson, see Sewell's Hist., ed. 1799, p. 96. 

132 Tlie By?ie Family of Sussex. 

of his effects were granted 6 March, 167" at Lewes to 
his son Stephen Byne (c), therein described as Citizen 
and Upholder of London (B. 8, fol. 10). By his first 
wife Magnus Byne (e) had issue: (i) Mary, baptized 
at Clayton 29 July, 1641 and buried there 26 August, 
1643; (2) Ann, baptized there 18 January, 164^ and 
buried there 7 February, 166^ (a); (3) Stephen Byne (c) 
born 1 649 ; (4) Edward Byne (ee); and (5) yohn Byne (gg) 
baptized there 1 1 March, 165 J; and by his second wife 
he had issue (6) Jane, baptized at Clayton 7 January, 
1 66 J; {j) Magnus Byne (f), baptized there 8 January, 
i66|^; and (8) Sarah, baptized at Clayton 22 May, 
1 666 {^), 

Stephen Byne (c) was the eldest son of Magnus 
Byne (e) and Ann his first wife, for on 31 March, 17 
Car. 2 (i 665) at a court holden for the manor of Clayton 
Wickham it was presented that Ann wife of Magnus 
Byne cler. had died seised of a freehold called Crouch 
croft near Clayton Church within that manor (7); and 

(a) Thomas Batnor, baptized at Clayton 7 December, 1635, and 
buried there 14 March, 166^, appointed as his executrix his half-sister 
Anne Byne, who proved his will, and on her death Magnus Byne (e) 
is alleged to have taken out letters of administration of her cffcdts 
(Strange v. Magnus Byne (e). Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Mitford, before 
1 7 14, Bundle 160, No. 104). This suit, instituted 4 May, 1668, was 
by an assumed creditor for administration of Thomas Batnor's estate. 

(/3) She may be the Sarah Bine who, described as of Burwash, was 
married at Heathfield 22 April, 1690, to Thankfull Tyshurst of 

(v) From the Court Roll for 13 June, 1720, it appears that Henry 
Ford, then deceased, had recently held Crouch croft. The will of Henry 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 133 

that Stephen Byne of the age of 16 years and upwards 
" ejus filius senior et hsres " was an infant. Also the 
advowson of Clayton-cum-Keymer descended upon him 
as heir at law of his father; for by deed dated 13 June, 
1 67 1 and made between Stephen Byne (c) described as 
Citizen and Upholder of London of the one part, and 
Edward Blaker of Buckingham in Old Shoreham, 
Esquire (a) of the other part, Stephen Byne (c) for the 
consideration of ^370 granted and sold to Edward 
Blaker " the advowson and patronage of the Church of 
Clayton and alsoe of the Church or Chapel of Kymer 
being sometime parcell of the possessions of the late 
Priory of Lewes " (jG). Stephen Byne (c) married with 
Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Whiting. He by his 
will dated 14 February, 167I-, in which he is described 
as of St. Buttolph's without London Citizen and Up- 
holder of London after noticing that he was possessed 
of and interested in a messuage, lands, meadows, etc., at 
Wadhurst, commonly called by the name of " Plotting 
Deane Parm " {y) then in the occupation of John 
Goulding by virtue of a lease granted 20 September, 
1 67 1 by the Principal and Commonalty of Vicars of the 

Ford, dated 6 February, 17 14, and proved at Lewes 18 August, 1720, 
contains a specific devise of Churchcroft, alias Crouchcroft. 

(a) Edw^ard Blaker, baptized at Portslade 10 January, i6|f, was 
Sheriff of Sussex, 1657, M.P. for Slioreham from January, i65f, to his 
death, and was buried at Old Shoreham 15 September, 1678. In the 
Visitation Book for 1675 the patron of Clayton is entered as "Esquire 

(/3) Close Rolls, 4314, No. 27. 

(y) Flottingdean Farm was conveyed to his father in 1650 {ante^ 
p. 127). 

134 Th^ By 726 Fa?nily of Sussex, 

Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Chichester, unto 
him the said Stephen Byne (c) and his heirs for the 
natural lives of himself and of Rebecca his wife and of 
his brother Magnus Byne (f), bequeathed these heredita- 
ments to his dear wife and her heirs and then proceeded 
thus: *' Item. I give £ioo unto my Father in law 
Mr. Thomas Whiting to be by him from time to time 
disbursed in upon and for the keeping apparelling 
educating and bringing up of my brother Magnus 
Byne (f) and sister Sarah Byne, and I appoint Thomas 
Whiting their guardian. Item. To my brothers Edward 
Byne (ee) and John Byne (gg) ioj". a peece. Item. To 
Thomas Whiting and Frances (a) his wife and my cosen 
John Manser (/3) 4oj-. a peece. Item. To my sisters in 
law Mary Kimber, Dorcas Mercer, and Isabell Davis {y) 
los. a peece to buy a ring. All the residue of my goodes 
leases etc. I givQ to my wife Rebecca Byne and she is 
to be full and sole excutrix. I nominate Thomas 

(a) Thomas Whiting married with Frances Bigrave, widow, and in 
1677 with Ehzabeth Plummer, widow. The license for the marriage 
of Frances Bigrave's daughter, Mary Bigrave, dated 28 January, 166^, 
describes the latter's mother as Frances, wife of Thomas Whiting. 
The marriage was solemnized the same day at St. Botolph's, Bishops- 

(/3) John Manser, of East Smithfield in St. Botolph's Without, Aid- 
gate, apothecary, by his will dated 8 December, 1 680, and proved 
9 April, 1 68 1 (P.C.C. 60, North), appointed his brother Nicholas 
Manser and his " kinsman Mr. John Byne of Tower Hill " overseers, 
and gave each of them a mourning ring. Mr. John Byne was John 
Byne (gg). 

(7) The license from the Vicar-Gen. for the marriage of Edward 
Davis, of St. Catharine Coleman, grocer, and Isabell Whiting, is dated 
2 March, i6f|. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 135 

Whiting and John Manser overseeres." Stephen Byne 
(c) by the name and description of " Stephen Boynes 
upholsterer of Tower Hill " was buried at St. Botolph, 
Aldgate, 11 March, 167-I- (a), and his will was proved 
24 March, 167^ by his widow Rebecca Byne in P.C.C. 
(22 Dyce). Rebecca Byne was remarried 9 November, 
1676 to Joseph Edwards at Christ Church, Blackfriar's 
Bridge Road {(2). 

Apparently Stephen Byne (c) and Rebecca his wife 
had issue two children (i) Rebecca who was buried at 
Hurstpierpoint, CO. Suss., 13 April, 1687 and (2) Stephen 
Bine (d). 

Stephen Bine (d) married 15 June, 1704 at Hurst- 
pierpoint with Jane Lintott of Bolney, spinster, the 
license at Lewes for which marriage, wherein he is 
described as of Hurstpierpoint, yeoman, being dated 
15 February, 170I-. She was a daughter of John 
Lintott by Elizabeth (Hammond) his wife who were 
married 27 August, 1655, and she was baptized at 
Bolney 10 April, 1674 (y). Stephen Bine (d) was 

(a) Search for several years prior to this date in the register of 
St. Botolph's, Aldgate, disclosed no entry relating to Byne, though 
probably Boynes, etc., was not noted. 

(j3) In the allegation for the license dated 8 November, 1676, the 
spouses are described as Joseph Edwards, of St. Saviour's, Southwark, 
bachelor, and Rebecca Byne, of St. Botolph's Without, Aldgate, widow, 
about 28 (Harl. Soc, vol. xxxiv, p. 181). 

(7) John Lintott, by his will dated 12 November, 1680, and proved 
at Lewes 19 April, 1681 (Book A. 35, fol. 335), gave a legacy to his 
daughter Jane. Elizabeth Lintott of Bolney, widow, by her will dated 
30 January, lyoi, to which Stephen Byne (d) was a witness, and proved 
at Lewes by her son John Lintott 16 May, 1718 (Book A. 50, fol. 37''), 

136 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

admitted to various copyholds of the manor of Hurstpier- 
point, the earliest in date of which was 10 May, 1704, 
when he was admitted to Lower Trumkins and part of 
Upper Trumkins which had been surrendered to him 
out of court 3 March, 1704. At the court holden 
23 June, 1704 it was presented that Stephen Byne (d) 
had out of court 8 June, 1704 surrendered these proper- 
ties to the use of himself for life and after his death, if 
the marriage then intended between him and Jane 
Lintott of Bolney, spinster, should be solemnized, to the 
use of Jane for life and afterwards to the use of his heirs 
by Jane and in default to his right heirs, and it was also 
presented that the marriage had been solemnized. On 
I June, 1708, Stephen Bine (d) and his wife surrendered 
Lower Trumkins to John Stone, and 4 March, 171 2, 
Upper Trumkins was surrendered to Stephen Bine (d) 
who was then admitted. This property was surrendered 
away by Stephen Bine (d) 6 January, 17 16, and he ac- 
quired other properties called Russells and Reeve's tene- 
ments. On I o Oftober, 1 7 1 9, he was admitted to Reeve's 
Cottage and was then described as a timber merchant. 
In the diary of Thomas Marchant of Littlepark in 
Hurstpierpoint, which commences 29 September, 1714, 
there are frequent references to him ranging in date 
from 14 Odober, 171 4 to 12 December, 1727 (a). He 
was churchwarden of Hurstpierpoint in 1726, 1 728, 

gave ^5 to her daughter Jane Bine. Letters of administration to John 
Lintott of Bohiey were granted 26 March, 1720, at Lewes to his sisters, 
one of whom was described as Jane, wife of Stephen Bine (B. 16, 
fol. 86). 

(a) 25 Suss. Arch, Coll., pp. 163 et srq. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 137 

and other years. His wife was buried at Hurstpierpoint 
25 July, 1756. Their issue were two sons: (i) John 
Bine (hh) and Stephen Bine (e). Stephen Bine (d) by his 
will dated 8 April, 1754, in which he is described as of 
Hurstpierpoint, yeoman, devised to his wife Jane a copy- 
hold messuage and property called Reeve's Cottage, 
holden of the manor of Hurstpierpoint, for her life and 
afterwards he devised the same to his two sons John 
and Stephen for ever, and he directed that his wife should 
have the use of all his household goods and the use and 
interest of all his money and securities for her life, she 
taking four per cent, only upon all sums in the hands of 
her sons, and subject to these dispositions he bequeathed 
all the residue of his property equally to his sons, whom 
he appointed executors. By a cotemporaneous codicil 
he gave to his son John his best suit of clothes and his 
plated cutters and mentioned that his wife had given to 
John six silver spoons made of "her own maiden silver" 
and marked J.B., and he bequeathed two large silver 
spoons to his two granddaughters. Stephen Bine (d) 
was buried at Hurstpierpoint 31 January, 1763, and his 
will and codicil were proved at Lewes by the executors 
5 February, 1763 (Book A. 60, fol. 600). Stephen Bine 
(d), 27 May, 1757, out of court surrendered his house and 
garden, called Reeve's Cottage (a), to John Marshall who 
was admitted thereto at a court holden 17 Odtober, 


(a) As early as the court holden 2i June, 1465, a tenement in Hurst 
belonging to John Codyll was called Revys, and at the next court 

138 The By 726 Fa7?iUy of Sussex. 

John Bine (hh) was baptized at Hurstplerpoint 
31 October; 1705, and married twice; first, i May, 
1739, at Pycombe, co. Suss., with Elizabeth Walker 
of Hurstplerpoint, who was buried at Lindfield, co. 
Sussex, 4 January, 1763; and secondly, 15 February, 
1763, at Hurstpierpoint, with Ann Geer, widow, who 
was buried at Lindfield 2 February, 1808. John Bine 
(hh) was buried at Lindfield 31 August, 1789, having 
had only one child, Elizabeth, who was baptized at 
Hurstpierpoint 7 June, 1742, and married at Lindfield 
19 June, 1764, to John Allin (a). John Bine (hh) by his 
will dated 14 April, 1780, wherein he is described as of 
Lindfield, yeoman, gave pecuniary legacies and an 
annuity to his wife Ann, and constituted his son-in-law 
John Allin of Lindfield, yeoman, his sole executor and 
residuary legatee, and directed that a tombstone should 
be put over his grave " as good in every respect as my 
first wife's." This will, to which one of the witnesses 
was Stephen Bine (f) was proved by John Allin 
24 Odober, 1789, in the Peculiar Court of South 
Mailing (Book 10, No. 102). The inscription upon the 
headstone on the grave of John Bine's first wife ran : 
" In memory of Elizabeth wife of fohn Bine of East 
Maskels who departed this life Dec'' y'' 31'^ 1762," whilst 
that to his widow was '* In memory of Mrs. Ann Bine 
second wife of John Bine late of Lindfeld, who died Jan^ 
29''^ 1808 aged %<^ years r 

(a) For memorials in Lindfield churchyard to some of the issue of 
this marriage see 37 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 168. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 139 

Stephen Bine (e) was baptized at Hurstplerpoint 
21 April, 1707, and married at Hellingly 5 August, 
1736, with Margaret, youngest daughter of John Scutt 
of Hurstpierpoint (a) by EHzabeth (Minshull) his wife. 
She was baptized at Hurstpierpoint 7 June, 171 6, and 
dying 14 was buried 18 November, 1771, at Newtimber, 
CO. Suss. By a deed of release dated 24 March, 1741, 
grounded on a lease for a year and made between Francis 
Minshull, Henry Woodcock, John Slaney Scutt, son and 
heir of John Scutt, late of Hurstpierpoint, deceased, and 
Elizabeth, the widow of John Scutt of the one part, and 
Stephen Bine (e) therein called the younger of the other 
part, a house and premises called Matts, wherein John 
Scutt had lived, was for the consideration of ^270 
conveyed to Stephen Bine (e) in fee; and he and his 
wife Margaret by force of deeds of lease and release 
dated 29 and 30 September, 1742, and a fine levied in 
Mich., 1742, assured the property to Mary Beard and 
Ann Beard as tenants in common in fee (/3). Stephen 
Bine (e) died 27 February, and was buried at New- 
timber 3 March, 1778, and his will, dated 4 July, 1766, 

(a) John Scutt and Elizabeth Minshull were married at St. Mary 
Woolnoth 27 January, lyol^. "Mr. John Scutt" was buried at Hurst- 
pierpoint 4 March, 17-j^, and his widow Elizabeth was buried there 
24 April, 1753. Elizabeth Minshull was great-granddaughter of Chris- 
topher Minshull, cler., prebendary of Sutton and redlor of Ashington, 
Earnley, and Combes, all co. Suss., who was the fourth son of Thomas 
Minshull of Erdswiclc in Minshull, co. Cestr., who died 24 September, 
1566, and whose descent from Augustin de Minshull, lord of Minshull 
temp. H. I, is to be found in Ormerod's Hist, of Cheshire, vol. iii, 
pp. 120 and 181, and Visitation of Cheshire, 1580, Harl. Soc, p. 180. 

(/') Ellis MS., Cartularium, pp. 149-150. 

140 The Bj?ie Fai?illy of Sussex. 

was proved in P.C.C. (186 Hay) 20 May, 1778, by 
his sons Stephen Bine (f) and Francis Bine. He had 
four children: (i) yohn Bine born 27 September and bap- 
tized at Hurstpierpoint 14 October, \J1Ji who died a 
bachelor 10 and was buried at Newtimber 13 06tober, 
1759; (2) Stephen Bine (f) ; (3) Francis Bi?ie born 
30 January and baptized at Hurstpierpoint 18 February 
I74y, who died a bachelor 27 August and was buried 
at Newtimber i September, 1801, leaving a will and 
codicil proved 9 October, 1801, in P.C.C. (653 Aber- 
crombie) ; and (4) Elizabeth born 29 July and baptized 
at Hurstpierpoint 14 August, 1745, who died 2 February, 
1760, and was buried at Newtimber. 

Stephen Bine (f) born 7 and baptized at Hurstpier- 
point 29 June, 1739, married at Poynings, co. Suss,, 
2 February, 1774 (the license at Lewes being dated 
I February, 1774) with Anna Kemp Scrase, born 
6 August and baptized at Patcham, co. Suss., 26 Sept- 
ember, 1747, daughter of Richard Scrase of Withdean 
in Patcham, by Anna (Kemp) his first wife (a). Stephen 
Bine (f) died 18 and was buried at Newtimber 
21 February, 1783. His will, dated 31 January, 1783, 
was proved in P.C.C. 6 March 1783, by his brother 

(a) Richard Scrase, fourth child of Henry Scrase of Withdean, of the 
family of Scrase of West Blatchington (8 Suss. Arch. Coll., p. 16), was 
born 23 July, 1714, and married at Hove 28 July, 1746, with his first 
wife Anna, daughter of Nathaniel and Anna Kemp, baptized there 
20 April, 1716, and buried at Patcham 16 November, 1754, as Anna, 
wife of Mr. Richard Scrase. Richard Scrase was buried there 2 Nov- 
ember, 1 790. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 141 

Francis Bine. His widow died 6 November, 1835, and 
was buried at Newtimber. Her will, dated 7 July, 1831, 
one of the witnesses to which was Jane Allin of Lind- 
field, was proved at Lewes by her son Francis Bine and 
her son-in-law George Blaker. Stephen Bine (f) had 
four children: (i) Stephen Bine (g); (2) Richard Bine; 
(3) Francis Bine; and (4) Anna Kemp born 25 and bap- 
tized at Newtimber 26 September, 1779, who was 
married i6 0d:ober, 1 810, to George Blaker, gent., died 
25 April, 1870, and was buried at Patcham (a). 

Stephen Bine (g) was baptized at Newtimber 28 Dec- 
ember 1774, and dying 6 July, 1859, a bachelor, was 
buried there. He was owner of considerable estates in 
Eastergate and Keymer, co. Suss. His will, dated 
6 February^ 1844, with three codicils thereto was 
proved in F.C.C. 20 August, 1849. 

Richard Bine was baptized at Newtimber 28 Febru- 
ary, 1776, died a bachelor 31 March, and was buried 
at Newtimber 8 April, 1808. Letters of administration 
of his effed:s were granted out of P.C.C. 10 June, 
1808, to his brothers Stephen Bine (g) and Francis Bine. 

Francis Bine, who was baptized at Newtimber 
27 February, 1778, married at Eastergate 16 March, 

(a) George Blaker, who was the third son of Nathaniel Blaker, gent., 
of Portslade, by Elizabeth, daughter of William Rogers, gent., of 
Patcham (Berry's Suss. Gen., p. 86), was born 30 September, and 
baptized at Portslade 9 Odober, 1778, died 9 Odober, 1856, and was 
buried at Patcham. 

142 The By?ie Fa7nily of Sussex. 

1804, the license in the Consistory Court of Chichester 
heing dated 14 March, 1804, with Betsey, daughter of 
Richard Boniface of Eastergate. She died 18 April, 
1840, and Francis Bine died 21 December, 1857, and 
they were buried at Eastergate. He had issue: (i) Anna 
born and baptized at Eastergate 30 December, 1804, 
who died 8 June, 1904, and was buried at Eastergate; 

(2) Stephen Bine, born 29 Odtober, and baptized at 
Eastergate 2 November, 1806, who died a bachelor 

15 February, 1878, and was buried at Eastergate; and 

(3) Richard Bine, born i and baptized at Eastergate 
4 September, 1808, who died a bachelor 15 December, 
1862, and was also buried at Eastergate. 

The various members of this branch of the family 
who were buried at Newtimber, repose in four large 
vaults, with altar tombs over, lying side by side in the 
churchyard, and enclosed within one continuous iron 

Edward Byne (ee) married twice; first about i6|-2- 
with Bridget, widow of Reuben Jeffery of Watlington, 
CO. Suss., which Bridget was buried at Watlington, 

16 May, 1685; and secondly, with one Mary, On 
17th April, 1683, a bill was exhibited in Chancery in 
which Reuben Jeffery and Hannah Jeffery, infants, by 
Anne Jeffery their grandmother as next friend were 
plaintiffs, and Edward Byne (ee) and his wife Bridgett 
were defendants, she being the legal personal repre- 
sentative of her former husband, Reuben Jeffery, who 
was buried at Watlington 25 June, 1679, for the pur- 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 143 

pose of having his estate administered (a). By his first 
wife Edward Byne (ee) had issue (i) Magnus Byne (g) 
baptized at Watlington 18 October 1680; (2) Stephen 
Byne (h) baptized there 22 April, 1683; and (3) Edward 
Byne baptized there 8 March, i68|-; and by his second 
wife he had issue: (4) Mary baptized at Watlington 
23 January, i6|-§-; (5) Elizabeth baptized there 10 April, 
1692; (6) Henry Byne (bb) born 10 and baptized there 
16 August, 1695; (7) John Byne baptized there 10 July, 
1697; and (8) Anne born 5 06lober and baptized there 
30 November, 1700 (/3). Edward Byne (ee) was church- 
warden of Watlington for several years, beginning at 
least as early as 1688, and seems to have had serious 
difficulties with the re6tor, John Dodderidge, LL.D., 
for in 1691- the office of the judge was twice promoted 
against him as churchwarden, upon one occasion for 
making a disturbance in the church at Watlington on 
14 February in time of divine service, and that by rude 
speech and a<5tions, and upon the other " for having clan- 
destinely taken down and carried away two of the bells 
belonging to the said church and by concealing their 
weight and value being supposed to intend the sale of 
one both or some part of them." He seems to have 

(a) JefFery v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Collins, before 17 14, 
Bundle 440. Reuben JefFery, by his first wife Elizabeth, who was 
buried at Watlington 24 January, i67f, had among other issue the 
plaintiff Reuben, baptized there 18 June, 1669, and the plaintiff 
Hannah, baptized there 29 November, 1670, and by his second wife 
Bridgett had John JefFery baptized there 10 February, 167^. 

(/3) Perhaps the Ann Byne who was married at Hollington 26 Feb- 
ruary, 1 74 J, to John Evenden, 

144 ^^^^ Byne Family of Sussex. 

treated both charges with unconcern, and on the latter 
charge he was, 5 April, 1692, declared contumacious, 
and 4 May, 1692, decreed to be excommunicated (a). 
On 30 April, 1700, a proceeding for tithe brought by 
Dodderidge against Edward Byne (ee) came on, when 
the latter offered ^3 in satisfaction, which was refused, 
and he was ordered to answer, but on 25 June, 1700, 
he produced a rule of the Court of Common Pleas and 
the proceeding was stayed (fi). The litigation between 
Edward Byne (ee) and Dodderidge lingered on until 
5 June, 1704, though on 14 April, 1702, Edward Byne 
(ee) produced an absolution to him under the seal of the 
Court of Arches {y). Edward Byne (ee) was afterwards 
of Tenterden, co. Kane, having, however, first removed 
to Ewhurst (<5'), and he died 12 January, 1728. It appears 
from the statements in the bill filed 3 June, 1730, in a 
Chancery suit wherein Henry Byne (bb) as youngest sur- 

(a) A£l Books, ex officio^ 1687-1694. John Dodderidge who was, 
20 December, 1674, ordained deacon, and 19 September, 1675, ordained 
priest by Anthony, Bishop of Exeter, was instituted to Watlington 
8 June, 1685, on the presentation of Charles, Earl of Dorset (Book of 
exhibition of letters of ordination, 1675-1686). He was constantly in 
litigation with the churchwardens as such and with individuals. Ac- 
cording to numerous witnesses in the cause of Edward Byne and John 
Starr as churchwardens against Dodderidge, he was a man of violent 
temper, ill conversation, and frequently "disguised in liquor" (Deposi- 
tion Books, 1 690-1 691, fol. I et seq.). 

(/3) A6i'QooVs^ ad instanciam^ 1697-1700. 

(y) Ib'id.j 1 700-1 705. 

(0) On 14 September, 1708, Mr. Asty, one of the proftors of the 
Archdeaconry Court, sued Edward Byne (ee), described as of Ewhurst, 
''in causa subtracStionis salarii procuratori " (A<51 Books, ad instanciam^ 
1 708-1 7 10). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 145 

viving son and customary heir of his father, and de- 
scribed as of Crowhurst, was plaintiff, and Thomas 
Beckett and others in the chara6ter of mortgagees were 
defendants, that Edward Byne (ee) was seised of copy- 
holds both of the manor of Battle and of the manor of 
Stone in Watlington; and from the depositions taken 
at Battle 20 September, 173 1, in the supplemental suit 
of Henry Byne (bb) v. William Jarman, that Magnus 
Byne (g), Elizabeth Byne, John Byne, and Mary Byne, 
four of the children of Edward Byne (ee) had died (a). 

Stephen Byne (h) who as a witness in these deposi- 
tions is described as of Peasmarsh, farmer, he being of 
the age of 48 years and upwards, in his will dated 
II September 1732, wherein he is similarly described 
as to residence, mentioned his children Edward Byne^ 
Hannah, Elizabeth, and Susan, his wife Anne, his 
daughter Mary, wife of William Barnesby, and made 
his uncle William Jarman of Brede sole executor. This 
will was proved at Lewes, 19 Odober, 1732, by the 
executor (Book A. 54, fol. 63). Stephen Byne (h) mar- 
ried at Ewhurst, 3 January, 170I-, with Elizabeth Har- 
man (/3). His daughter Mary was married at Westfield 

(a) Byne v. Beckett, Chanc. Proc, 1714-1758. Sewell, Bundle 241. 
Byne v. Jarman, ibid.y Bundle 391. 

(/3) William Harman of Brede, yeoman, by his will dated 22 April, 
1 7 14, and proved at Lewes 15 May, 17 14 (Book A. 49, fol. 17''), gave 
in a certain contingency one fourth of his residuary estate to his 
"daughter Elizabeth the wife of Stephen Byne." His widow, Mary 
Harman of Seddlescombe, by her will dated 10 May, 1717, and proved 
at Lewes 28 Odober, 17 19 (Book A. 50, fol. 163''), devised a moiety 


146 'The Byne Fa?nily of Sussex, 

3 1 March, 1730, to William Barnesby ; and his daughter 
Elizabeth was married at Brede 17 May, 1744, to James 
Snow. His daughter Hannah, described as of Brede, 
was married 13 June, 1749, at St. Clement's, Hastings, 
to David Russell, of Detling, co. Kane. Stephen Byne 
(h) was buried at Peasmarsh 22 September, 1732, and 
his widow Anne, who was his second wife, and whom 
as Anne Turner he married at St. Clement's, Hastings, 
4 May, 1725, was buried at Peasmarsh, 7 November, 
1732. A male child of "Steven Bine" and Elizabeth 
his wife, was buried at Brede, 29 March, 171 5, and a 
female child of theirs was buried there i Oftober, 17 17. 
No child of his was baptized, married, or buried at 
Peasmarsh except that his son Edward Byne was bap- 
tized there 7 July, 1736, being then "aged near 23." 
He is probably the Edward Byne who married with 
Mary Payne, widow, at Northiam, 28 March 1733, 
which Mary was buried at Northiam, 26 April, 1737, 
and also the Edward Byne of Watlington, who married 
with Ann Bryant, of Mountfield, at St. Clement's, 
Hastings, 18 October, 1750. Ann, daughter of Edward 
Byne and Ann his wife, was baptized at Watlington 
21 November, 1753, and Robert, their son, was buried 
18 December, 1755, at Mountfield, where, 18 March, 
175I-, Ann, described as wife of Edward Byne, of Wat- 
lington, was buried. 

of certain freeholds " unto Edward Byne, Mary Byne and Sarah Byne 
my grandchildren by my daughter Elizabeth and to their heirs," men- 
tioned their grandfather Edward Byne the elder, and constituted her 
daughter Elizabeth Byne one of her residuary legatees. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 147 

Henry Byne (bb) married at Mountfield, co. Suss., 
16 Od:ober, 1728, with Ruth Smith, of Crowhurst, and 
had by her (i) Henry Byne (cc), baptized at Crowhurst, 
30 August, 1729; (2) William Byne (dd) baptized there 
15 November, 173 1; (3) Ruth baptized there 11 Feb- 
ruary, 1733, and married there 3 November, 1766, to 
William Studwell ; (4) Mary, baptized there 13 Febru- 
ary, 173I; and (5) Elizabeth, baptized there 28 March, 
1738, and buried there 27 February, 1783. Henry 
Byne (bb) by his will dated 7 May, 1731, in which he 
is described as of Crowhurst, yeoman, gave to his wife 
Ruth for her life a yearly rent-charge of _^20 issuing out 
of his copyholds then in his own occupation and holden 
of the manor of Crowhurst, and devised his copyholds 
in Watlington holden of the manors of Battle and Stone, 
which had been mortgaged by his father in his lifetime, 
to his wife Ruth absolutely, but if his wife was then 
with child, or he had other children, he devised to such 
child or children, and to his son Henry Byne all his 
copyholds of the manor of Crowhurst, subject to the rent 
charge of ^20, and he bequeathed his residuary personal 
estate to his wife whom he appointed sole executrix. 
Henry Byne (bb) was buried at Crowhurst 19 November, 
1755, and his will was proved at Lewes by Ruth Byne the 
relift 28 0(5tober, 1 756 (Book A. 59, fol. 375). Ruth Byne, 
the widow, was buried at Crowhurst, 20 July, 1763 (a), 

(a) On tombs in Crowhurst churchyard are these inscriptions: " /« 
memory of Henry Bine senior who departed this life Novemb'' y 14 1755 
aged 60 years^"* and " In memory of Ruth the wife of Henry Byne who 
departed this life July the 15'^ 1763 aged 63 yearsj" 

148 The By?2e Family of Sussex. 

and letters of administration of her efFe(fts were granted 
5 December, 1 763, to her son, Henry Byne (cc) at Lewes 
(B. 19, fol. 60). 

Henry Byne (cc) married at Crowhurst 26 June, 
1764, with Mary Crowhurst of Catsfield," and was 
buried at Crowhurst 26 June, 1809. He had issue 
Elizabeth, baptized at Catsfield 2 September, 1765, 
and married at Crowhurst 26 July, 1784, to William 

William Byne (dd) by his wife Sarah had issue, 
(1) Willia?n Byne (ee) baptized at Crowhurst 28 July, 
1765; (2) Stephen Bytie (i) baptized there 3 December, 
1768; (3) Ruth, baptized there 25 Odober, 1770; and 
(4) Sarah, baptized there 5 July 1772. William Byne 
(dd) was buried at Crowhurst, 15 Odober, 1809, and 
his widow, Sarah Byne, was buried there 2 January, 
1834, aged 95 years. 

William Byne (ee) by his wife Elizabeth had issue 
(i) Walter Byne, born 1792, who died 13 April, 1852, 
and was buried in Bow Cemetery; (2) Stephen Byne (j) 
baptized at Crowhurst, 27 December, 179'^, and buried 
at Westfield, co. Suss., 11 May, 1871; (3) Delia, bap- 
tized at Crowhurst, 6 September, 1796, and buried at 
Westfield, 27 September, 1869; (4) Fanny, baptized at 
Westfield 7 May, 1797, wlio died a spinster 20 Sept- 
ember, 1887; (5) Henry Byne, baptized there 7 April, 
1799, and buried there 3 December, 1879; (6) William 
Byne (ff) ; (7) George Byne, baptized at Westfield 

'The Byne Family of Sussex. 149 

14 October, 1804, and buried there 27 January, 1863 ; 
and (8) Julia, baptized there 4 January, 1807, who was 
married to one Evenden, died 20 May, 1881, and was 
buried in Brompton Cemetery. William Byne (ee) was 
buried at Westfield, 13 July, 1825, and his widow 
Elizabeth was buried there 13 May, 1830, aged ^j. 

Stephen Byne (i) married at Crowhurst 13 Sept- 
ember, 1802, with Dinah Piper, spinster, and had issue 
(i) William Byne^ baptized there 10, and buried there 
29 January, 1804, and (2) Philly, baptized there 8 Sept- 
ember, 1805, and buried there 28 January, 1806. Dinah 
Byne was buried at Crowhurst 16 June, 1806, and 
Stephen Byne (i) was buried there 21 January, 1807. 
Probate of his will was granted at Lewes 11 July, 1807 
to James Bourner and William Cheale the executors 
named in it. 

William Byne (ff), born 1801, by his wife Sarah 
had issue (i) George Byne^ baptized at Westfield 25 Dec- 
ember, 1 83 1, who died i May, 1853, and was buried 
in Bow Cemetery; (2) Mary Elizabeth, baptized at 
Westfield i June, 1834, who died 16 06tober, 1903, 
and was buried at Westfield, leaving a will dated 
4 April, 1895, and proved at Lewes 3 November, 1903; 

(3) Henry Byne, baptized at Westfield, 16 April, 1837; 

(4) Thomas Byne, baptized there 22 November, 1839, 
and buried there 13 June, 1840; (5) Delia, baptized 
there 25 February, 1841, and married to one Lee; 
(6) Fanny, baptized there 15 October, 1843, and buried 

150 The Byne Fa7nily of Sussex, 

there 19 May, 1863; (7) Sally, baptized there 14 Sept- 
ember, 1845, ^'^^ (^) Harriet, baptized there 28 June, 
and buried there 3 July, 1849. William Byne (ff) was 
buried at Westfield 19 Oftober, 1874, his wife, Sarah, 
having been buried there 31 January, 1856, aged 42. 
There are M.I.'s in Westfield Churchyard to most of 
the Bynes who were buried there. 

John Byne (gg) {cmte p. 132) like his brother, Stephen 
Byne (c), settled in London. He as the youngest son and 
customary heir of his mother, Ann Byne, was admitted to 
copyholds of the manor of Clayton, 25 06lober, 1665, 
and 14 Oftober, 1673, ^^ surrendered them to William 
Scrase (a). By deed dated 19 October, 1676, and made 
between George Scrase of Aldgate, apothecary (jG) of the 
one part and John Byne (gg), described as of the Min- 
ories, Aldgate, Merchant Taylor, of the other part, 
George Scrase sold and conveyed to John Byne (gg) two 
closes of land in Tunbridge, co. Kane, containing nine 
acres {^. His name does not appear in the freemen's 

(a) William Scrase, baptized at Pycombe 19 November, 1626, made 
his will, dated 5 February, 168);, and proved at Lewes 2 May, 1683 
(Book A. 36, fol. 90), in which he is described as of Ditchling, and was 
buried 21 April, 1683, at Pycombe as diredled in his will. 

(/3) George Scrase, in whose will, dated 7 September, 1689, and 
proved 30 September, 1689 (P.C.C. 129 Ent.), he is described as of 
St. Olave's, South wark, apothecary, was son of James Scrase of Pycombe 
(a brother of William Scrase above named) by Barbara his wife, to the 
efFe<Sts of which Barbara, as of Tunbridge, widow, administration was 
granted out of P.C.C. 16 January, 1685, to her daughter Barbara, wife 
of Thomas Pickering, cler., who was vicar of Westham and recStor of 
Tarrins: Neville. 

(y) Close Rolls, 28 Car. 2, pt. 16-22. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 151 

list of the Merchant Taylors' Company. John Byne 
(gg) by his wife Alice had issue (i) Alice, baptized 
3 September, 1676, at St. Botolph's, Aldgate, John 
Byne (gg) being in the register described as of Tower 
Hill, and which Alice was married to one Bouts; (2), 
Ann, baptized there 4 March, 167^; (3) John Byne (11) 
baptized there 15 December, 1679; [^) Magnus Byn^ [u), 
baptized there 21 June, 1685, and (5) Thomas Byne (q), 
baptized there 16 Odober, 1687. 

Alice Byne, the widow of John Byne (gg) by her will 
dated 14 August, 1733, wherein she is described as of 
St. Botolph's without Aldgate, widow, disposed as 
follows: "To my cousin Elizabeth Byne spinster 
^10 (a). To my cousin Ann Payton widow £10. To 
my cousin Jemima Nix, wife of Leonard Nix of Bow 
Lane London barber ^'^o. To my son in law Joseph 
Green and to Mary his wife ^10 a piece. To my 
grandson John Gibson and to Mary his wife £^02. 
piece, and unto their three daughters Mary, Jane, and 
Elizabeth Gibson £^ a piece. To my cousin Alice 
Elliott otherwise Burroughes 2s. to be paid weekly for 
her life and also £10. I give to my daughter Alice 
Bouts widow all that my meadow in Badsey co. Wore, 
near the Mill Taile called Crab Tree close which I 
purchased and I devise to her all my freehold estate in 
Distaff Lane London, and after her decease I devise the 
same to my granddaughter Ann Bouts and in default of 
her issue then to my granddaughter Mary the wife of 
John Gibson. I give the residue of my estate to Alice 
(a) Daughter of Magnus Byne (f). 

152 The Byne Family of Sussex. 

Bouts and my granddaughter Ann Bouts. I nominate 
my cousin Richard Boulton the elder to be overseer, 
and for his care I give him two guineas to buy him a 
ring." This will, one of the witnesses to which was 
John Gibson, was proved 9 March, 1738, by Alice 
Bouts and Ann Bouts in P.C. 0.(48 Henchman). It ap- 
pears from a bill in Chancery filed 22 January, ijiy by 
John Byne (11) in which he is described as of London, 
mariner, against his mother Alice Byne, that William 
Forrest of Badsey, an uncle of Alice Byne, by his will 
dated 23 June, 1698 gave all his lands in Badsey to 
Alice Byne for life with remainder to her son John 
Byne in fee, and bequeathed his personal estate equally 
between them, and complaint was made that Alice 
Byne had felled and converted to her own use a large 
quantity of timber on these lands (a). The remainder of 
John Bine (11) in this property at Badsey must have been 
sold, for John Bodington of Stepney, citizen and 
apothecary of London, by his will dated 25 March, 
1728, and proved 17 April, 1728 (P.C.C. 104 Brook) 
made a devise of his reversion in freehold lands at Bad- 
sey expectant on the death of Alice Byne 

John Byne (ii), whose name appears in the register 
of Merchant Taylors' School under date 1 1 September, 

(a) Byne v. Byne, Chanc. Proc. B. and A., 1714-58, Mitford, Bundle 

(/3) Misc. Gen. et Her., vol. v, 2nd Series, p. 344. John Bodington 
appointed Joseph Greene of London, goldsmith, one of his executors, and 
gave a legacy of ^^lo for mourning to Mary Greene his wife. Probably 
these are the persons of those names mentioned in Alice Byne's will. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 153 

1693, by his wife Jane, had issue 'John Byne (jj) bap- 
tized at St. Botolph's, Aldgate, 6 March, i /of, John 
Byne (11) being in the register described as of the 
Minories (a). 

Magnus Byne (h), whose name appears in the register 
of Merchant Taylors' School under date 1 1 September, 
1695, died a bachelor, " apud vel prope Guineam,'* and 
30 May, 171 6, letters of administration of his effedls 
were granted to his mother and principal creditor, 
Alice Byne, widow, out of P.C.C. 

Thomas Byne (q), whose name also appears in the 
register of Merchant Taylors' School under date 
II September, 1695, by his will dated 12 November, 
1728, wherein he is described as of St. Botolph's, 
Aldgate, mariner, gave all his real and personal estate 
to his well-beloved friend, "John Viscount," brandy- 
man. Probate of this will was granted 30 June, 1733, 
to John Vicount (P.C.C. 171 Price), and in the probate 
a6t the Testator is described as of His Majesty's ship 
The Deal Castle, a bachelor. 

Magnus Byne (f), whose name appears in the register 
of Merchant Taylors' School under date 1 1 March, 
167*-, practised as an apothecary in the parish of St. 
George the Martyr, Southwark, and about November, 
1690, married with Jane, daughter of Joseph Dakin, of 
that parish, the license in the Commissary Court of 

(a) He may be the "John Bines of St. Martins in the Fields widower " 
who married at Lincoln's Inn Chapel 5 November, 17 17, with Eliza- 
beth Moulton of the same parish, single woman. 


154 '^^^^ Byne Family of Sussex. 

Surrey being dated 24 November, 1690. He had a 
daughter EHzabeth who, described as of St. George the 
Martyr, on 11 April, 1738, filed a bill in Chancery as 
sole executrix of the will of Mary Holmes of Chertsey, 
widow, in respe6t of a mortgage made to the latter (a). 

John Byne (ff), the third son of Stephen Byne (a), 
was baptized at Burwash 2 May, 16 17, and married 
with Elizabeth, widow of Simon Conye (jG). By his 
will dated 20 April, 1662, in which he is described as 
of Burwash, yeoman, he thus disposed : " I bequeath to 
my Sonne Stephen after the death of my wife Elizabeth 
my landes in Burwash called Woodland. Item. It is 
my will that my sonne Edward Byne shall have my 
lande lyeing in Burwash called Herring's Mead [y). 
My executors shall sell my houses in Burwash Towne 
and use the money arising thereby for the educating 
and bringing up of my two daughters Mary and Anne. 
I appoint my brother Stephen Byne (b) to be exe- 
cutour." This will, which was attested by Stephen 

(a) Byne v. Heather, Chanc. Proc. B. and A., 1714-58, Sewell, 
Bundle 126. Perhaps George Bine, of Merchant Taylors' School, 
14 September, 1716, who in the license for his marriage in the Com- 
missary Court of Surrey, dated 8 November, 1732, is described as of 
Chertsey, chirurgeon, aged 26, was a son of Magnus Byne (f). 

(/3) This appears from a Chancery suit in which John Byne (ff), 
described as of Burwash, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife were plaintiffs, 
and John Polhill ofTunbridge and John Conye were defendants (Chanc. 
Proc. B. and A., Mitford before 1714, Bundle 316, No. 20). The will 
of Simon Conye was proved 7 December, 1648, by his widow Elizabeth 
(P.C.C. 183, Essex). 

(y) Herring's Mead was devised to John Byne (ff) by the will of his 
uncle, William Byne (bb) {ante^ p. 116). 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 155 

Longmar and John Polhill, was proved 5 May, 1662, 
by Stephen Byne (b) at Lewes. The issue of John 
Byne (ff) were: (i) Stephen Byne (k), baptized at Bur- 
wash 14 April, 1650; (2) Mary, baptized there 
28 December, 1651, who is probably the Mary Byne 
that was married there in 1677 ^° Edward Howell of 
Willingdon (a); (3) 'John Byne, baptized at Burwash 
24 April, 1657, and buried there 15 September, 1659; 
(4) Edward Byne (ff) baptized there 1 2 September, 1 66 1 ; 
and (5) Anne, who was buried there 15 May, 1680. 
At a court holden for the manor of Burwash 4 April, 
1655, Stephen Conye surrendered a tenement and 
60 acres of land called Winters, then in the occupation 
of John Byne, gentleman, who was probably John 
Byne (ff), to certain uses, and 2 April, 1657, he sur- 
rendered the same lands described as " nowe or late in 
the occupation of John Byne Gent." {j2). Elizabeth Byne, 
the widow of John Byne (ff) was buried at Burwash 
15 February, i66|-. 

Edward Byne (dd), cler., the fourth son of Stephen 
Byne (a) was baptized at Burwash 2 December, 1623, 
and matriculated at Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1639, as 
" Londinensis " (being probably the Edward Bines of 

(a) Edward Howell was buried at Willingdon I September, 1694, 
having had several children by his wife Mary, baptized there. Colonel 
Richard Bridger of Combe in Hamsey {antey p. 65, note (a)), in a codicil 
dated 16 April, 1692, to his will (Lewes, Book A., fol. 166), mentions 
lands held of the manor of Willingdon which had been surrendered to 
him by Edward Howell. 

(/3) Brit. Mas. Add. MSS. 33179, fol. 7 and 40. 


156 Tlie Byne Fa?nily of Sussex. 

Merchant Taylors' School at Probation 1 1 March, 
1632 (a)), proceeded to the degree of B.A. at Trinity 
College 164I, and to that of M.A. at Caius College 
1648. He was at first refused his M.A degree, because 
" being only B.A. contrary to the laudable custom of 
the University he preached in the town, and in his 
preaching delivered divers things derogatory to the 
Scriptures " ifi). He, however, made his submission in 
1648, and was intruded as fellow and president of Caius 
College, and remained fellow till 1652, having been 
. morning lecturer in that college 1645, registrar 1646, 
and rhetoric prseleftor 1649 [y). In 1649 he was 
minister of the Cathedral Church of Ely, in respedt of 
which he received by way of augmentation or stipend 
for three months up to 25 December, 1649, ^^^ ^^""^ ^^ 
^30 under orders of the Plundered Ministers' Com- 
mittee (^). Edward Byne (dd) was in and after 1661 
Vicar of Pyworthy, co. Devon. He was also Vicar of 
Linckinghorne, co. Cornub., in and after 1663, and 
having become infirm and unable to serve that cure he, 
in 1674, arranged with William Herring, cler., to serve 
it as curate for the quarterly stipend oi £y los., and 
the arrangement subsisted up to the death of Edward 

(a) An Edward Byncs is also named at Probation 12 September, 1629. 

(/5) Baker's MSS., vol. xxv, p. 182. 

(7) Venn's Biog. Hist, of Caius Coll., vol. i, p. 354, and vol. iii, 
p. 89, Edward Byne delivered to Thomas Batchcroft, Master of Caius, 
who was eje6led 13 April, 1649, the order for his expulsion (ibid.y vol. iii, 
p. 91, note i). 

(^) Shaw's Hist, of English Church under Commonwealth, vol. ii, 
p. 525. 

The Byne Family of Sussex. 157 

Byne (a). He married with Martha, only child of John 
Radford of Bermondsey, Citizen and Merchant Taylor 
of London, by Joan his wife. He by his will dated 
6 February, i68f, devised Kennacot, in the parish of 
" Chawford," co. Devon, to his wife Martha for life, 
and after her death to his son Edward, and he devised 
the advowson of Linckinghorne for the benefit of his 
son Francis Byne, and gave all his tenements in Well 
Alley, in Wapping, co. Middlesex, to his wife for four 
years for the maintenance of his son Francis at the 
University, and afterwards to his daughter, Martha 
Gliddon, provided that she had the jointure settled 
upon her in the lands called Allicot (j3) of John Gliddon, 
gent., and after bequeathing pecuniary legacies to his 
children, he constituted his wife Martha residuary 
legatee and executrix. Edward Byne (dd) died 6 Febru- 
ary i68f, and his widow proved his will 7 June, 1683, 
in P.C.C.[(67 Drax). He had six children: (i) Edward 
Byne (gg), who, according to the registers of Exeter 
Cathedral, was born in the Close there 26 October, 
1653 ; (2) Martha married before 1682 to one Gliddon ; 
(3) Mary, who was married twice, ist to one Dell, 
and 2ndly to one Densham; (4) Francis Byne; (5) Henry 
Byne; and (6) Jo/m Byne. On 27 October, 1683, 
Martha Byne, the widow of Edward Byne (dd), filed a 
bill in Chancery against her son Edward Byne (gg) for 

(a) Herring v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Hamilton, before 17 14, 
Bundle 152, No. 55. William Herring, of Exeter Coll., Oxford, B.A. 
1672, was redlor of Pillaton, co. Cornub., in and after 1686. 

(/3) Allicot is in the parish of Shebbear. 

158 T^he Byne Fa7mly of Sussex, 

accounts of her father's personal estate, and of the rents 
and profits of his real estate in Whitechapel and Wrap- 
ping. In his answer to this bill Edward Byne (gg) 
apparently claimed that all the property was his own 
through a title derived under the will of his maternal 
grandmother, Joan Radford; but in both the pleadings 
reference is made to Stephen Byne as a brother of Edward 
Byne (dd), which seems to identify the latter (a). 
Martha Byne, by her will dated 20 July, 1687, wherein 
she is described as of Clawton, co. Devon, gave her real 
estate in Bermondsey, and her messuages in Camber- 
well, in various shares to her sons John Byne, Francis 
Byne, and Henry Byne, and her daughters Mary and 
Martha, and appointed John and Mary executors. They 
proved her will 2 March, i68-|- in P.C.C. (28 Exton). 

Francis Byne, cler., who was born 1665, was of 
Exeter College, Oxford, where he proceeded to the 
degree of B.A. 21 January, 168-J, and was Vicar of 
Linckinghorne from 1690 to his death (/G). He died 
22 July, 1724, leaving a will dated 6 June, 1719, by 
which, after referring to certain freehold property in 
the High Street, Exeter, nigh the Guildhall there, of 
which he was trustee for his sister Mary Densham, 

(a) Byne v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Collins, before 1714, 
Bundle, 516, No. 90. Ibid., Reynardson before 17 14, Bundle 82, 
No. 65. There is also a suit by Martha Byne the widow to recover 
possession of part of the Whitechapel property against Lancelot Shank 
{ibid.^ Collins, before 1 7 14, Bundle 278). 

(/3) In Bacon's Liber Regis, p. 300, it is stated that John Byne pre- 
sented to Linckinghorne in 1689. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 159 

formerly Mary Dell, widow, and devising the same to 
his niece, Mary Dell, upon the trusts applicable thereto, 
he gave to the poor of Linckinghorne 20J., and he gave 
all the rest of his estate, real and personal, to his niece 
Mary Dell, desiring that his body should be " interred 
in the middle Isle of the chancel of Linckinghorne 
Church." This will was proved 12 September, 1724, at 
Exeter, by Mary Dell the niece. 

By a deed dated 23 March, 169I-, and made between 
John Byne of Clawton, co. Devon, yeoman, Henry 
Byne, of Clawton, Mary Byne, spinster, and Francis 
Byne, cler., described as elder brother of the said John 
and Henry of the one part, and George Cooke of 
London of the other part, the Bynes for the considera- 
tion of ;f 640 conveyed a meadow and messuages in 
Camberwell to George Cooke (a). 

Stephen Byne (b), the fifth son of Stephen Byne (a), 
was of Burwash, yeoman, and married twice: ist, with 
Ann, daughter of John Peckham, of Framfield (iS), who 
was buried at Burwash 17 January, 167I-; and 2ndly, 
19 Odlober, 1678, at Maresfield, with Alice Heath- 
field {y). He was churchwarden of Burwash in the 
years 1670, 1671, and 1672. In 1690 he and his wife 

(a) Close Rolls, 5 W. and M., No. 21. 

(jG) John Peckham of Framfield, by his will dated 15 April, 1676 
(South Mailing Deanery Wills, H. 91), gave "to each of the children 
of my daughter Anne the wife of Stephen Byne of Burwash gent. 10 

(7) In the license at Lewes dated i October, 1678, they are both 
described as of Burwash. 

i6o TJie By7ie Fa7nily of Sussex. 

Alice joined in a fine for conveying lands in Burwash 
to Thomas Hooper, gent. (a). By his will dated 
14 Ocftober, 1691, he directed that all his lands, both 
freehold and copyhold, should be sold, and requested 
his loving friends, John Polhill of Burwash, gent., and 
Stephen Coney of Burwash, yeoman, to be aiding and 
assisting in such sale, and then proceeded: "To my 
son Magnus Byne ^(^200. Item. To my daughter Mary 
Byne £^10. Item. To my daughter Ann Byne, ^(^25. 
All the reste of my estate I give to my wife Alice for 
the mayntenance of herselfe and the fower (/S) children 
which I have by her viz. Alice, Stephen, William, and 
John. I make my wife sole executrix." The witnesses 
were Thomas Arkcoll and John Wood. Stephen Byne (b) 
was buried at Burwash 17 Odlober, 1691, and his will 
was proved 17 November, 1691, by Alice Byne, the 
relid: at Lewes (Book A. 40, fol. 1 63). Stephen Byne (b) 
had issue by his first wife: [i) Magnus Byne (i) baptized 
at Burwash 11 April, 1672; (2) Anne baptized there 
1674; and (3) Mary married 28 March, 1695, at War- 
bleton, to John Baldock (t/) ; and by his second wife 
(4) Alice, baptized at Burwash, 1681, and buried there 
10 February, 173I-; (5) Stephen Byne (l) baptized there 

(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Hil., 2 W. and M., No. 6. 

(/3) Thomas Heath field of Heathfield, yeoman, by his will dated 
7 December, 1708, and proved at Lewes 26 March, 1709 (Book A. 47, 
fol. 182), gave a legacy "to my sister Alice Byne" and conferred 
benefits upon "my sister Alice Byne her four children." 

(7) In the license at Lewes dated 26 March, 1695, John Baldock is 
described as of Hurstmonceux, where on 28 September, 1698, Mary, 
daughter of John and Mary Baldock, was baptized. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, i6i 

1 4 February, i68f-; (6) William Byne (ff); and (7) yo/6« 
jBy>^f (kk) baptized there 9 February, i6^-|. His widow, 
Alice, was buried at Burwash 3 June, 1730. 

Magnus Byne (i) was of Warbleton, and married at 
Streat, co. Suss., 30 May, 1695, with Mary, daughter 
of John Beale, and had issue by her (i) Mary, born 9 
and baptized at Warbleton 18 September, 1696, who, 
described as of St. Michael's, Lewes, was married at 
All Saints there i Odober, 1728, to John West, the 
license at Lewes being dated the previous day ; (2) 
Anne, baptized at Warbleton i December, 1698, who, 
described as of All Saints, Lewes, was married at Ber- 
wick 13 April, 1725, to William Tuppen of Willing- 
don; (3) Magnus Byne (j) baptized at Warbleton 
30 March, 1701; (4) 'John Byne (ll) baptized there 
17 06lober, 1703; and (5) Stephen Byne (m) baptized at 
Dallington 27 0(5tober, 1706(a). Magnus Byne (i) was 
buried at Warbleton 24 May, 1707. On 26 06lober, 
1708, his widow was cited in the Archdeaconry Court 
to show by what authority she had intermeddled with 
his goods, and 14 November, 1708, was excom- 
municated for not appearing (jG). The widow was buried 
at St. Michael's, Lewes, 2 July, 1729. 

William Byne (ff) married at Burwash 30 March, 
1719, with Elizabeth Stephens, and had issue (i) 

(a) In the entry of his baptism he is described as son of Magnus 
Byne of Warbleton. 

(/i) A61 Books, ex officio^ 1708- 1 7 10. 

1 62 The By 726 Fa7}iily of Sussex. 

Stephen Byne (n) baptized at Echingham 14 June 
1720(a); (2) Mary, baptized at Burwash 27 January, 
172I-, and buried there 27 January, 174}; (3) Williain 
Byw, baptized there 6 October, 1725; [^ John Byne, 
baptized there 6 January, 172;}; and (4) Thomas Byne, 
baptized there 15 April, 1734. William Byne (ff) was 
burled at Burwash 22 December, 1769, his wife Eliza- 
beth having been buried there 7 May, 1761. 

Stephen Byne (n) described as of Burwash, married 
at Wartling 8 September 1751, with Hannah Baker, 
and had issue (i) Stephen Byne (o) baptized at Burwash 
15 March, 1752; (2) Elizabeth, baptized there 17 and 
buried there 24 April 1754; (3) Ann, baptized at 
Bodiam 11 May, 1755; (4) fVilliam Byne, baptized 
there 29 September, 1759; (5) Sarah, baptized at New- 
enden, co. Kane, 14 December, 1762, and buried there 
20 February, 1763 ; (6) Alice, baptized there 1 2 February, 
1764; (7) Mercy, baptized there 17 January, 1768; and 
(8) Rebecca,baptized there 16 December, 1770. Stephen 
Byne (n) was buried at Bodiam 3 December, 1784. 

Stephen Byne (m) by his will dated 17 February, 
173^, in which he is described as of Brightling, ap- 
pointed Mistress Elizabeth Burrell [(2) executrix thereof, 
and gave to his sister Nan's three children ^^21, to his 
brother Magnus' children £2 1 , and to his brother-in-law 

{a) The entry of his baptism describes his parents as William and 
Elizabeth Byne of Burwash. 

(/3) Elizabeth, widow of William Burrell, cler., re6tor of Brightling, 
to whom as Elizabeth Noakes of Brightling she was married at Frant 
22 April, 1 7 10. She was buried at Brightling 12 May, 1744. 

The Byne Faintly of Sussex. 163 

William Tuppen, ^5, and bequeathed the residue be- 
tween his brothers Magnus and John. This will was 
proved 15 May, 1741, at Lewes by Elizabeth Burrell 
(Book A. 56, fol. 181). He was buried at Brightling 
18 May, 1740, and he seems clearly to have been a 

Magnus Byne (j) was of Piddinghoe, co. Suss., and 
was buried there 7 December, 1747. Magnus Byne (j) 
by his first wife, Mary Barnding, with whom he married 
at Beddingham, co. Sussex, 12 July, 1724, and who was 
buried at Piddinghoe i January I72y, had issue (i) 
Magnus Byne, baptized at Piddinghoe 18 December, 
1726, and buried there 7 May, 1727; and by his second 
wife, Anne Baker of Piddinghoe, with whom he married 
at Telscombe, co. Suss., 4 June, 1727, he had issue; 

(2) jfo/in Byne, baptized at Piddinghoe 9 March, iy2^; 

(3) Ann, born 30 November and baptized there 7 Dec- 
ember, 1729, who was buried there 18 December, 
1736; (4) Mary, born 20 October and baptized there 
21 November, 1732; and (5) Stephen Byne, born 9 and 
baptized there 12 December, 1736, who died 27 and 
was buried there 29 August, 1737. At a Court holden 
for the manor of Ditchling Redlory 7 October, 1740, 
Magnus Byne (j) described as of Piddinghoe, and as one 
of the customary tenants of the manor, surrendered a 
tenement called Thurstons, in the occupation of John 
Lee and John Fuller to the use of John Fuller (a). 

(j:) The interest which, if any, was only equitable of Magnus Byne (j) 
in Thurstons, was derived through his mother Mary Byne, formerly 

164 'The Bync Fa?nily of Sussex, 

John Bynk (ll) was of the city of Chichester, fell- 
mongcr, and by his will dated 11 June, 1759, and 
proved in the Dean's Court at Chichester 26 May, 
1761 (Book 1732-1765, folio 220), bequeathed various 
specific and pecuniary legacies, including one to Thomas 
Baldock of Rotherfield, yeoman, and after appointing 
Richard West of Chichester, glover, his executor, gave 
the residue of his personal estate to his nieces and 
nephew — Ann Chatfield, wife of . . . Chatfield, Mary 
Byne of Lewes, spinster, Thomas Tufton of Eastbourne, 
husbandman, and Mary Ball, wife of . . . Ball (a) of 
Eastbourne equally between them. 

V. John Byne (bb) (ante, p. 104) was baptized at Bur- 
wash 6 April, 1589, died a bachelor and was buried there 
7 February, 161-^. By his will dated 2 February, i6i|-, 
after bequeathing 20/. to the poor of Burwash he gave 
" to my brother Stephen Byne (a) and to his heyres a 
parcell of lande called by the name of Freehold which was 
boght of Roger Blochinden (/3) payeinge oute of the said 

Bcalc, the death of whose father, John Beale of Streat, yeoman, tenant 
thereof, was presented at a court holden 27 May, 1690, the death of the 
latter's widow being presented 8 May, 1717, when their only son John 
Beale was admitted and made a conditional surrender to Walter Knisht, 
who was admitted thereon 11 September, 1718. 

(a) Thomas Tufton (a name interchangeable in the Eastbourne 
register with Tuppen) and Sarah his wife had a daughter Charity, bap- 
tized at Eastbourne 7 March, 174^, and a son Thomas, baptized there 
15 February, 1752. William Ball and Mary his wife had a child Eliza- 
beth baptized there 1 1 November, 1756. 

(/5) Edward Byne (aa), the father of John Byne (bb), bought land 
in Burwash from Roger Blochinden in 1595 (Feet of Fines, Suss., 

The By?te Family of Sussex. 165 

lande unto my brother William Byne (bb) by the yeere 
40^. for hys lyfe. Item. I bequeth to my brother Edward 
Byne (bb) ^20, eight poundes being in the handes of 
Joseph Byne of Burwash and twelve poundes being in 
the handes of Thomas Dawe of Warbleton. Item. To 
Ann Lucke my kinswoman 6s. Sd. and unto Rose Lucke 
6s. Sd. Item I gyve unto Annis [Agnes] Byne my 
mother the resydue of my goodes and I make her 
executour. I appoint my brother Magnus Byne (a) 
and my cozen David Foster to be my trustie supervisors 
and overseeres, and I gyve them for theyr peynes 
3J-. /\J. a peece." The witnesses to this will were John 
Byne the elder (John Byne, n) and John Smyth, and it 
was proved by the testator's mother Agnes Byne 
26 August, 1 61 6, at Lewes (Book A. 15, fol. 155). 

Descendant of Anthony Byne {ante, p^gc 104). 

The only child of Anthony Byne was Edward 
Byne (cc). At a court holden for the manor of Battle 

24 April, 1593, ^^ ^^ ^°^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ father was 
admitted to a moiety of a tenement called the Harpe, 
a moiety of a tenement called Staceys otherwise Lox- 
beche, and a moiety of a tenement called Brond's 
Pond (a). On 15 Odlober, 161 1, he filed a bill in 
Chancery, in which he is described as of Battle, against 

Trill. 37 Eliz.). Roger Blochinden was excommunicated in 1610 and 
again in 161 7 for not going to church (A61 Books, ex officio)^ and was 
buried at Burwash 23 February, 163^. 

(a) Thorpe's Catalogue of the Muniments of Battle Abbey (1835) 
p. 147. 

1 66 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

Thomas Couchman, of the same place, gent,, and from 
this, which merely seeks relief in connexion with a 
money bond, it appears that Edward Byne (cc) had 
until then recently carried on the trade of a beerbrewer 
at Battle (a). 

Descc?idants of Symon Byne (c) {antCy page 105). 

William Byne (cc) seems to have married with Anne, 
daughter of Isaac Atthurst, and to be the William Byne 
who had issue (i) Margaret as in the register or Mary 
as in the Bishop's transcript, baptized at Burwash 
17 July, 1 6 14; (2) Judith, baptized there 4 August, 
1 61 6; (3) Susan, baptized there 11 April, 16 18, and 
married there 13 November, 1638, to Edward Sander- 
son; (4) Anne, baptized there 25 February, 162" ; (5) 
William Byne (gg) baptized there 11 May, 1623; 
(6) Bathshua, baptized there 5 March, 1625; (7) Eliza- 
beth, baptized there 29 March and buried there 
9 November, 1629; and (8) yohn Byne (mm) baptized 
there 26 December, 1630. On 26 November, 1629, 
John Atthurst of Clifford's Inn, gent., grandson of 
Clement Atthurst, cler.. Vicar of Alciston, co. Suss., by 

(a) Byne v. Couchman, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Jac. i, Bundle B. 23, 
No. 27. Thomas Gilbert of Ashburnham, gent., but whose family- 
resided at Battle, by his will dated 25 August, 1628, and" proved 27 
Odlober, 1628 (P.C.C. 83 Barrington), bequeathed to his "kinswoman 
Dorothy Byne the wife of Abraham Cooper of Wartling 405." Dorothy 
Cooper of Wartling, widow, in her will dated 18 February, i6-rj^, and 
proved at Lewes 9 April, 1630 (Book A. 21/2), does not mention any 

*The Byne Family of Sussex, 167 

his second wife, filed a bill in Chancery against William 
Byne (cc) described as of Burwash, and Anne his wife, 
who was stated to be a daughter of Isaac Atthurst, a 
son of Clement by his first wife, to enforce a promise 
by William and Anne Byne to levy a fine of a messuage 
in Biddenden, co. Kane (a). William Byne (cc) hus- 
bandman, described as resident in Burwash all his life, 
born there, and aged 50, was 31 March, 1637, a witness 
in a cause in the Archdeaconry Court (/3). 

John Byne (mm) is probably the John Byne who by 
his wife Elizabeth had issue; (i) William Byne baptized 
at Hurstmonceux 6 October, 1665 ; (2) John Byne (nn); 
(3) Thomas Byne (r); (4) Stephen Byne (p), baptized at 
Hurstmonceux 16 March, 167!^, and (5) Elizabeth bap- 
tized there 28 October, 1678. John Byne (mm) was 
plaintiff^ in a fine levied in 1670 as to lands in Hurst- 
monceux iy). At a court for the manor of Hurstmonceux 
holden 6 December, 1681, he was admitted to a dwell- 
inghouse and land called Stoneacres in the parish of 
Hurstmonceux which had been surrendered to him out 
of court on 11 06tober, 1681, by Thomas Ranee of 
Seaford. At the next court, which was holden 18 April, 
1682, the death of John Byne was presented, and at a 
court holden 11 April, 1683, Stephen Byne (p) as his 
youngest son and heir was admitted to these copy- 

(a) Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Car. i. Bundle A, 44, No. 43. A 
Persis Bine of Biddenden, widow, was licensed to be married in 1690 
(Canterbury Mar. Lie, Series iv, col. 319). 

(/3) Deposition Book, 1637-1638. 

(7) Vect of Pines, Suss., I'rin., 22 Car. 2. 

1 68 The Byne Family of Sussex, 

holds, and his mother Elizabeth Byne, widow, was 
appointed his guardian. In the survey of the manor 
taken '\\i 1683 the widow Byne is stated to hold one 
cottage and parcel of land on the north side of the 
King's highway leading from Stunts Green to Magham 
Down. On 20 May, 1682, letters of administration of 
tlie effects of John Byne (mm) were granted at Lewes 
to Elizabeth Byne his relidt, and she appears to be the 
Elizabeth Byne, widow, who in 1683 was one of the 
deforciants in a fine levied by John Coney as plaintiff, 
with respedt to lands in Burwash (a). At a court for the 
manor of Hurstmonceux holden 30 September, 1702, it 
was presented that Stephen Byne (p) described as of 
Dallington, carpenter, had on 30 September, 1701, out 
of court surrendered a customary cottage and garden in 
the parish of Hurstmonceux to the use of Thomas 
Brown of Hellingly, and Elizabeth his wife for their 
lives, and the life of the survivor of them, and after 
their deaths to the use of Mary, daughter of Edward 
Payne of Hellingly and her heirs for ever. Elizabeth 
widow of John Byne (mm) had been remarried at 
Wartling 17 December, 1685, to this Thomas Brown, 
who was buried at Hellingly 18 June, 1714, having by 
his will dated 3 Odtober, 171 3, which was proved at 
Lewes 24 July, 17 14 (Book A. 49, fol. 50) given a 
nominal legacy to each of her four sons William, John, 
Thomas, and Stephen Byne. 

John Byne (nn) appears to be the John Byne of 
Catsfield, who married there 22 April, 1690, with 
(a) Feet of Fines, Suss., Easter, 35 Car. 2. 

l^he Byne Family of Sussex, 169 

Margaret Eason. John Byne (nn) voted at the county 
election in 1705 \w respeft of lands in Catsfield. He was 
buried there 18 November, 173 1, having had issue 
(i) William Byne baptized at Catsfield 23 January, 1691, 
and buried there 17 September, 1696; (2) yohn Byne 
baptized at Catsfield 17 November, 1693, and buried 
there 1 3 July, 1745 ; (3) Joseph Byne baptized at Sedles- 
combe 4 August, 1695 (a); (4) Stephen Byne (q) baptized 
there 9 April, 1699 ; (5) a son baptized there 23 March, 
170Y; (6 and 7) Elizabeth and Mary, twins, baptized 
and buried there 29 November, 1703 ; (7) Richard Byne 
baptized there 4 March, 170I-, and buried there 4 June, 
1705 ; (8) Elizabeth, baptized there 19 June, 1706, and 
buried there 3 August, 171 2, and (9) Samuel By 7ie bap- 
tized there 21 July, 1707, and buried there 16 April, 

Stephen Byne (q) had issue by his wifis Sarah (i) 
yames Byne baptized at St. James's, Clerkenwell, 9 Octo- 
ber, 1728 ; (2) Joseph Byne baptized at Catsfield, 2 June, 
1733; (3) Mary baptized there 16 May, 1735, and 
buried there 4 June, 1777; (4) Sarah baptized there 
2 June, 1737; (5) Stephen Byne (r) baptized there 
26 April, 1738; (6) Ann baptized there 22 May, 
1740; (7) Philadelphia baptized there 2 December, 
1742, and buried there 16 June, 1784, and (8) Marcas 
baptized there i February, 174I-. Stephen Byne (q) was 
buried at Catsfield 3 May, 1777, his wife Sarah having 
been buried there 17 October, 1776. His son Joseph 

(a) In the entry of his baptism he is described as " the son of John 
Byne of Catsfield and Margaret his wife." 


lyo li'he By lie FuDiily of Sussex. 

Byne was of Frant, and by his will dated 3 November, 
1765, he gave to Mrs. Felicia Budgen (a) of Frant, 
spinster, his very good friend and neighbour, for her life 
his copyhold messuage in which he then dwelt with 
the shop, garden, and field adjoining called Carpenter's 
Croft, also his household goods during spinsterhood, 
and a yearly rent charge of ^5 out of his land called 
Browgate in Frant then in the occupation of the Rev. 
Mr. Delves (jG), and Richard Ovenden, and subjedl to 
these dispositions gave all his real and personal estate 
to his brother Stephen Byne (r) absolutely. Joseph 
Byne was buried at Frant 26 May, 1771; and his will 
was proved at Lewes by his brother Stephen Byne the 
executor, 20 August, 1771 (Book A. 62, fol. 424). At 
tlie county ele(5tion in 1774 Stephen Byne (r) described 
as of Catsfield, voted in respect of a house and land in 
Frant in the occupation of the Rev. Mr. Delves. 

Thomas Byne (r) presumably the son of John Byne 
(mm), married twice; ist at Ewhurst 9 May, 1700, with 
Anna King, and 2ndly at Northiam 2 April, 1725, 
with Sarah Chasemor. He had issue, all by his first 
wife, (i) 'Thomas By nt\hiy^\A7.^A at Ewhurst 11 Septem- 
ber, 1702; (2) Henry Bine born 11 and baptized tliere 
13 April, 1705 ; (3) 'John "Bine baptized there 27 April, 
1707, and three stillborn children buried there 9 Nov- 
ember, 1709; 5 March, 171 1, and 10 December, 1712 
respectively. In his will dated 13 February, 1733, in 
which he is described as of Ewhurst, thatcher, he men- 

(a) Felicia Budgen was buried at Frant 9 Oftober, 1781. 
(/3) William Delves, 13. A., redlor of Frant, i 741-1784. 

The Byne Family of Sussex, 171 

tions his wife Sarah and his sons Thomas and John. 
He was buried at Ewhurst 28 March, 1733, and his 
will was proved by his last named sons at Lewes 
9 April, 1733. Of these sons Thomas seems to be 
the Thomas Bine, who by his wife Sarah had issue, 
Elizabeth, baptized at Westfield 8 October, 1732, and 
Sarah baptized there 20 January, 173I-; and John to be 
the John Bine, married at Ewhurst 5 July, 1752, to 
Mary Fisher, who by his will dated 13 November, 
1755, in which he is described as of Ewhurst, thatcher, 
devised to his wife Mary in fee his copyhold messuages 
and lands holden of the manor of Rothersbridge, and 
subject to small bequests in favour of his brother 
Thomas Bine, and his brother's children, bequeathed 
his stock, cattle, household goods, money, and other 
efFe(fls to his wife absolutely, and appointed her sole 
executrix. He was buried at Ewhurst 27 06tober, 
1782, and his will was proved 11 November, 1782, 
by his reli6l Mary Bine at Lewes (Book A. 64, fol. 
543). Mary Bine died 22 March, 1807(a), and probate 
of her will was, 7 May, 1807, granted at Lewes to 
Elizabeth Baker the sole executrix. 

(a) On a stone in Ewhurst churchyard is: " In memory ofjohn Bine 
who died OSi'' 21 1782 aged 75 years and six months^'' and of ^^ Mary 
wife of John Bine who died March 2V"^ 1 807 aged 87 years^"* with some 

APPENDIX A (^inte, page 39). 

The Bynes of Carshalton co. Surrey. 

S shewn above the only son of James Byne of Car- 
shalton, the fourth son of William Byne of Row- 
dell, who attained maturity was Henry Byne (a). 

Henry Byne (a) was baptized at Carshalton 
15 February, i6o-|-, and married with Anne, 
daughter of Owen Bray of Chobham, co. Surr, By deed dated 
23 February, 163I, Henry Byne (a) conveyed to Edward 
Burrish some land at Deptford by way of sale (a). By his will 
dated 19 September, 1654, in which he is described as Henry 
Bynd of Carshalton, gent., he diredled that his body should be 
buried in the chancel of Carshalton Church, near to his late 
wife, and devised a messuage and closes of land in Camberwell 
and Wandsworth to his eldest son Henry upon trust to sell the 
same for and towards the raising of portions for his youngest 
children, namely, his daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Hester, 
Dorothy, Ann, Martha, and Regina, and his sons Edmund, 
Thomas, and Richard; and after declaring that his daughters 
Mary and Elizabeth should each have one fifth part and that 
the residue of his personal estate should be equally divided 
amongst the others, he bequeathed to his daughter Elizabeth 
one table diamond ring, and gave to his son Owen an annuity 

(a) Close Rolls, lo Car. i, pt. 31-9. James Byne the father of Henry 
Byne (a) had sold or mortgaged land at Deptford to T. Phelps in 161 9 (Feet 
of Fines, Kent, Trin. 17 Jac. i). 


174 Appcjidix A 

of l^^ out of his tithes and parsonage of Carshalton, and devised 
to his son Henry the messuage the testator then dwelt in with 
all lands belonging thereto and the right of presentation to the 
Vicarage of Carshalton and the residue of his real estate. Henry 
Bync (a) was burled at Carshalton 23 September, 1654, and his 
will was proved 10 November, 1654, before the Judges for 
probate of wills at Westminster by his son Henry the sole 
executor (P.C.C. 226 Alchin). Henry Byne (a) had issue 
(i) Henry Byne (b), (2) Owen Byne baptized at Carshalton 
4 August, 1630, who died a bachelor and was buried there 

7 December, 1686, (3) James Byne (a) baptized there 6 De- 
cember, 1 63 1, who died early, (4) Edmund Byne baptized there 
24 Odober, 1633, (5) Anne baptized there 18 January, 163;], 
and buried there 20 March, 163^, (6) Mary baptized there 
30 May, 1637, (7) Elizabeth baptized there 06lober, 1638, 
(8) Thomas Byne baptized there 27 February, i62{|, (9) Hester 
baptized there i December, 1641, (10) Dorothy baptized there 

8 February, 164I, (11) Richard Byne^ (12) Ann, (13) Martha 
and (14) Regina (a). Apparently James Byne (a), Edmund 
Byne, and Thomas Byne all died unmarried. Hester, one of 
the daughters of Henry Byne (a), was married about December, 
1 667, to Zachary Symes, citizen and haberdasher of London (|3) ; 
Dorothy, another of such daughters, was married to Arthur 
Scare; and Martha, another of such daughters, was married in 
1682(7) to John Nelme of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, M.A., 
cler., who was Redlor of Beddington, co. Surr., from 1684 to 
his death, and Vicar of Carshalton from 16 December, 1690, to 
his death. Martha Nelme was buried at Beddington 8 July, 
1686, and John Nelme was buried there 19 May, 1703 (J"). 

(a) The baptismal registers of Carshalton arc wanting from 14 March, 
164-3, ^o 23 November, 1650. 

(/3) License dated 3 December, 1667 (Harl. See, vol. xxxiii, p. 224). 

(y) License dated 23 January, 1 682, '^^'^ ^^^ marriage at St. Catharine 
Crec church. 

(5) Letters of Administration were, 9 July, 1703, granted out of P.C.C. 
(Adt Book, 1703, fol. 137'') of the ctlci^h of Joiiii Nclnic to Henry Bync (c) 

Appendix A 175 

Henry Byne (b) was baptized at Carshalton 12 February, 
i62f, married with Susanna, daughter of Abel Roper (a), and 
had seven children: (i) Henry Byne (c), (2) Abel Byne, baptized 
at Carshalton, 2 February, i66f, and buried there 9 August, 
1681, (3) Susannah, baptized there 24 February, 166^, who 
was married, 1691, to Edward Bearcroft of Clements Inn (|3), 
(4) Ann, baptized at Carshalton 30 September, 1669, who was 
married there i September, 1687 (the license in the Commis- 
sary Court of Surrey being dated 25 August, 1687), to Philip 
Bridall, and was buried there 19 November, 1694, (5) Charles 
Byne (a), (6) James Byne, baptized at Carshalton 6 April, 1673, 
and buried there 16 May, 1674, and (7) Joyce, baptized there 
7 April, 1675. ^'^ ^^^^ ^^'^^ ^^^ daughter Joyce were both 
buried at Carshalton 15 April, 1675. Henry Byne (b) con- 
veyed a moiety of the redorial tithes of Carshalton to the vicar 
of the parish and his successors (y); and he also presented to 
the church there a massive silver flagon inscribed " The comunion 
fflagon of the parish church of Carshalton in the county of 
Surry. The guift of Henry Byne Gent. 1 673 " {$). He purchased 
the manor of Claygate in the Hundred of Kingston, co. Surr. (a), 

during the minority of Elizabeth Nelme, the daughter of John Nelme, and 
3 May, 1706, when Elizabeth Nelme had attained twenty-one, were granted 
to her (P.C.C. Aft Book, 1706, fol. 98). 

(a) Abel Roper, born as stated in his will at Atherston, co. Warwick, was 
a member of the Stationers' Company in 1638 (Arber's Transcript, vol. iv, 
pp. 429, 481). He was Master in 1676, and gave to the Company a silver 
flagon weighing 34 oz. 13 dwts. {ibid., vol, v, p. Ixv). He was buried at 
St. Dunstan's in the West, 6 February, 16^'^, having by his will dated 1 1 June, 
1679, given legacies to his cousin Henry Herringman and his daughter Eliza- 
beth, and made his own son-in-law, Henry Byne (b), his residuary legatee, 
and appointed Henry Byne (b) and Henry Herringman his executors, who 
proved such will, 4 March, 16^, in P.C.C. (40 Bath). 

(/3) Foster's London Marr. Lie, col. 104. Visitation of Worcester, 1682-3, 
ed. by Metcalfe, p. 13. 

(y) Britton and Brayley's Hist, of Surr., vol. iv, p. 69. 

(2) Surr. Arch. Coll., vol, vii, p. 149, Ibid., vol, xii, p. 178. 

it) Britton and Brayley's Hist, of Surr., vol. iii, p. 167. Claygate was sold 
by the Byncs in 1727 to Lord Chancellor King. 

176 Appe7idix A 

and also the manor of Upper Court Lodge in the parish of 
Woldingham in the same county (a) which was conveyed to 
him by John Gresham by deed dated 28 May, 1673. He also 
owned lands at Newchurch and in Romney Marsh, co. Kane. (/3). 
By deed dated 21 December, 1680, Henry Byne (J'), who at 
the instance of the minister, churchwardens, and overseers of the 
poor of the parish of Carshalton had recovered a fund of ;^200 
belonging to the Muschamp charity by means of a suit in 
Chancery, did, in pursuance of an arrangement between him 
and the inhabitants of the parish come to at a meeting held 
13 April, 1680, grant to the parties to such deed of the 4th 
part, of whom two wereHenry Herringman and Henry Byne (c), 
twenty acres of pasture land in Carshalton for the purpose of 
the charity he retaining the ;^200 (y). On 2 May, 1691, Josias 
Dewye of Carshalton filed a bill in Chancery against Henry 
Byne (b) claiming to be entitled to one moiety of the advowson 
of Carshalton under a title derived through Catharine, wife of 
William Foster and a sister of Sence Fromond. To this bill 
Henry Byne (b) on 13 May, 1691, filed what was called a de- 
murrer, alleging that he had presented to the vicarage as the 
undoubted patron on successive vacancies in 1661, 1674, and 
1690 (J'). It appears from the Liber Institutionum, 1 660-1 702, 

(o) Britton and Braylcy's Hist, of Surr., vol. iv, p. 214. Upper Court 
Lodge was sold by the Byncs in 1795 to William Bryant. Manning's Hist, of 
Surr., vol. ii, p. 418, and sec r^ Byne reported in I Vcscy and Bcamcs, p. 316. 

(/3) Turner v. Byne. Chanc. Proc., B. and A., Hammond, before 1714, 
Bundle 332, No. 54. There are many suits in Chancery to which he was a 
party principally in his capacity of, or in conncftion with work done as, an 
attorney, but they are of no interest except that in Thorold v. Byne (Chanc. 
Proc, Bridges, before 1714, Bundle 566), Henry Byne (b), being sued by 
certain persons claiming to be devisees of Edward Bray of some land called 
Flaxland, set up that he was nephew and heir at law of Edward Bray, and 
that Edward Bray, having turned Monk in Flanders and become civilly dead, 
was incapable of disinheriting his heir at law-. 

(y) Thirteenth Report of Charity Commissioners (1825), pp. 562-3. 

(^) Dewye v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., Collins, before 1714, Bundle 

Appendix A 177 

pp. 194^ and I94^ that Henry Byne (b) had presented Isaac 
Cowper who was instituted 12 Odober, 1661; Thomas Bradley 
who was instituted 21 Odober, 1674; and John Nelme who 
was instituted 16 December, 1690. Henry Byne (b) pradised 
as an attorney at law in Clifford's Inn («). By his will dated 
28 January, 169^, Henry Byne (b) gave to his son Charles 
Byne ;^ 1,200 and his chamber and furniture in Clifford's Inn 
and all his law books and to his son Bridall (j3) and to his son 
and daughter Bearcroft ;^io a piece for mourning and one of 
his silver salvers, and after making pecuniary bequests to his 
grandson, Edward Bearcroft (y), his son Bridall's four children (J"), 
his nephew Henry Byne (d), his brother Edmund Byne, his 
sisters Mynors, Symes, Seares, and Eden, his nephew Robert 
Webber, his brothers Bridall and Herringman and their wives, 
his brother Nelme and others, he gave to his worthy friend and 
relative Anthony Bowyer, Esq^ (f), 40J. to be laid out in a book 
of divinity, and devised his three houses in Bishopsgate Street, 
London, to his son Henry Byne (c) in trust to sell for the use 
of his will and he gave the residue of his estate to his son 
Henry, and he devised to his son Henry and his heirs two 
closes of land called Hogsbridge Close and Pittercroft in Car- 
shalton of the yearly value of ;^7 \os. in trust to buy and bring 
down in the summertime from London to Carshalton five 
chaldron of Sea Coals, which in the winter, between i November 
and I February, were to be distributed amongst ten of the 

(a) In the Diary of Dean Davies (Camd. Soc), p. 27, under date 27 June, 
1689, occurs this passage, "I then dined with Mr. Bowyer" (who was Anthony 
Bowyer) " at Mr. Binn's chamber at CliiFord's Inn." 

(/3) Phihp Bridall was admitted of Lincoln's Inn, as of Middlesex, arm., 
II June, 1675, but in the register of his marriage he is described as of the 
Inner Temple. 

(y) Captain in the Oxford Blues at the Battle of Dcttingen (1743). 

(2)^Philip Bridall's son Henry was baptized at Carshalton, 2 February, 
169^, and buried there 19 May, 1697, and his son Edward was buried there 
23 November, 1694. 

(e) See ante^ P- 5'> and iupray note (a). 

A A 

178 Appendix A 

poorest anclentest housekeepers and inhabitants of Carshalton 
who frequented the parish church and were not guilty of cut- 
ting and stealing wood, his son Henry to have the residue of 
the profits of such closes of land (a). Henry Byne (b) was 
buried at Carshalton 2 August, 1697, and his will was proved 
by Henry Byne (c) 9 November, 1697 (P.C.C. 222, Pyne). 

Henry Byne (c) was baptized at Carshalton 18 November, 
1665, matriculated at Lincoln College, Oxford, 8 April, 1682, 
and was admitted of the Inner Temple in 1684 (|3). He married 
4 August, 1685, at Carshalton (the license in the Commissary 
Court of Surrey being dated 20 July, 1685), with Elizabeth, 
daughter of Henry Herringman, citizen and stationer of London, 
by Alice his wife {y). They had issue: (i) Alicia, baptized at 
Carshalton 27 May and buried there 20 June, 1686, and (2) 
James Herringman Byne, who was baptized at Carshalton 
22 December, 1687, as James Byne, died 2 March (cT) and was 
burled at Carshalton 7 March, 170I, and who by his will dated 

27 February, 170^, gave all his personal estate to his father. 
Such will, the witnesses to which were Edmund Byne and 
Philip Bridall, was proved 22 March, 170I (P.C.C. 47, Gee). 
His mother, Elizabeth, was burled at Carshalton 19 January, 
168^, and the following inscription to her memory was placed 
on a tablet on the east wall of the chancel in Carshalton Church: 
" Near this 'place lyes the body of Elizabeth Byne the wife of 
Henry Byne the younger of this parish Gent. She dyed in childbed 

(a) See also Thirteenth Report of Charity Commissioners (1825), p. 562. 
(/3) His name appears in the Inner Temple Records, vol. iii, under dates 

28 May, 1692, February, 1698, and November, 1703, and in 1707 when 
j^io 15/. was paid to him for damages sustained by new buildings having 
stopped up his end lights. 

(y) Surr. Arch. Coll., vol. vii, p. 145. For an account of the "costly and 
imposing " monument to the memory of Henry and Alice Herringman in 
Carshalton church, sec Brayley and Walford's Hist, of Surrey, vol. iii, p. 297, 
and Surr. Arch. Coll., vol. vii, pp. 67 and 147. 

(^) Urlwyn v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, B. and A., 1714-58, Reynardson, 

Appendix A 179 

of James Byne the i^'^ day of January Anno Domini 1687 /« the 
1 9"* year of her age. She was the daughter of Henry and Alice 
Herringman of this parish who in remembrance of their child 
ere5led this monument'" (a). Henry Byne (c) was one of the 
justices for the county of Surrey of the White Lion House of 
Corredlion in Southwark between 1693 and 17 18 (|3). He died 
24 March and was buried at Carshalton 2 April, 1724. By 
his will, dated 26 March, 1723, he gave to his niece Anne Byne 
^^500 over and above the ^^500 he formerly gave her, and to 
each of her two sons, Henry (e) and Charles (b), ;^500, to his 
brother-in-law Edward Bearcroft ^^2,000, to his cousin Mary 
Minors ;^200, to his cousin Anne Foster ;^ioo, to Mrs. Rachel 
Grimes ;^ioo, to his cousin Robert Webber £100, to his uncle 
Edmund Byne >^ioo, to Sir William Hamand, Mr. George 
Stanlake, and Mr. Paul Castelnau £20 each, to his servants 
^10 each, and to the Carshalton poor ^^20, and after giving 
directions as to continuing an annuity under the will of Mrs. 
Herringman he ordered that within three months after his death 
the deeds relating to the settlement by his father of a moiety 
of the tithes of Carshalton on the vicar and his successors should 
be put in the chest of Carshalton parish church, and he gave 
the residue of the reftorial tithes of Carshalton to the vicar of 
the parish and his successors, and devised his real estate to his 
brother Charles Byne (a) for life, and after his decease charged 
with rent charges of ^^ 100 a year in favour of his sister-in-law 
Elizabeth Byne for life and his niece Anne Byne for life, he 
devised such real estate in default of male issue of Charles 
Byne (a) to his cousin Henry Byne (d) and his niece Anne 
Byne his wife and the survivor of them until their son 
Henry (e) should be 21 and after that time to him for life and 
then to his issue male in stridl settlement with remainder to 
Charles Byne (b) for life, and then to his issue male in stridt 

(a) Aubrey's Hist, of Surr., vol. ii, p. i8o. Manning's Hist, of Sum, vol. ii, 
p. 514. 

(/3) Surr. Arch, Coll., vol. iii, p. 205. 

i8o Appendix A 

settlement with divers remainders over, and he bequeathed the 
residue of his personal estate to Charles Byne (a) making him 
and Edward Bearcroft executors of his will (a). This will was 
proved by Charles Byne (a) alone in P.C.C. (74, Bolton). It 
appears from the schedule to one of the answers filed in the suit 
of Byne v. Lodge hereinafter mentioned that Henry Byne (c) 
owned two houses in Bishopsgate Street, the mansion house 
and grounds of Carshalton, and several farms in Carshalton, 
Croydon, Mitcham, and Woldingham. 

Charles Byne (a) was baptized at Carshalton 23 
February, 167I, and married 21 December, 17 14, at 
St. Dionis Backchurch, with Elizabeth Nelme, born 
and baptized at Beddington, 16 November, 1684, the 
only child of John Nelme, cler., above named (j3), by 
Martha (Byne) his wife. Charles Byne (a) by his will 
dated 20 May, 1723, gave his real estate to his wife 
Elizabeth for her life, and after her decease to his 
daughter Ann Byne and her heirs, and directed that 
his personal estate should be divided between them. 
One of the witnesses to this will was his uncle Edmund 

(a) Byne v. Byne (Bill filed 10 June, 1724), Chanc. Proc, B. and A., 
1714-58, Zincke, Bundle 1707, was a suit to establish this will. Henry 
Byne (c) and his brother Charles Byne (a) were sued by bill filed i i May, 
1716, as the owners of "The Roebuck " in Cheapside (Thomas Gill v. Byne, 
Chanc. Proc, B. and A., 1714-58, Reynardson, 2351). From the suit of 
Combe V. Byne in which the bill was filed, 17 June, 1708 (Chanc. Proc, 
B. and A., Reynardson, before 1714, Bundle 469, No. 42), it appears that 
Henry Byne (c) had demised for twenty-one years "a capital messuage built 
for a tavern by Francis Knight, late of East Greenwich, Esq., on the ground 
whereon his dwelling-house stood, until burnt down by the dreadfull fire of 
London in 1666, and which said tavern was called the Bull Hcid, and since 
the Ship, wherein Richard Alsop, citizen and vintner of London, lately dwelt 
and then and now called the Rummer situate in or near Cheapside alias West- 
cheape in the parish of Allhallows, Honey lane." 

(/3) See ante, p. 174, note (5). The register of Beddington states that 
Elizabeth Nelme "was borne on the 16"' day of Nov. 1684 about 9 of the 
clocke in the morning & baptized in the evening of the same day." 

Appendix A i8i 

Byne. Charles Byne (a) was buried at Carshalton, 
17 July, 1725 (a), and his will was proved by his relidl 
26 July, I725(P.C.C. 149 Romney). Charles Byne (a) 
had two children (i) Elizabeth, born 14 January, bap- 
tized at Carshalton, 5 February, and buried there 8 Feb- 
ruary, 17 if, and (2) Ann, born 19 and baptized at 
Carshalton 11 February, 171^, who died a spinster 
1 6 April and was buried at Carshalton 26 April, 1 737 (jS), 
and of whose estate letters of administration were granted 
to her " mother Elizabeth Hollier," out of P.C.C. 
25 May, 1737. The widow Elizabeth had, 25 January, 
1721^, been remarried at Charterhouse Chapel to Wil- 
liam Hollier, cler., then Vicar of Carshalton (y), and as 
Elizabeth Hollier she was buried at Carshalton 20 April, 
175 1. Letters of administration of the goods of Ann 
Byne left unadministered were granted out of P.C.C. 
in August, 1 76 1, to Edmund Lodge, cler. 

Edmund Byne, the fourth son of Henry Byne (a), 
was of Carshalton. On 25 June, 1664, a warrant was 
issued from the Treasury, authorizing the Receiver of 
the Hearth money in Surrey to pay to Edmund Byne 
described as of Carshalton, £^0 for his pains in finding 
out the true number of hearths in that county; and 
from an entry under date 18 June, 1667, it appears that 
he was clerk of the peace for Surrey (J"). By his will 
dated 2 January, 172^, he gave his tenement in West 

(a) Urlwyn v. Byne, ubi supra. Byne v. Byne, Chanc. Proc, 1714.58, 
Zincke, Bundle 1708. 

(/3) Gent. Mag., vol, vii, p. 253: "Died 16 April 1737 Miss Bynes at 
Carshalton Surrey aged 19 with ^^30,000." 

(y) William Hollier, B.A., of Brascnose College, Oxford, and M.A. of 
Caius College, Cambridge (Venn's Caius Coll., vol. i, p. 523), was induded 
to Carshalton, 18 November, 1703, and buried there 15 March, 173^ (Lyson's 
Environs, vol. i, p. 100, Surr. Arch. Coll., vol. vii, p. 147). 

(3) Cal. of Treasury Books, vol. i, p. 605, and vol. ii, p. 14. 

1 82 Appe?idix A 

Street, Carshalton, one acre of land In Walllngton Com- 
mon Field, and all other his freehold lands in Carshal- 
ton subjedl to a rent charge of £^ in favour of his niece 
Mary Minors (a), unto his nephew, the Rev. Henry 
Byne (d) and Ann his wife until their eldest son should 
attain 21, and after that time to their eldest son Henry 
Byne (e) during his life, with remainder to his first and 
other sons, and for default of such issue to Charles 
Byne (b), their younger son, with remainders over. 
And he bequeathed "to my neece Mary Minors 
£100 to my nephew the Rev^^ Henry Byne (d) /]200 
to my nephew Robert Webber ((3) _;^2oo to my neece 
Elizabeth relid of my late nephew Charles Byne (a) 
^20 and j^io more upon trust for Elizabeth Syms 
daughter of my late nephew Stafford Syms to the Rev^. 
Mr. William Hollier Vicar of Carshalton ^20 to my 
nephew Henry Scare ^^ 50 to my cousins Arthur Scare 
and Frances his sister ^50 apiece to my nephew Ed- 
ward Bearcroft and to his daughter Elizabeth Bearcroft 
and my neece Ann Foster ^^20 apiece To . . . Williams 
shoemaker who intermaryed with the daughter of my 
late sister Syms ^10 to my servants 20s. a piece and 
^5 to the poor of Carshalton to my cousin Ann Byne 
daughter of my late nephew Charles Byne (a) my padd 
nagg to whom I give the residue of my personall 
estate." By a codicil dated 29 January, 172I, he in- 

(a)'Mary Minors was buried at Carshalton 21 06tobcr, 175 I, having by 
her will dated 8 May, 1 751, and proved in P.C.C, 29 February, 1752 
(44 Bettcsworth), direfted that she should be buried in Carshalton church, 
near to the pew belonging to the Byncs, and given legacies to her cousins 
Anne Byne, of Pontelaud, Charles Webber, the Rev. Wm. Webber, and 
Elizabeth Simms, and made her cousin, Anne Byne of Pontcland, residuary 
legatee and executrix. 

(/3) Robert Webber, senior, who was of St. John the Evangelist's in the 
city of Westminster, gent., was buried at Carshalton, 15 May, 1730, and his 
will, dated 1 8 Odobcr, 1729, was proved 23 May, 1730, in P.C.C. (143 

Appendix A 183 

creased the legacy for Elizabeth Syms. Edmund Byne 
was buried at Carshalton 3 March, 172I-, and his will 
and codicil were proved 21 March, 172!^, by the exe- 
cutors William Hollier, cler. : and Henry Scares (P.C.C. 
73 Brook); and 21 August, 1761, letters of adminis- 
tration with the same will and codicil annexed, were 
granted to Edmund Lodge, cler., the administrator of 
Ann Byne the residuary legatee. 

This extinguishes the male lineof descent from James Byne the 
fourth son of William Byne of Rowdell except through Richard 
Byne the youngest son of Henry Byne (a). Richard Byne married 
in 168 1 with Rachel Lea (a), daughter of Francis Lea of Streat- 
ham, CO. Surr., gent., by Rachel his wife. They had an only child, 
Henry Byne (d) (|3). Dorothy Appleby of St. Saviour's, South- 
wark, widow of John Appleby, esquire, by her will dated 8 
November, 168 i, and proved 18 May, 1682 (P.C.C. 52 Cottle), 
devised to her kinswoman Rachel, wife of Richard Byne of St. 
Saviour's, grocer, seven messuages, one called the Frying Pan, 
and the six others being situate behind it, and bequeathed to 
her ^500 (y). John Appleby, by his will dated 9 July, 1680, 
gave Rachel Lea, afterwards Byne, ;^ioo. " Mr. Richard Byne 
Grocer in Southwark," was buried at Carshalton 16 June, 
1685, and letters of administration of his effedls were, 30 June, 
1685, granted out of P.C.C. to his widow Rachel. 

Henry Byne (d), cler., who was born in 1684, was of Mer- 
lon College, Oxford, where he matriculated 23 March, ifg§, 
and proceeded 9 November, 1703, to the degree of B.A. and 
28 June, 1709, to that of M.A. He became a fellow of that 

(a) The license in Faculty Office is dated 4 May, 168 1. 

(/3) In Manning's Hist, of Surr. Henry Byne (d) is placed as a son of 
James Byne (a), but in the entry of his matriculation at Oxford he is described 
as the son of Richard Byne of Southwell, which is evidently an error for 

(y) 22 Sur. Arch. Coll., pp. 2-8, 

184 appendix A 

college, and was pro6lor in 17 13, and In 1717 was instituted 
Vicar of Ponteland, co. Northumberland (a). He married with 
his cousin Ann, daughter of Philip Bridall, He had two sons, 
(i) Henry Byne (e), and (2) Charles Byne (r), and three daugh- 
ters, Ann and Elizabeth who both died unmarried in 1741, 
and Isabella, who was married 29 March, 1758, at Ponteland, 
to Ralph Carr of Dunston Hill, co. Durham, and Hedgley, co. 
Northumberland ((3),Mied 30 January, 1797, and was buried at 
Ponteland. Henry Byne (d) died 28 November, and was buried 

6 December, 1731, at Ponteland (y), having by his will dated 
25 November, 1731, given £^ to the poor of Ponteland, and 
the rest of his estate to his wife Ann, who proved the same 
27 March, 1732 (P.C.C. 6^ Bedford). She is the Ann Byne, 
widow, who 30 March, 1741, entered into an agreement with 
George Alder of Alnham, co. Northumberland, for the pur- 
chase of certain lands in Alnham and elsewhere in Northum- 
berland, for _^4,5i4 4J. ()d. and divers annuities ((T). She died 
10 April, 1769, and was buried at Ponteland church. Henry 
Byne (d) was lessee for a long term of years under Merton 
College of the redorial tithes of Ponteland and Embleton. 

Henry Byne (e) was born 14 December, 1713, and was for 
some time of Morpeth, co. Northumberland, where he died in 
1760. He married with a lady named Ward. On 22 June, 
1737, Henry Byne (e) exhibited a bill in chancery against Ed- 
mund Lodge, cler., his mother Ann Byne, and others as defend- 
ants, alleging that his father and mother had during his minority 

(a) See also Hutchinson's Hist, of Northumberland, ed. 1 778, vol. ii, 
p. 322, and in 1725 he was sued as such vicar in Anderson v. Byne (Chanc, 
Proc, B. and A., 1714-58, Reynardson, 2624). 

(/3) Visitation of England and Wales, vol. vi, p. 159. Ralph Carr died 

7 May, 1806. 

(^) Gent. Mag., 1731, part i, p. 540. In the bill in Byne v. Alder, filed 
29 May, 1 74 1 (Chanc. Proc, B. and A., 17 14-58, Reynardson, 2555), the 
date of his death is given. This suit was brought by his widow, Ann Byne, 
against George Alder, in connedion with mortgage transactions between hira 
as mortgagor, and Henry Byne (n) and Ann his widow as mortgagees. 

(f) The Genealogist, vol. vii, N.S., p. 182. 

Appendix A 185 

mismanaged the properties in which he was interested under 
the wills of Henry Byne (c) and Edmund Byne, and also com- 
plaining that since he had attained 2 1 his mother had presented 
Edmund Lodge, cler., to the Vicarage of Carshalton vacant by 
the death of William Hollier, under the title of a conveyance 
which she pretended that Henry Byne (e) had made to her of 
the two next presentations, with the view of presenting his 
brother Charles Byne (b) thereto in case he entered into holy 
orders (a). The Bishop of Winchester in his answer stated that 
such a conveyance had been produced to him ; and Edmund 
Lodge, " formerly Vicar of this parish," was buried at Carshal- 
ton 2 March, 178 1 ((3). The issue of Henry Byne (e) were: 
(i) Barbara, born 25 February, 1739, who died 29 September, 
1755, (2) Anne, born 20 February, 1742, who was married to 
Lt.-Gen. John Skerrett (y), (3) Isabella, born 16 April, 1745, 
who died an infant, and (4) Henry Byne (f). 

Henry Byne (f), born at Morpeth 13 May, 1746, and edu- 
cated at the free school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was admitted 
a pensioner of St. John's College, Cambridge, 29 September, 
1764 ((T), and proceeded to the degree of B.A. in 1769. He 
was of Carshalton, and married in 1770 with Anne, daughter 
of Sir Robert Hesketh of Ruffbrd, co. Lanes., Bart., by his 
wife Sarah (Plumbe) (f), but had no issue by her. He was 

(a) Byne v. Lodge. Chanc. Proc, B. and A., 1714-58, Reynardson, 2691. 
The pleadings state the date of birth of Henry Byne (e), 

(/3) His will was proved by his widow, Mary Lodge, 24 March, 178 1 
(P.C.C. 149 Webster). 

(y) There is in St. Paul's Cathedral a memorial to her only son, Major- 
Gen. John Byne Skerrett, who was killed at the age of thirty-six in the assault 
on Bergen-op-Zoom on the night of the 8-9 March, 1 814. There is also a 
mural tablet to his memory in St. George's chapel in the cathedral church of 
St, Nicholas of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. See Alison's Hist, of Europe, vol. xiii, 
p. 8. 

(^) Admission Books, vol. iii, p. 169. In the entry he is described as son 
of Henry Byne, Esq., of Northumberland. 

(f) Baincs, Hist, of Lanes, (cd. 1836), vol. iii, p. 426. Gent. Mag., vol. xl, 
p. 590. 


1 86 Appc?idix A 

Sheriff of Surrey 4 February, 1791, to 3 February, 1792. He 
was at one time possessed of the manor of Howleigh in the 
Hundred of Reigate (a), and of the manor of Lodge in the 
parish of Horley (|S), both in co. Surr., as well as of the estate 
at Carshalton (y) and of property at Mitcham and elsewhere in 
Surrey; but before his death he, either alone or in conjundion 
with Henry Byne (g), disposed of most of these properties (cT). 
Henry Byne (f), by his will dated i September, 1 8 1 5, gave all 
his messuages, lands, and hereditaments in Surrey and Sussex 
or elsewhere, and all other his worldly estates, real and personal, 
to Ralph Carr and George Adams as trustees, and appointed 
them executors. Henry Byne (f) died 20, and was buried at 
St. Clement's, Hastings, 25 June, 18 16. By deed dated i July, 
1 816, Ralph Carr renounced and disclaimed the trust and 
executorship, and this will with a codicil was proved in P.C.C. 
by George Adams alone (f). 

Charles Byne (b), the younger son of Henry 
Byne (d), was baptized at Ponteland 3 June, 1720, 
was of Lincoln College, Oxford, where he proceeded to 
the degree of B.A. 28 November, 1743, and to that of 
M.A. 1 1 July, 1746, and is said to have been a Captain 
in the 3rd Dragoon Guards. He is described as of 
Chard, co. Som., in a deed of settlement dated 1 1 
November, 1767, and was at one time of Alphington, 
CO. Devon. He died in 1791, having married thrice: 
ist, with Susanna, daughter of Robert Bew, by whom 

(a) Britton and Brayley's Hist, of Surr., vol. iv, p. 227. 

(/3) Ibid., p. 275. 

(•y) Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. iii, p. 162, note (a). Lyson's Environs (ed. 
1796), vol. i, p. 135. He sold the advowson of Carshalton to John Cator. 
Ibid. (ed. 181 1), vol. i, p. 100. 

(3) See Byne v. Vivian, 5 Ves., 604. Byne v. Potter, 5 Ves., 304* and 
609. Clarke v. Byne, 13 Ves., 383^ 

(t) There is in the National Gallery a portrait by L. F. Abbott of Henry 
Byne (f). His armorial bookplates are indexed under numbers 4732-4734 in 
the Catalogue of the Franks Collcdion at Brit. Mus., vol. i, p. 164. 

Appendix A 187 

he had issue (i) Charles Byne (c); 2ndly, 12 March, 
1 75 1, with the Lady Grace Montgomery, daughter of 
Alexander, 9th Earl of Eglinton, by his third wife 
Susanna, daughter of Sir Archibald Kennedy, Bart., 
and who died 15 June, 1751, without issue; and Jrdly, 
with Frances, daughter of Edmund Basil, by whom he 
had eight children, namely, (2) Charles Byne (d); (3) 
George Byne\ (4) Edward Byne\ (5) Edmund Byne^ bap- 
tized at Alphington 25 March, 1775; (6) Martin Har- 
land Byney baptized there 25 July, 1776, who was of 
Pembroke College, Oxford, where he matriculated 4 
February, 1795, was an officer In the 19th Regiment 
of Foot, and was murdered at Kandy in Ceylon in 1 804; 
and three daughters, one of whom named Fanny died a 
spinster, and another of whom named Anna Maria was 
married at Shrewsbury 5 January, 1796, to Townshend 
Forester, cler. (a). 

Charles Byne (d) (|3) was a Captain in the 86th Regi- 
ment of Foot. 

George Byne was an officer in the Royal Marines 
and married with Elizabeth Harriet, daughter of Henry 
Kendal, by whom he had issue (i) George Byne^ who 
died unmarried; (2) Frances Byne; and (3) Emily 
Byne, who was married to Barton Tenison. 

Edward Byne was an officer in the 28th Light 
Dragoons and married with Anne de Sousa. 

Edmund Byne married with a lady named . . . 

(a) Gent. Mag., vol. Ixvi, p. 165. V'Townshend Forester, son of Cecil 
Forester of Ross Hall, co. Salop, was born 5 August, 1772, was of Pembroke 
College, Oxford, D.D. 181 2, and died 30 September, 1 841. See Foster's 
Peerage, p. 284. 

(/3) Either Henry Byne (f) or Charles Byne (d) would appear to have been 
the Mr. Byne who was Page of Honour to the Queen of George III in 1 761 
(Gent. Mag., vol. xxxi, p. 431, from the London Gazette of 5 September, 

1 88 Appeftdix A 

Charles Byne (c) married with Jane Fowler of 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, widow, and had issue (i) Henry 
Byne {p) and (2) Anne Isabella Augusta, born 14 Au- 
gust, 1780, who in September, 1807, was married to 
Richard Bawden, cler., and died 4 August, 1864(a). 

Henry Byne (g) was born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 8 Sept- 
ember, 1 77 1, and was a Captain in the 3rd Dragoon Guards. 
He was at one time of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and later of 
South Shields. He married thrice: ist, with Mary Ann, 
second daughter of William Wade, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 
71st Regiment, who died in 1795; 2ndly, with . . . Gerard, 
and 3rdly, 23 September, 1801, with Mary Frances, daughter 
of Prockter Thomas of Drakes Place, co. Som., and who died 
3 June, 1854. By his first wife Henry Byne (c) had issue 
(i) Charles Poyntz Byne, and three daughters, one of whom 
named Henrietta Poyntz Egerton Byne was born in 1791, died 
15 January, 1822, and was buried at South Molton (P), the 
others being Georgiana, born i Odober, 1790, and Angeline, 
who both died unmarried ; by his second wife he had issue 
(5) Edward Byne and (6) Edmund Byne; and by his third wife 
he had issue (7) Poyntz Charles Byne{y)\ (8) Henry Mordaunt 
Martin Byne; (9) Elizabeth, who was married to William 
Tucker of Exeter, and died 11 March, 1881; (10) Beatrice, 
who died a spinster ; and (11) Frederick Byne, who died early. 
Henry Byne (g) died 15 Odlober, 1821, and was buried at 

(a) Sec Tanner v. Byne, i Simon's Reports, p. 160. Richard Bawden, son 
of John Bawden, of South Molton, co. Devon, was born 3 August, 1770, and 
was of Exeter College, Oxford, where he proceeded to the degree of B.A. 
1792, and to that of M. A. 1795. He was rcrtor of Warklcigh, co, Devon. 

(/5) The inscription on her tomb in South Molton churchyard, after stating 
the date of her death, aged thirty, proceeds : " S/w zvas the second daughter of the 
late Henry Byne of Satterleigh in the county of Devon Esq" by his first zvife Mary 
Ann second daughter of Lieut. Co' William Wade of the 78'* In/an try." 

(y) Charles Poyntz, cler. of Christ Church, Oxford, D.D., prebendary of 
Llandaft" and Durham, who died 10 May, 1809, was an intimate friend of 
Henry Byne (r,). 

Appendix A 189 

Satterleigh, co, Devon, in which parish and that of Kings- 
nympton his third wife possessed considerable property. 

/Charles Poyntz Byne was born in 1794, and married 25 
August, 18 18, with Margaret, daughter of Quentin Blackburn. 
She died in 1857, and he died at Hexham i August, 1866, 
having had six children : (i) Henry Dennis Withern Wade Byne^ 
who died at Hexham 11 September, 1846; (2) William Barry 
Wade Byne^ baptized at Chittlehampton, co. Devon, 6 January, 
1822; (3) Charles Byne, horn, in 1824(a); (4) Blackburn Byne , 
born in 1826, who died 21 Odober, 1847; (5) Richard de 
Buttevant Barry Byne, born in 1829, who died 22 September, 
1830; and (6) Redmond Barry Byne, born 11 February, 1832, 
who died early. William Barry Wade Byne had a son named 
^entin Blackburn Byne. 

PoYNTZ Charles Byne, who was born in 18 10, married with 
Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Charlton, R.N., and died with- 
out issue 8 January, 1873. 

Henry Mordaunt Martin Byne, who was of Satterleigh, 
was baptized there 18 April, 18 13, was of Pembroke College, 
Oxford, where he matriculated 13 June, 1832. He married 
with Isabella Jane, daughter of Henry Cormack of Bristol. 
She died 31 July, 1854, and he died 8 July, 1866, and was 
buried at Exeter (|3). He had issue three children: (i) Henry 

(a) See Byne v. Blackburn, 26 Beav., p. 41. 4 Jur., N. S., 803 and 6 W.R,, 

(/3) In Satterleigh Church is a tablet inscribed: " /« memory of Henry Byne, 
Esq" of Satterleigh who died i 5'* OSf 1 82 1 aged 50, He married Sepf zy* 1 80 1 
Mary Frances daughter of Prockter Thomas of Drakes Place, Somerset by whom he 
left five surviving children. In memory also of the above mentioned Mary Frances 
Byne who died 3'''* fune 1854 aged j'^ re Hit of the late Henry Byne Esq''' of 
Satterleigh. Also of Henry Mordaunt Martin Byne Esq" youngest son of the above 
who died at Exeter 8'* fuly \ 866 aged 50. Also of his wife Isabella fane who died 
at Clifton l\" July 1854 aged ^\." 


1 90 Appendix A 

Byne (\\)\ (2) Lucy Helen, born 20 December, 1835, who was 
married 12 June, i860, to Arthur Thaddeus Searle, a Major- 
General (retired) In the Indian Staff Corps, and died 4 March, 
1 881; and (3) Kate Isabel, born 22 July, 1838, who was 
married 12 April, i860, to John HInde Hale of Chesham, co. 
Bucks, and died 18 January, 1907. 

Henry Byne (h), who was also of Satterleigh, was born 1 1 
January, 1835, ^^^ ^'^^ afterwards a banker at Bombay. He 
married 1 1 May, 1859, with Anne, daughter of Gregory Cuff 
Martin of Sllgo, died 30 March, 1895, and was buried at 
Teignmouth, co. Devon. He had Issue five children: (i) 
Isabella Lucy, born 2 April, i860, and married ist, 26 April, 
1 88 1, to Wilfred George Marshall of Norton Manor, co. Som. 
(who died 23 April, 1904), and 2ndly, 25 July, 1906, to Wil- 
liam Hartley Maud, Captain in the Somerset Light Infantry; 
(2) Beatrice Maud, born 27 September, 1861, who died 30 
March, 1863; (3) Mor daunt Henry Martin Byne; (4) Roland 
Martin Byne; and (5) Loft us St. George Byne. 

MoRDAUNT Henry Martin Byne, also of Satterleigh, was 
born 20 September, 1862, and was of Pembroke College, Ox- 
ford, where he proceeded to the degree of B.A. 8 June, 1889, 
and to that of M.A. 24 Odober, 1889. He is a clerk In Holy 
Orders. He married at Farnham, co. Sum, 29 April, 1903, 
with Constance Balfour Bethune, baptized at Worth, co. Suss., 
7 June, 1857, daughter of George Cuddington Bethune, cler., 
B.D., redor of Worth and of Chulmleigh, co. Devon. 

Roland Martin Byne, who was born 19 April, 
1864, is a Major (retired) in the Royal Marines. 

LoFTus St. George Byne, who was born 19 Sept- 
ember, 1872, graduated June 1894 as M.Sc. at Owen's 
College (Vidoria University), Manchester. 

Appendix A 191 

The following Inscriptions are in Ponteland church : 

On a slab in front of the communion table : " Sub hoc mar- 
more sitae sunt mor tales reliquiae ReV^' viri Henri ci Byne A.M.^ 
Coll. Merton apud Oxoniam olim socii, hujus ecclesiae parochialis 
de Ponteland nuper vicarii, supremo tandem die fun^li xxviii" 
Ncvembris anno salutis humanae mdccxxxi°. Cujus memoriae 
sacrum hoc monumentum posuit deflens A.BT 

In the chancel on a black marble tablet and composed in 
Latin by the Rev. Dr. Robinson, who succeeded as vicar of 
Ponteland and thus by him (.?) translated: "Near to her 
father's ashes resteth Miss Anne Byne a young lady remark- 
able for her beauty and disposition of mind. The excellent 
gifts of nature she improved by her application to the most 
elegant arts. So teachable that she scarce seemed to have been 
taught. Though an inhabitant of the Country — the graceful- 
ness of a Court ; Though celebrated for her Beauty, an un- 
common humility attended her wherever she moved. The 
Delight, and above the envy of the Virgins who were her 
fellows whilst she was hastening to the height of what was 
laudable in Woman she died of small pox a.d. 1741 and of her 
age the eighteenth & lies underneath till the Resurredlion shall 
reunite her to a more durable, scarcely to a more beautiful, 

" Elizabeth not unworthy of such a Sister, a Partner to the 
same fatal infedion and in the 1 6*^ year of her age lies interred 
near her. 

" To her much loved Sisters Isabella the only Conqueress 
of the fatal Disease at the command of their sorrowful mother 
placed this stone." 

On a tablet in the chancel : " Near the remains of Henry her 
husband lie interred those of M" Anne Byne who departed this 
life April 10'* 1769 aged 80 years^ thirty eight of which she 
lived a widow in this place y preferring the welfare of her family^ 
and the rational enjoyment of a virtuous retirement to the noisy 

192 Appendix A 

pleasures of more puhlick life. As she lived respe^led^ so she died 
lamented. Isabella her only surviving daughter wife of Ralph 
Carr esquire of Dunston Hilly conscious how much she owes 
to so good a mother^ gratefully ere^ed this monument to her 

Allan Ramsay, after viewing a portrait of Isabella Byne, 
wrote these lines : 

To Mistress Isabella Byne. 

To paint his Venus auld Apelles 
Chose a' the bonnie maids o' Greece; 
Thou need'st nae mair than tak thysel', lass, 
To ding the painter and his piece. 

APPENDIX B {iinte, page 78) 

It must be borne in mind that a William Byne, presumably 
the son of William Byne and Agnes his wife, formerly Agnes 
Daye, was baptized at Burwash 17 February, 156I (See Appen- 
dix D), and that the burial of a William Byne on 23 Novem- 
ber, 1587, mentioned ante^ page 78, may relate to either of 
these or to William Byne, the son of Henry Byne (aa) as there 
suggested. There were also the following: 

1. William Byne buried at Warbleton 6 November, 1606. 

2. William Byne, Bynde, or Bine of Arlington (a), for his 
name is spelt in all three ways, married at Piddinghoe 23 July, 
161 6, with Cicely Capleyn, who was buried at Arlington 
17 January, 162^, and had issue by her (i) Elizabeth, baptized 
at Arlington 22 June, 1617, and buried at Piddinghoe 31 May, 

(a) Gregory Foote of Arlington, by his undated will proved at Lewes 
12 December, 1587 (Book A. 8, fol. 126), made Richardc Byne one of the 
overseers. A Richard Byne was presented at Rye 26 March, 1588, for not 
going to church but going about the streets in the tim^ of common prayer 
(Ad Books, ex officio, i 587-1 588). 

Appendix B 193 

1636; (2) William By tie, baptized at Arlington 19 November, 
1620, and buried there 15 May, 1662; and (3) Henry Byne, 
baptized there 29 January, i62|^; and by his second wife, 
Elizabeth Whate, with whom he married at Arlington 4 Nov- 
ember, 1628, he had issue (4) Richard Byne, baptized there 
13 March, 163^^; (5) John Byne, baptized there 19 August, 
1 634 ; (6) Elizabeth, baptized there 1 6 Odober, 1 636 ; (7) Mary, 
baptized there 19 March, i6J§; and (8) Thomas Byne, bap- 
tized there 19 August, 1641. This William Byne was buried 
at Arlington 6 April, 1662, and 12 April, 1670, his widow, 
Elizabeth, was remarried there to Alexander Sherwood, who 
was buried there 11 June, 1672. Richard Byne, described as 
of Arlington, mason, was presented 9 06lober, 1663, at the 
sessions at Lewes for using the trade of a butcher, which was 
apparently the trade of his father, William Byne (a). Richard 
Byne was buried at Arlington 8 July, 1665, having had issue 
by his wife Anne (i) John Byne, baptized there i January, 
i66|; and (2) Anne, baptized there 8 July, 1665, who was 
married there 29 06lober, 1695, to Richard Wenham. A 
Mary Byne was buried at Arlington 18 Odober, 161 8, and 
Mawdelyn Bynde was buried there 21 November, 1628. A 
John Byne, probably of this family, was buried at Meeching, 
CO. Suss., 5 September, 1699. 

3. William Binne of Mayfield, collier, who by his will 
dated 20 January, i6i|, made bequests to his daughters Jhone, 
Katherin, and Marye, and to Clare Web, his daughter's 
daughter, and constituted his wife Dorithie and his son Thomas 
his executors. This will was proved by Thomas Bine {sic), the 
son, 8 June, 1624, in the Peculiar Court of South Mailing 
(Bundle D. 173), the inventory being £^2 ^•^' ^^' 

(<i) Indidment Books at County Hall, Lewes, vol. iii, p. 14. 

C C 

94 Appendix C 

APPENDIX C (^«/^, page 109) 

A John Byne, born in 1555 at Burwash (a), who appears 
to be the John at Byne of Penhurst against whom pro- 
ceedings in the Archdeaconry Court were taken in 1585, for 
what is not stated (j3), and who also appears to be the John 
Byne who was one of the churchwardens of Burwash in 1592, 
and who also as churchwarden there was 19 June, 1594, cited 
in the same court as to repairs to the church (y), made his will 
dated 3 February, i6t|, wherein he is described as then of 
Wadhurst, yeoman, and thereby, after directing that he should 
be buried in the churchyard of Burwash, and giving 205. to the 
poor there, and \os. to the poor of Wadhurst, gave to his " only 
Sonne Thomas and his heires" all his lands, tenements, and here- 
ditaments within the parishes of Burwash, Catsfield, and Penhurst, 
and all his household stuff and implements of husbandry at his 
house in Burwash, " and remayninge nowe in the house of 
Abraham Manser my sonne in law (J") as also all such householde 
stuffe as is nowe in the custodye of Henry Goldsmyth my sonne 
in law at Tunbridge," and after directing that the lands were to 
be managed by his executors during the minority of Thomas, 
he bequeathed to Elizabeth Manser his eldest daughter ;^5, 
to Ellen his second daughter _^5, to Faintnot Goldsmith his 
third daughter ^(^5, to Mary his fourth daughter ;^ioo, to his 
fifth daughter Judith ^^loo, and to his sixth daughter Anne 

(a) On 29 May, 1604, John Byne of Burwash, yeoman, aged forty-nine, 
^yas a witness as to the boundaries of that parish (Deposition Books, 1604- 

(/3) Aft Books, ex officio, under date 24 July, 1585. 

(y) Aft Books, ex officio, 1591-1593, fol. 91" and i 593-1 595. 

(S) Abraham Manser, who was a son of Robert Manser of Hightown in 
Wadhurst, left a will and codicil dated 11 April, 1627, and proved 31 May, 
1627, in P.C.C. (55 Skynncr) in which he calls Stephen Byne (a) a kinsman. 

Appendix C 195 

£iQO\ and he empowered his daughter Judith, if her portion 
were not paid when due, to enter and sell one piece of land 
called " Sonant Meadowe lyinge ryghte to the Towne of Bur- 
wash and a piece of land called Hoppers Crofte adjoyninge to 
myne orchard in the saide Towne," and he appointed Abraham 
" Maunser " to be executor and Henry Goldsmith to be over- 
seer. This John Byne was buried at Burwash 10 February, 
16 if, and his will, which was attested by John Byne and John 
Hatley («), was proved 23 May, 16 14, by Abraham Manser 
(P.C.C. 43 Lawe). His issue were (i) Elizabeth, baptized at 
Burwash 21 Odlober, 1582, married there 27 December, 1600, 
to Abraham Maunser, and remarried at Framfield 17 June, 
1628, to Magnus Byne (a) ; (2) Ellen baptized there 25 July, 
1585; (3) Faintnot married ist to Henry Goldsmith (|3), and 
2ndly 9 Odober, 1638, at Chiddingly, to Richard Thunder (y); 
(4) Mary baptized at Burwash 20 August, 1592, and married 
at Wadhurst 24 April, 161 7, to Francis Lucas; (5) Thomas 
Byne baptized at Burwash 23 November, 1595; (6) Judith 
baptized there 23 May, 1602, and married at Wadhurst 4 June, 
1622, to John Baker; and (7) Anne. Thomas Byne the son 

(a) John Hatley, cler. M.A., was vicar of Wadhurst, 1 603-32. He was 
ordained priest 31 March, 1597, presented to the vicarage by Thomas Ayns- 
combe, senior, and Thomas Aynscombe, junior, of Mayfield, gentlemen, and 
indufted 17 March, i6of (Visitation Book of Deanery of South Mailing, 

(/3) Henry Goldsmith was churchwarden of Burwash, 1623, and was buried 
there 15 January, 163^. By his will dated 24. May, 1632, in which he is 
described as of Burwash, gent., he gave to his wife, Faintnot, for life (among 
other benefits) a yearly rent charge of ^^12 out of his freehold lands called 
Courtlands, containing sixty-four acres and other specified lands in Burwash, 
and subjeft thereto devised all his real estates in Burwash or elsewhere to his 
only son Henry Goldsmith in fee; and by a codicil dated 27 May, 1632, he 
appointed his "cousin, Stephen Byne " (a) and his brother-in-law, Mark 
Conney of Burwash, overseers. His will and codicil were proved at Lewes, 
6 February, 163I, by Henry Goldsmith the son (Book A. 23, fol. 205). 

(y) The license at Lewes is dated 4 Oftober, 1638. On 3 February, 1634, 
Richard Thunder of Chiddingly, yeoman, when a witness, was described as 
born there and aged forty-one (Deposition Books of Archdeaconry Court). 

196 Appendix C 

was burled at Wadhurst 5 October, 1618, and letters of ad- 
ministration of his effcdts were granted 22 Odobcr, 161 8, to 
his sister, Faintnot Goldsmith, out of P.C.C. 


Unidentified Bynes from Registers. 

1685. September 17. Richard Pettibon (a) and Mary Byne 
of Hellingly mar. 

1 68 1. Odlobcr 9. Thomas, son of Thomas Bines, bap. 
1 7 12. April 8. Thomas Byne bur. 

1698. June 24. John Bine, of the towne of Boorne, bur. 


iSi%' March 18. William Byne and Agnes Day mar. 

i66|. February 17. William Byne bap. 

i62f. January 27. John Byne bur. 

1633. May II. John Byne bur. 

1687. [ ]. Thomas Byne bur. 

1 691. February 26. Thomas Walker and Mary Bine mar. 

1725. April I. John Jarrett of Rotherfield and Mary Byne, 
widow, mar. 

(a) On 9 January, i68f, Richard Pettibone of Hellingly married at 
Ashburnham with Elizabeth Jenncr of Hurstmonceux. Richard Pettibon, 
junior, was buried at Hellingly 29 November, 1707, and Richard Pettibon 
aged eighty, was buried there i\ February, 170J. 

Appendix D 197 

Canterbury, St. George's. 

1747. August 5. Joseph Cornelius of Dover, bachelor, and 
Sarah Bine of St. James, in Dover, widow, mar. by 


1724. November 12. Mrs. Margaret Bine bur. 

1706. August 27. John, son of John Byne, bur. 
1752. July I. Mary Bine bur. 
1775. April 20. William Bine bur. 

1726. Nov. 21. Richard Parsons of Hawkhurst and Eliza- 
beth Byne of Burwash mar. 

Lewes, St. John's sub Castro. 
1698. March 28. Mary Byne, servant to Mrs. Cruttenden, 
of this parish, bur. 

Lewisham, Kent. 
171 8. August II. Isaac, son of William Bine, bap. 
I7i|. March 12. John, son of Jacob Bine, bap, 
17 1|. March 24. Jon, son of Jacob Boyne, bur. 

London, St. Dionis Backchurch. 
1640. June 3. William Martin and EUenor Binde mar. 

London, St. Mary Aldermary. 
1587. November 27. John Bonner and Margaret Bine mar. 

London, St. George's, Hanover Square. 

1 8 17. August 26. Charles Byne and Maria Tharp mar. 

1818. September 22. Charles Shone and Mary Ann Bine mar. 

198 Appe7idix D 


1 58 J. February 26. Robert Biide and Margaret Cooper mar. 

1582. May 29. Margret Bnde bap. 

1582. June 17. Margret Bnde bur. 

1583. Nov. 10. James Bnde bap. 

1586. September 24. Alexander Bynde and Margett Lin- 
feild mar. 

1587. November 19. Mary Binde bap. 
1589. April 22. Margret Binde bur. 
1592. September 24. Ann Bynde bap. 
159I. March I. Ann Binde bur. 
159I. March 12. Jane Binde bur. 

1690. July 24. John Juppe and Sarah Binde mar. 


173^. February 2. Thomas Bine bur. 


1 7 14. November i. Richard Byne and Mary Friend, both 
of Udimore, mar. by licence. 


1698. May 22. Ralph Todd of Wapping, mariner, and Mary 
Bine, widow, mar. 


1683. April 28. Richard Dibley and Mary Bine mar. 

1 681. February 14. Thomas Byne and Elizabeth Watts mar. 

1 606. September 29. John Greenfield and Susan Byne mar. 
1606. November 6. William Byne bur. 

Appendix E 199 

Westminster, St. Margaret*s. 
154I. January 2i. Thomas Bynde bur. 

Winchester, St. Maurice. 
1549. November 24. George Parker and Juliana Bynd mar. 


Unidentified Bynes from other Sources. 

I471. Will oi Robert Byne^ by which he gave to the light of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary in St. Margaret's, Canterbury, 
2)S. 4<^., and to the reparation of the chancel of St. Mary 
there on the north side 6s. Sd. (Canterbury Wills A. 
vol. 2. fol. 8). 

1473. Will of William Byndcy by which he gave to the lights 
of the cross in the church of St. Nicholas, at Wade, in 
Thanet, two bushels of barley, and to the light of 
St. Nicholas there three bushels of barley (Canterbury 
Consistory Wills, ii, fol. 450). 

1540. July 15. John Bynde, a juror on the inq. p. m. of 
Thomas Oxenbridge, then taken at Echingham (a). 

1550. April 2. Jane Byne, widow, assessed at 8^. to the 
second payment of the Lay Subsidy in the Hundred of 
Robertsbridge (Lay Subs. Roll. Suss., Rape of Hastings 
190/239). The roll containing the third payment is 
imperfed, but her name does not appear in the roll 
190/245, which contains the fourth payment made 
4 March, issh 

1551. July 9. Will of this date of Gylbert Pooke, of Sale- 
hurst, proved at Lewes 7 October, 1551 (Book A. 3, 
fol. 13), contains : " Item. I wyll to Marye Byene one 

(a) 8 S.A.C., p. 222, note 57. 

200 ylppe?jdix E 

bed w*^ all things belonging at the discrecyon of Joane 
my wyefF," 
1662. November 27. William Byne of Woodchurch, co. 
Kane, miller, widower, and Elizabeth Mount of Great 
Chart, widow, to be married at St, Margaret, Canter- 
bury (Cant. Marr. Lie. Series, iii, col. 45). 

1685. November 19. Will of this date of Jo/;« J5>'«^, citizen 
and clothworker of London, thus disposed : " I give 
to my loving sonne Joseph Byne (a) and my loving 
daughters Elizabeth Byne and Anne Byne one negro 
girle and the rest of my commission negroes. I also 
give to my sonne Mr. Joseph Waygate a monkey and 
also I give to Mr. John Foster chirurgeon two white 
hattes and a gold ringe and a flowered silk wastcote. I 
also give to Mr. John Wilkinson a set of gold buttons 
for sleeves and a journall and a sea charte and a gold 
ringe. 1 also give to Mr. Richard Bryant a carpenter 
all my mathematical! instruments. I give to Michael 
Cragnett a cap of Boween cloth and a great watchcote. 
I do make my sole executors Mr. John Foster and 
Mr. John Wilkinson." This will was proved 22 April, 
1686, in P.C.C. (39 Lloyd), by Anne Byne, the reli(5t 
of the Testator, who in the probate atfl is described as 
late of the parish or St. Martin's, Ludgate, the 
nominated executors having both died. 

1686. June 28. Will of this date of Thomas Bine of Hooc 
mentions his sons John and Thomas^ his wife Esther 
and his brothers-in-law, Thomas and John Williams. 
It was proved at Lewes 7 Odober, 1686, by the relid 
Esther (Book A. 37, fol. 150). "Thomas Byne of 
Hooe " was buried 4 July, 1686, at Wartling, where 
he had married with Esther Williams 29 June, 1671, 

(a) Perhaps Joseph Bynes who married with Anne, baptized 25 May, 1635, 
at St. Dunstan's in the West, daughter of Philip Gyll, M.D. (Coll. Top. ct 
Gen., vol. viii, p. 278, and Top. and Gen., vol. ii, p. 564). 

Appendix E 201 

and where their son Thomas Bine was baptized 
20 February, 1 6']^. This son, Thomas Byne, was buried 
at Hooe 4 May, 171 1. Hester Bine was remarried at 
Hooe in 1687 to Thomas Horsecroft (a). 

173^. February 10. Letters of administration of this date 
of the effeds of Thomas Bine of Rotherfield granted at 
Lewes to BridgettBine, the relidl (B. 16, fol. 210). He 
was buried at Rotherfield 2 February, I73x, ^'^^ ^^^ 
widow, Bridgett, was buried there i July, I739> and 
they were childless. 

1692. December 26. Administration of effedls of Henry 
Byne, late of Woolwich, bachelor, granted to his sister 
Anne Withers, wife of John Withers (Rochester Con- 
sistory Court, vol. 1678-95, fol. 154^). 1689, August27. 
Administration of effeds of John Bine, late of Wool- 
wich, granted to his reli6l, Ruth Gaiter, alias Bine, now 
the wife of John Gaiter {Ibid.y fol. 72). Will dated in 
1704 of Henry Byne is in Archdeaconry of Rochester 
wills, vol. 26, folio 270. 

1728. December 23. Letters of administration of this date 
of Ann Elgar, alias Byne^ widow, of Deptford, co. Kane, 
granted to Joyce Byne, her sole daughter, out of P.C.C. 
A John Byne of Deptford married 13 November, 1637, 
at Lee, co. Kane, with Rebecca Mosse of East Green- 
wich. In 1697 Mr. Bines had a faculty pew in Dept- 
ford Church ((3). It appears from the suits of Andrews 
V. Byne (y), and Byne v. Jones (J^), that John Hall of 
Deptford, who died 20 May, 1691, by his will dated 
5 February, 169^-, devised certain houses in Deptford 
to his grandson, John Byne, and certain other houses 

(«) For marrying these without publication of banns or a license, Thomas 
Bowers, vicar of Hooe, was proceeded against 25 Odlober, 1687 (Aft Book of 
Consistory Court, 1686-90). 

(/5) Hasted's Hist, of Kent by Drake, vol. i, p. 27, note. 

(y) Chanc. Proc. B. and A., 17 14-1758, Reynardson, 2417, 

(^) Ibici.y Winter, 704. 

D D 



202 Appendix E 

and land to his own daughter, Elizabeth Mason, widow, 
for life, and after her death to John Byne; and that 
Elizabeth Mason, by her will dated lo July, 1 7 1 o, gave 
all her real and personal estate to her daughter-in-law, 
Ann Byne, widow [of John Byne], in trust, to be equally 
divided among Ann Byne's children, namely Joyce 
Byne, Joseph Byne, Anne Byne, Elizabeth Byne, and 
Jane Byne; And that in July, 17 19, Ann Byne, the 
widow, was remarried to Thomas Elgar of Deptford, 
and died in 1720 ; And that both Jane Byne and Joseph 
Byne (who owned three other houses in Deptford) 
died under age. The christian name of Elizabeth 
Mason's first husband, Byne, does not appear. The 
name of Joseph Byne occurs in the register of Mer- 
chant Taylors' School under date 12 March, 170^. A 
Charles Bynesof East Greenwich was married 2 Febru- 
^1*7) i7-2§> ^t St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, to Mary 

1748. March 9. Will of this date of Benjamin Byne^ of St. 
Paul, Shadwell, mariner, by which he gave all his pro- 
perty to his wife, Sarah, who, as executrix, proved it 
7 July, 1760, in P.C.C. (273 Lynch). 

1 76 1. July 8. Letters of administration of this date of the 
effedls of John Byne^ a matross in His Majesty's Royal 
Regiment of Artillery in Germany, bachelor, were 
granted to George Byne, his brother, out of P.C.C. 

Feet of Fines, Sussex. 
Michaelmas. 7 Car. I. Thomas Byne, plaintiff, and Thomas 
Bryan, deforciant of land in East Grinstead. 

Feet of Fines, Kent. 
Easter. 10 Car. I. J. Longley, plaintiff, and Mary Byne 
deforciant of land in Benenden. 

Appendix F 203 



1301. Odlober lo. Robert Byene taxed for the 15th at 
IS. ^^d. at Colchester (a). 

1405. July 22. John de Binde occurs at Beverley, co. 
Ebor. (/3) 

Before 1450. AvelynCy widow of Clement Bynde, purchased 
land in Wymondham, co. Norf., which she vested in 
feoffees, and died leaving a will whereof she made John 
Wardeyn and John Barker executors, with diredions 
to sell such land and to dispose of the proceeds for her 
soul after which her executors sold it, but two of her 
feoffees, one of whom was a priest, refused to recognize 
the rights of the purchasers (y). 

1468. May 12. Letters patent granting a pardon of outlawry 
to John Bynde of the parish of Lansalwys, co. Cornub., 
" yoman," for not appearing in the court of the late 
King to answer Robert de Veer, knight, touching a 
debt of 5 3 J. 4^(S). 

1477. May 20. David Byne, a juror at Berwick upon Tweed, 
on an inquiry as to heirship (e). 

1478. June 10. Pardon or release to Thomas Byne^ late cus- 
tomer or colledor of the great and petty custom, the 
subsidy of wools, hides, and woolfells, and other sub- 
sidies in the ports of Plymouth and Fowey and ports 
and places adjacent, of all offences committed by him, 

(a) Rot. Pari., vol. i, p. 254'. 

(/J) Beverley Town Documents (Seldcn Soc), p. 45. 

(y) Blakeney v. Coppyng, Early Chanc. Proc, Bundle 1 9, No. 1 92. 

{h) CaU. of Patent Rolls, 8 E. 4, pt. i, p. 72. 

(e) Hist. MSS., 1902, Milne Holme, p. 263. 

204 Appendix F 

and all fines, amerciaments, issues, debts, accounts, and 
arrears due from him to the King (a). 

1496. Thomas Byne^ a burgess of Plymouth. (,9). 

1520, July 16. Among the expenses at Guisnes for the 
interview between H. 8 and the French King "To 
Mychell Bynde hire of a house at Newman Bridge for 
a butchery 6 weeks, 10 shillings " (<)'). Michael Byne 
also occurs in 1528 as a juror under a commission of 
sewers for the marches of Calais; in 1529 as a juror 
on an inquisition with regard to reclaiming land there 
in which he is described as " of the county of Guisnes"; 
and in 1 53 1 as a man receiving payment " for reede " [S). 

1524. August I. Ralph Byne was appointed one of the com- 
missioners of Subsidy for Surrey, (e). 

1532. March 19. Lease by Jo^w J?)' ;/i^^, prioress of St. John 
Baptist, Halywch (Holywell), to William Burche, of 
land in Fenchurch Street, London (^). This was a 
Benedidline nunnery in Shoreditch. In Dugdale's 
" Monasticon," vol. iv, p. 392, it is stated that the 
name of Joan Lynde occurs as prioress in conventual 
leases in the Augmentation Office on ist Odober, 1 5 1 5, 
and again in 1534(71). 

Temp. H. 8. Petition in the Star Chamber by Katherine 
Dawe as plaintiff against John Dawe, and the members 

(fi) Patent Roll, 18 E, 4, pt. i, m. 10. 

(/3) Hist. MSS., vol. ix, pt, i, p. 274. A suit in Chancery was brought, 
circa 1500, by John Gresclyng and Isabel! his wife, daughter and heiress of" 
Thomas Byend, against his widow, Elsette Bycnd, and Thomas Cock his 
executor for the recovery of the deeds relating to some property in Plymouth 
(Early Chanc. Proc, Bundle 240, No. 41), 

(y) Letters and Papers, For. and Dom., H. 8, vol. iii, p. 335. 

{I) Ibid., vol. iv, pp. 2228 and 2392, and vol. v, p. 183. 

{t) Ibid., vol. iv, p. 234. (X) Ibid., vol. v, p. 412. 

(>/) In P.R.O. list of Sheriffs, p. 204, Augustine Bynde is stated to have 
been one of the sheriffs of London and Middlesex in 1550, but this is a mis- 
print for Hynde. See London Inq. p. m. (Brit. Rec. Soc), p. 132, where the 
inq. of Augustin Hynde is given as taken 26 Odober i. Ph. and M. 

Appendix F 205 

of a jury of whom one was Thomas Bynde as defendant 
with regard to a verdidt as to the estate of the plaintifFs 
late husband at Burwash (a). 

1562. November 19. Margaret^ widow oi Robert Byne^ filed 
a bill in Chancery against Nycholas Fettyplace, alleging 
that her late husband leased for a number of years a 
messuage and land in Chyldrey and Sparsholde, co. 
Berks., from Alexander Fettyplace, and by his will left 
the lease to the plaintiff, and that the lease had by 
casualty come into the hands of the defendant, who by 
colour of having possession thereof vexed and troubled 
the plaintiff at the common law for the premises (/3). 

'^S^Z- January 26. Thomas Bynde of Little Maplested, co. 
Essex, filed a bill in Chancery against John Parke, who 
had purchased the reversion upon a lease to the plain- 
tiff of tenements called Collyns and Goodriche, and had 
ejeded him (-y). 

1589. Between September 27 and Odlober 4 "one Mr. Byne 
preached on the Sondaie" at Lord Derby's (cT). 

1 658. August 31. Will of this date of Robert Binde of Lam- 
marsh, CO. Essex, farmer, by which he gave to Sally his 
wife, ;^i5o; to his brother John Binde, dwelling at 
Stannard Rivers in Essex, ;^io; to his cousin John 
Binde, son of John Binde his brother, _^io; to his 
cousin Margaret Binde, daughter to his brother John, 
^5 ; to his cousin Edward Binde, son to his brother 
John, 40J. ; to his sister Sparrow 20s. a year for five 
years. This will was proved 14 December, 1658, by 
Alice Binde the relid (P.C.C. 675, Wootton) 

Undated. A new ballad to an old tune ; verses upon Mr. Bine at 
CoP^^ (qu. Constantinople) addressed " by G. Etheridge 

(a) Star Chamber Proc, H. 8, vol. xii, fol. 155. 

(/3) Chanc. Proc. B. and A., Series ii, Bundle 27, No. 20. 

(y) Chanc. Proc. B. and A., Series ii, Bundle 8, No. 95. 

(5) Derby Household Book (Chethara Soc), vol. 31, p. 66. 

2o6 Appeiidix F 

to K. L. at Coi*'*^ begin : " I prithee gentle maid be 
kinder to thy swaine"(a). 

1787. Odlobcr 3. Died at Hull Francis BinCy Esq., Sheriff 
of that town and port, senior assistant of the Trinity 
House and a merchant of Hull (|3). He was admitted a 
freeman of Hull 12 January, 1764, and was Chamber- 
lain of the Borough in 1784. He had six daughters 
and one son, Francis Bine, baptized at Trinity Church, 
Hull, 30 December, 1767, who died early. Francis 
Bine, Esq., was buried at Kirkella, co. Ebor, 15 Odo- 
ber, 1787, and his widow Elizabeth was buried there 
23 July, 1789. 

1805. January 10. "London Gazette" of this date contains 
dispatch from Head Quarters* Camp before Bhurtpore, 
mentioning among the wounded Lieut. Byne of the 
75th Regt. (y). 

(a) MSS. of J. H. Gurney. Hist. MSS., 12th Report, vol. ix, p. 151. 
Sir George Etheredge (i 636-1 689) is said to have been sent in 1680 on an 
embassy to Turkey, and in 1686 he was minister at Ratisbon. This ballad is 
not in his works as edited by Verity, 1888. 

(/3) Gent. Mag., vol. 57, pt. ii, p. 936, and see P.R.O. list of sheriffs, 
p. 191, sub anno 1786. 

(y) Ann. Reg., vol. 75, p. 665. 



Abbey, Francis, 54. 
Adams, George, 186. 
Addams, John, 42. 
Albany, Alice, 21, 36. 

Sir Robert, 21. 
Alchorne, Dorothy, 118. 
Alder, George, 184. 
Alfrey, Thomas, 1 1 8. 
Allin, Jane, 141. 

John, 138. 
Allman, Richard, 48. 
Alsop, Richard, 180. 
Amos, Thomas, 91. 
Ampleford, Agnes, 2. 

Humphry, 2. 
Ancell, Susan, 32. 
Appleby, Dorothy, 183. 

John, 183. 
Apps, Henry, 114. 
Apsley, Edward, 35. 

Jolin, 33- 
Arkcoll, Thomas, 160. 

Arnold, Michael, 50. 

Richard, 22. 
Arundel, Thomas, Earl of, 15. 
Asty, Mr., 144. 
Atthurst, Anne, 166. 

Clement, 166, 167. 

Isaac, 166, 167. 

Atthurst, John, 166. 
Aylewyn, Richard, 30. 
Aynscombe, Thomas, 195. 

Baker, Ann, 163. 

Elizabeth, 171. 

Hannah, 162. 

John, 195. 
Baldock, John, 160. . 

Mary, 160. 

Thomas, 164. 
Ball, Mary, 164. 

William, 164. 
Barham, Joan, 76, 78. 

Richard, 80, 97, 98. 

Thomas, 76. 
Barker, John, 203. 

Robert, 43. 
Barnding, Mary, 163. 
Barnesby, William, 145, 146. 
Bartlett, John, 126. 

Sarah, 126. 
Barwick, Curtes, 33. 

Katharine, 33, 36. 
Basil, Edmund, 187. 

Frances, 187. 
Batchelor, Faintnot, 84, 95 

John, 98. 

Richard, 83. 



Index oj Naines 

Batchelor, William, 83. 
Batnor, John, 125, 126, 129. 

Richard, 126. 

Thomas, 132. 
Bawden, John, 188. 

Richard, 188. 
Beale, John, 161, 164. 

Mary, 161. 
Beard, Ann, 139. 

John, 61. 

Mary, 139. 
Bearcroft, Edward, 175, 177, 179, 
180, 182. 

Elizabeth, 182. 
Beckett, Thomas, 145. 
Ik'k, William, 1 1. 
Benet, Robert, 27. 
Bennett, Charles, 114. 

John, 1 10, 114. 
Bentley, Thomas, 91. 
Bethune, Constance Balfour, 190. 

George Cuddington, 190. 
Bew, Robert, 186. 

Susanna, 186, 
Bexley, Elinor, 78. 
Bigrave, Frances, 134. 

Mary, 134. 
Billow, Robert, 50. 
Bishopp, Adam, 7. 
I>lackburn, Qucnlin, 189. 
Blaker, Edward, 133. 

George, 141. 

Nathaniel, 141. 
Blochinden, Roger, 164. 
Bodington, John, 152. 
Boniface, Betsey, 142. 

Richard, 142. 
Bonner, John, 197. 
Bord, Sara, 64. 

Stephen, 4. 
Borde, Eliza, 56, 57. 

Borde, John, 8. 

Ninian, 56. 
Bosvile, Hugh, 62. 
Bouchi, Thomas, 10. 
Boucles, Stephen de, 8. 
Boulton, Richard, 152. 
Bourner, James, 149. 

Rose, 103. 

William, 103. 
Bouts, Alice, 151, 152. 

Ann, 151, 152. 
Bowers, Thomas, 201. 
Bowyer, Anthony, 51, 177. 

Benjamin, 46. 

Sir Edmund, 20, 33, 37, 46, 

Elizabeth, 30, 31. 

Emma, 2i, 36, 37. 

Frances, 33. 

Gregory, 33. 

Henry, 24. 

John,2i,24,30,3i,33, 36, 62, 
63, 68. 

Joyce, 45, 46, 47, 48. 

Katharine, 21, 35. 

Sara, 64. 

William, 64. 
Bradley, Thomas, 177. 
Braose, Mary de, 8. 

William de, 8. 
Bray, Anne, 173. 

Edward, 176. 

Owen, 173. 
Bridall, Ann, 184. 

Edward, 177. 

Henry, 177. 

Philip, 175, 177, 178, 184. 
Bridger, Adria, 43. 

P'lizabcth, 63. 

Henry, 41, 43, 53, 63, 64, 65, 

Index of Na7nes 


Bridger, Isabella, 63. 
Jane, 53. 

John, 40, 63, 65, 66, 67. 
Richard, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 

Brookes, Margaret, 49. 

Browne, Adam, 62. 

Ann, 78. 

Elizabeth, 168. 

Margery, 78. 

Thomas, 168. 
Bryan, Thomas, 202. 
Bryant, Ann, 146. 

Richard, 200. 

William, 176. 
Brys, Otho, 11. 
Budgen, Felicia, 170. 
Bullockherd, John, 19. 

Peter, 18, 19. 

Richard, 18. 
Burche, William, 204. 
Burrell, Elizabeth, 162, 163. 

Frances, 65. 

Walter, 65. 

William, 162. 
Burrish, Edward, 173. 
Burton, Sir Thomas, 11. 
Butler, James, 59. 
Buyshop, Thomas, 34. 
Bysse, John, 24. 

Campion, Rachel, 128. 

William, 128. 
Cannon, Ann, 48. 
Capleyn, Cicely, 192. 
Carew, Thomas, 109. 
Carpenter, John, 119, 120. 
Carr, Ralph, 184, 186. 
Castelnau, Paul, 179. 
Catt, Agnes, 86. 

Catt, Anne, 95. 

Mary, 92. 

Nicholas, 86. 

Samuel, 93, 94. 

Sarah, 93. 

Thomas, 93, 95. 
Cayne, Thomas, 43. 
Charlton, Elizabeth, 189. 
Chasemor, Sarah, 170. 
Chatfield, Ann, 164. 

Bernard, 70. 
Cheale, William, 148, 149. 
Childe, William, 116. 
Chowne, Ann, 126, 128. 

Edward, 128. 

Henry, 128. 

Mary, 128. 

Rachel, 126, 128, 129. 

Thomas, 126, 128. 

William, 126, 128, 129. 
Clarke, Elizabeth, 33. 
Claxton, Sir William, 10. 
Cobbett, Joyce, 50. 

Robert, 50. 
Cock, Thomas, 204. 
Codyll, John, 137. 
Coell, John, 29. 
Colbrand, Sir James, 1 18. 
Coles, Sarah, 43. 
Colepeper, Thomas, 22. 
Coleville, Walter de, 6. 
Colman, Annis, 77. 

Constance, 113. 

George, 113. 

Henry, 77. 

Mary, 80. 

Sarah, 113. 
Colvill, Edmund, 120, 121, 

Mary, 119, 120, I2i. 

Thomas, 119, 120, 122. 
Comber, Robert, 125. 

E E 



1 71 ilex of Names 

Coney, Elizabeth, 154. 

John, 154. 

Mark, 87, 117, 195. 

Simon, 86, 154. 

Stephen, 160. 
Conquest, Sir Richard, 21. 

Sarah, 21, 36. 
Cooke, Edward, 14, 18, 19, 27. 

George, 159. 

Isabella, 14. 

Jerome, 26. 

Margery, 26. 

Thomas, 26, 27. 
Cooper, Abraham, 166. 

Agnes, 79. 

Dorothy, 166. 

Margaret, 198. 

Randolph, 89. 
Cormack, Henry, 189. 

Isabella Jane, 1 89. 
Cornelius, Joseph, 197. 
Couchman, Thomas, 166. 
Courtville, John de, 5. 
Cownden, John, 45. 
Cowper, Isaac, 177. 

John, 25. 
Craddock, John, 109. 

Mary, 109. 
Cragnett, Michael, 200. 
Creliun, Almaric de, 2. 
Cropper, Henry, 105. 
Crowhurst, Mary, 148. 
Cruttenden, Elinor, 77. 

Goddard, 76. 
Henry, 1 1 7. 

Joan, 76. 
Susanna, 89. 
Cruttoll, Edward, 102. 
Culpeper, Alice, 20. 

Jone, 20. 

John, 21, 23, 24. 

Culpeper, Richard, 20, 23, 24. 

Thomas, 21. 

William, 24. 
Cunliffe, Chas. Pickersgill, 59. 

Dakin, Jane, 153. 

Joseph, 153. 
Darrell, Henry, lOi. 
Davis, Edward, 134. 

Isabel, 134. 
Dawe, John, 84, 204. 

Katharine, 204. 

Thomas, 78, 165. 
Day, Ann, 48. 
Daye, Agnes, 192, 196. 
Dell, . . ., 157. 

Mary, 159. 
Delve, John, 121. 
Delves, William, 170. 
Denn, Robert, 61. 
Densham, . . ., 157. 

Mary, 158. 
Depden, Thomas, 10, 11. 
Derby, Lord, 205. 
Devenish, John le, 6. 
Dewye, Josias, 176. 
Dibley, Richard, 198. 
Dodderidge, John, 143, 144. 
Donat, Margery, 78. 
Draper, Elizabeth, 31. 

Robert, 31. 
Duke, John, 128. 
Durrant, John, 112. 

Mary, 1 1 1 . 

Richard, 112. 
Dyne, Thomas, 118. 

Eason, Margaret, 169. 
Ebbutt, Edmund, 72. 
Edney, , . ., 45. 
Edwards, Joseph, 135. 

Index of Nafnes 

21 I 

Egerton, Elizabeth, 72, ']'}^, 

John, 74. 

William, 72. 
Elgar, Ann, 201. 

Thomas, 202. 
Ellic, Mary, 24. 
Elliott, Alice, 151. 
English, Henry, 123. 
Emory, Rauffe, 19. 
Ernley, John, 128. 
Etheridge, Sir George, 205, 206. 
Evans, James, 27, 28. 
Evenden, John, 143. 

, 149- 

Eversfield, Edward, 41, 55. 
Mary, 52. 
Sir Thomas, 52. 

Fagg, Elizabeth, loi. 

William, loi. 
Farnfolde, Richard, 27. 
Faulkner, William, 128. 
Fettyplace, Alexander, 205. 

Nicholas, 205. 
Fisher, Edward, 90. 

Margaret, 85. 

Mary, 113, 171. 
Foote, Gregory, 192. 
Ford, Henry, 132, 133. 
Forester, Townshend, 187. 
Forrest, William, 152. 
Foster, Anne, 179, 182. 

Catharine, 176. 

David, 103, 107, 116, 1 17, 165. 

Elizabeth, 104. 

Henry, 98, 105. 

Jane, 98, 105. 

John, 119, 200. 

Refrain, 89. 

William, 176. 
Fowle, Agnes, 109. 

Fowle, Alice, 99, 

Bartholomew, 99. 

Gabriel, 99, 109. 

Magnus, 82, 99, 100, 109, 123. 

Nicholas, 99. 

William, 99. 
Fowler, Jane, 188. 
Fox, George, 131. 
Freeman, Goddard, 87. 

Mary, 82. 

Rebecca, 103. 

Thomas, 82. 
Friend, Mary, 198. 
Fromonde, Frances, 37. 

John, 37. 

Sence, 37, 176. 
Fuller, John, 163. 
Fynes, Elizabeth, 128. 

Gyles, 128. 

John, 128. 

Galle, W., 109. 
Gaiter, John, 201. 

Ruth, 201. 
Gardner, Anne, 81. 

Elizabeth, 29. 
Garnet, Henry, 77. 
Gate, Henry de, 9. 

Idonia de, 9. 
Geer, Ann, 138. 
Gibson, Elizabeth, 151. 

Jane, 151. 

John, 151, 152. 

Mary, 151. 

Thomas, 83, 
Gilbert, Thomas, 166. 
Gliddon, John, 157. 

Martha, 157. 
Glisson, Gilbert, 72. 
Glover, Richard, 44. 
Glyd, Ann, 89. 


hidex of Names 

Glyd, JcfFcry, 89. 

Richard, 90. 

Susanna, 89. 

Thomas, 77, 88, 
Godolphin, Sir John, 52, 60. 
Goldsmith, Anthony, 57. 

P'aintnot, 194, 195, 196. 

Henry, 90, 123, 194, 195. 
Goring, Bridget, 54. 

Charles, 59. 

Edward, 54. 

Elizabeth, 52. 

Frances, 54. 

George, 70. 

Henry, 41, 52, 53, 54, 55. 

John, 16, 18. 

Mary, 53, 54. 

Thomas, 70. 
Goulding, John, 133. 
Gower, William, 25. 
Graunford, Walter de, 5. 
Gratwicke, Mary, 63. 

Henry, 90. 
Green, Joseph, 151, 152. 

Mary, 151, 152. 
Greenfield, John, 198. 
Greenwell, Jane, 69. 

Stephen, 66. 

William, 69. 
Greselyng, Isabel, 204. 

John, 204. 
Gresham, John, 176. 
Grimes, Rachel, I 79. 
Guybon, Sir Francis, 59. 
Gyles, John, 118. 
Gyll, Anne, 200. 

Philip, 200. 

Hale, John Hindc, 189. 
Hall, John, 201. 
Hallaway . . ., 36. 

Hamand, Sir William, i 79. 
Hamilton, William, 128. 
Hamman, William, 100. 
Hammond, Elizabeth, 135. 
Harden, Elizabeth, 21, 36. 

Henry, 21, 36. 
Hardiman, Hamond, 108, 109. 
Harlyng, Thomas, 12. 
Harman, Elizabeth, 145. 

Mary, 145. 

William, 145, 
Hatley, John, 81, 195. 
Heath, Frances, 58. 

Robert, 58. 
Heathfield, Alice, 159. 

Thomas, 160. 
Hcpden, Susan, 89. 
Herring, William, 156, 157. 
Herringman, Alice, 178. 

Elizabeth, 175, 178. 

Henry, 175, 176, 178. 
Herriott, Elizabeth, 30. 

Lettice, 30. 

Mary, 30. 
Hesketh, Sir Robert, 185. 

Sarah, 185. 
Hetherington, Nathaniel, 46. 
Hcwett, John, 68. 
Higham, Mary, 86. 

Thomas, 86. 

William, 86. 
Hodgson, Barnabic, 57. 

Goldsmith, 56, 57. 

Robert, 57, 58. 
Hogge, John dc la, 6. 
Holby, Edmund, 83. 

Joanna, 83. 
Hollier, Elizabeth, 181. 

William, r8i, 182, 183, 185. 
HoUoway, Alexander, 44. 
Holmes, Mary, 154. 

Index of Names 


Hooper, Thomas, 160. 
Horsecroft, Thomas, 201. 
Hosmere, George, 117. 

Mary, 124. 
Howell, Edward, 155. 

Mary, 155. 
Huggett, John, 85. 
Hughes, Margaret, 51. 
Humphrey, Elizabeth, 95. 

Jane, 95. 

John, 96, 107. 
Hussey, John, 24. 
Hynde, Augustin, 204. 

Ismonger, William le, 8. 

Jacob, Alexander, 77. 
James, John, 120. 
Jarman, William, 145. 
Jarrett, John, 196. 
Jeffery, Anne, 142. 

Bridget, 142. 

Hannah, 142, 143. 

Reuben, 142, 143. 
Jenner, Elizabeth, 196. 

Thomas, 128. 
Johnson, John, 70. 
Juppe, John, 198. 

Kemp, Anna, 140. 

Joan, 125. 

Nathaniel, 140. 

Thomas, 125. 
Kendal, Elizabeth Harriet, 187. 

Henry, 187. 
Kent, Edward Earl of, 9. 

Daniel, 105. 
Kilvert, Edmund, 50. 

Richard, 47, 48. 

Robert, 48. 

Roger, 46. 

Kimber, Mary, 134. 
King, Anna, 170. 

Lord Chancellor, 175. 
Knight, Francis, 180. 

Walter, 164. 
Kyng, Roger, 11. 

William, 11. 

Lambin, Alan, 3. 
Lancaster, Thomas, 70. 
Langworth, Arthur, 99. 
Large, Thomas, 118. 
Latter, John, 93, 94. 

Sarah, 94. 
Lawcock, Thomas, 129, 130, 131. 
Lawson, Thomas, 129, 130. 
Lea, Francis, 183. 

Rachel, 183. 
Lee, Adria, 69. 

John, 163. 

William, 36. 

. . ., 149. 
Leeves, John, 24. 

Robert, 55, 56, 60, 61. 

William, 55. 
Lens, Ann, 74. 

William, 74. 
Lewkenor, Edward, 16. 

Thomas, 12. 
Linfield, Margaret, 198. 
Lintott, Elizabeth, 135. 

Jane, 135, 136. 

John, 135, 136. 
Lock, Sarah, 74. 

Lodge, Edmund, 181, 183, 184, 

Mary, 185. 
Longmar, Stephen, 155. 
Lucas, Francis, 195. 
Lucke, Alice, 92. 

Ann, 165. 



Index of Names 

Lucke, Mary, 92. 

Richard, 99. 

Rose, 165. 
Luxford, John, 54. 

Mary, 54. 
Lymbden, Robert, 49. 

Manser, Abraham, 109, 194, 195. 

Christopher, 122. 

Elizabeth, 109, 194. 

John, 122, 134. 

Mary, I22. 

Robert, 122, 194. 
Manwaring, Hannah, 95, 

Thomas, 93, 95. 
Marchant, Thomas, 136. 
Markwick, Elizabeth, 117, 124. 

Gregory, 124. 

James, 122. 

John, 117. 
Marshall, John, 137. 

Mary, 59. 

Wilfred George, 190. 
Marten, Alice, 29. 

Amy, 30. 

Jane, 30. 

Robert, 29. 
Martin, Anne, 190. 

Gregory CufF, 190. 

William, 197, 
Mason, Elizabeth, 202. 

Humphry, 49, 
Massey, Ralph, 35. 
Mathews, Richard, 91, 
Maud, William Hartley, 190. 
Mayhew, Jane, 45. 
Maylam Mildred, 86. 
Mercer, Dorcas, 134. 
Meriam, Alexander, 86. 

William, 83. 
Mcrion, Agnes, 103. 

Mcry, Henry, 80. 
Michelbornc, Edward, 126. 
Mille, John, 11. 
Milles, Goddard, 90. 

John, 90. 

Mary, 87. 

Thomas, 87, 88. 

Susanna, 90. 
Minshull, Christopher, 139. 

Elizabeth, 139. 

Francis, 139. 

Thomas, 139. 
Minors, Mary, 179, 182. 
Mitchell, Thomas, 85. 

widow, 50. 
Mitton, Thomas, 103. 
Montgomery, Lady Grace, 187. 
Moore, Agnes, 27. 
Moss, Francis, 60. 
Mosse, Rebecca, 201. 
Mount, Elizabeth, 200. 
Munne, Dorothy, 37. 
Muschamp, Edmund, 40, 41, 54, 
55, 64, 66. 

Francis, 42. 

Mary, 41, 54- 

Naylor, Richard, 20. 
Nedeham, William, 35. 
Nelme, Elizabeth, 175, 180. 

John, 174, 177, 180. 

Martha, 174, 180. 
Neville, Elizabeth, 20. 
Newington, Bathshua, 108. 

Elizabeth, 108. 

Joseph, 83, 109. 

Morgan, 108. 

Samuel, 108. 
Newton, William, 129. 
Nix, Jemima, 151. 

Leonard, 151. 

Index of Names 


Noakes, Elizabeth, 88, 162. 

Lawrence, 88, 91. 

Thomas, 91, 92. 
Norfolk, Thomas, Duke of, 16. 
Norton, Sir John, 42. 

Sir Thomas, 33, 42, 65. 
Nugent, Edmund, 70. 

Frances, 70, 73. 

Orpwood, Ann, 74. 
Osbaldiston, Constance, 113. 

John, 113. 
Osborne John, 43. 

Peter, 21. 
Ovenden, Richard, 170. 
Oxenbridge, John, 80, 82, 98. 

Thomas, 199. 

Palmer, Thomas, 34. 
Pardon, Joan, 126. 

John, 126. 
Parker, George, 199. 
Parr, Richard, 51. 
Parris, Robert, 81. 

Thomas. 77, 81. 
Parson, Thomas, I. 
Parsons, Richard, 197. 

Robert, 50. 
Pay, Lawrence, 41, 52, 67. 
Payne, Edward, 168. 

Mary, 146, 168. 
Peckham, Ann, 159. 

Dorothy, 92. 

Edward, 61. 

Henry, 55. 

John, no, 159. 

William, 92, no. 
Peirson, Mary, 94, 95. 

Richard, 93, 94, 95. 

William, 95. 
Pelham, Sir Edmund, loi. 

Pelham, Dame Ellen, loi. 

Henry, 58, 62. 

Sir John, 58. 

Thomas, 115. 
Pengry, Sarah, 72. 
Pettett, James, 19. 
Pettibon, Richard, 196. 
Philcox, Judith, 109. 
Pickering, Barbara, 150. 

Thomas, 150. 
Pilbeam, Dorothy, 92. 

Stephen, 92. 
Piper, Dinah, 149. 
Plummer, Frances, 134. 
Polhill, Edward, 124. 

Elizabeth, 108. 

John, 124, 154, 155, 160. 

Thomas, 124. 
Pooke, Gylbert, 199. 
Porter, Edmund, 35. 

Robert, 100. 
Poulter, Ellenor, 126. 
Poyntz, Charles, 188. 
Pudland, Dyonisia, 81. 

Elinor, 105. 

Joan, 81. 

Richard, 81, 106. 

Stephen, 81, 82. 
Putte, Richard de, 8. 
Puttock, Emery, 125. 
Pyke, John le, 10. 

Radford, Joan, 157, 158. 

John, 157. 

Martha, 157. 
Ramsey, Sir Thomas, 44. 

Allan, 192. 
Ranee, Thomas, 167. 
Rawnce, Robert, 38. 
Ravenscroft, Jane, 63. 
Rawson, Jane, 26. 


Index of Names 

Relfe, Elizabeth, 1 16. 

Gregory, 105. 

Thomas, 1 16. 
Robinson, Dr., 191. 
Rochester, Mary, 113. 

Robert, 113. 
Roe, Jane, 48. 
Rogers, Ehzabeth, 141. 

William, 141, 
Rooper, Thomas, 84. 
Roper, Abel, 175. 

Susanna, 175. 
Rose, George, 19. 
Rue, Peter de la, 10. 
Russell, David, 146. 

Goddard, 98, 104, 105. 

Margery, 98, 105. 

Thomas, 104. 

SafFord, John, no. 
Saket, Richard, 5. 
Salisbury, Earl of, 48. 
Sanderson, Edward, 166. 
Savadge, William, 29. 
Sawyer, Edmund, 93, 95. 

Elizabeth, 95. 
Saxpie, Thomas, 1 00. 

Walter, loi. 
Scrase, Anna Kemp, 140. 

Barbara, 150. 

Elizabeth, 70, 71. 

George, 150. 

Henry, 140. 

James, 150. 

Richard, 140. 

William, 70, 71, 150. 
Scutt, Elizabeth, 139. 

John, 139. 

John Slaney, 139. 
Scare, Arthur, 174, 182. 

Frances, 182. 

Scare, Henry, 182, 183. 
Searle, Arthur Thaddeus, 189, 
Segar, J., 97. 
Shadwell, Agnes, 113, 114, 115. 

Samuel, 113, 115. 
Shank, Lancelot, 158. 
Sheather, William, 121. 
Shelley, Edward, 73. 

John, I. 

William, 43. 
Sheppard, Thomas, 78. 
Sherley, Richard, 16, 18, 19. 

Sir Thomas, 34. 

William, 19. 
Sherman, Thomas, 128. 
Sherwood, Alexander, 193. 
Shone, Charles, 197. 
Shorte, John, 26. 
Shortred, W., 63. 
Skelton, Richard, 79. 
Skerret, Anne, 185. 

John, 185. 

John Byne, 185. 
Skiner, William, 41. 
Smalley, . . ., 66. 

Adria, 69. 
Smith, Elizabeth, 86. 

John, 53, 55, 165. 

Ruth, 147. 

Stephen, 78. 

Thomas, 86. 

William, 11 1. 
Snatt, Mary, 127. 

William, 127. 
Snow, Edward, 21. 

Emma, 21, 36. 

James, 146. 
Soane, Roger, 40. 
Somenour, John le, 8. 

Joan, 8. 
Sommer, Stephen, lOO. 


Index of Names 


Sousa, Anne de, 187. 
Spence, Byne, 62. 

John, 62. 
Spiller, Robert, 90. 
Spoke, Edmund, 26. 
Squire, John, no. 
Springate, Elizabeth, 90. 

Herbert, in, 128. 

John, 91. 
St. John, John de, 6. 

Katharine, 51. 
Stanlake, George, 179. 
Stanley, Elizabeth, 32. 

John, 32. 

Richard, 32. 

Sir Thomas, 32. 
Stapley, William, 'j'j, 
Starr, John, 144. 
Stephens, Elizabeth, 161. 
Stockwell, Margaret, 50. 
Stone, John, 136. 
Stopham, John de, 8. 
Strete, Geoffrey, 4, 6. 
Studwell, William, 147. 
Surrey, Thomas Earl of, 15. 
Swane, Lawrence, 78. 
Symes, Elizabeth, 182, 183. 

Stafford, 182. 

Zachary, 174. 

Temple, Elizabeth, 38, 45. 

Francis, 45. 
Tenison, Barton, 187. 
Tharp, Maria, 197. 
Thomas, Prockter, 188. 
Thompson, Thomas, 38. 
Thorpe, Elizabeth, 128. 

John, 128. 
Threele, Joan, 19. 
Thunder, Richard, 195. 
Thurmond, Alice, ii. 

Thurmond, David, 12. 
Ticehurst, Faintnot, 124. 

George, 89. 

Refrain, 89. 

Susan, 86. 

Thankfull, 132. 
Todd, Ralph, 198. 
Tomson, Elizabeth, 50. 

Robert, 50. 
Tregoz, Edward, 10. 

Sir Robert, 10. 
Trevor, Arabella, 58. 
Tucker, William, 188. 
Tufton, Charity, 164. 

Sarah, 164. 

Thomas, 164. 
Tuppen, William, 161, 163. 
Turke, Nicholas, 84. 
Turner, Anne, 146. 

Edward, 73. 

Mary, 72. 
Tye, Mary, 92. 
Tyndall, Thomas, loi. 
Tyrrell, Joan, 44. 

Thomas, 44. 

Valiant, Frances, 70. 
Veer, Sir Robert de, 203. 
Vicount, John, 153. 
Vince, Joan, 99. 
V inter, George, 54. 

Wade, Mary Ann, 188. 

William, 188. 
Waldo, Daniel, 43. 
Walker, Byne, 62. 

Elizabeth, 57, 138. 

Sir George, 57. 

Thomas, 196. 

Sir Walter, 62. 
Walsh, James, 13. 

F F 


Index of Na7?ies 

Walsh, Joan, 13. 
Walton, Stephen, 114. 
Wane, Ann, 125, 126. 

Joan, 125. 

William, 125. 
Wann, John, 91. 
Wardcyn, John, 203. 
Warnett, Christopher, 117. 
Wase, John, 28, 29. 

Margaret, 29. 
Watson, John, 125. 
Watts, Elizabeth, 198. 
Waygate, Joseph, 200. 
Weaver, Audrey, 39, 44. 

John, 44. 

Richard, 39, 44. 
Web, Clare, 193. 
Webb, Elizabeth, 84. 
Webber, Charles, 182. 

Robert, 177, 179, 182. 

William, 182. 
Welche, Ursula, 29, 
Wenham, Richard, 193. 
West, John, 161, 
Weston, William, 93. 
Whate, Elizabeth, 193. 
Whelton, Richard dc, 10. 
Whitclinge, Godfrey de la, 7. 
Whiting, Frances, 134. 

Isabel, 134. 

Rebecca, 133. 

Whiting,Thomas, 133, 134. 
Whitfield, Elizabeth, 64. 

John, 64. 
Wilicinson, John, 200. 
Williams, Esther, 200. 

John, 48, 200. 

Mary, 20, 22. 

Thomas, 200. 
Wimshurst, Dorothy, 121. 

Elizabeth, 121. 

John, 121. 

Richard, 121, 122. 
Winton, Edward, 48. 
Wisbey, Richard, 43. 
Withers, Anne, 201. 

John, 201. 
Wolf, John le, 7, 8. 

Sibyl, 8. 
Woodcock, Henry, 139. 
Woolaston, Sir John, 126. 
Worde, . . ., 24. 

Constance, 1 14. 

John, 114, 160. 

Robert, 1 14. 
Wylteshire, John, 1 1. 
Wynall, John, 22. 

Jone, 24. 

Yongc, Margery, 84. 
Matthew, 85. 
Mildred, 85. 



P. 38, line II, for " 1662" read " l602." 
P. 176, line S.for "(^)" ^^^^ "(«)•" 
P. 184. The note (^) should be (7), and the note (e) 
should be (J). 



=Emma,=(2) John Bowyer, 
bur. 26 m. 2 July, 1588. 

Cicely, bur. 27 
Sept., I 590, coel. 

d. inf. 

Elizabeth, m.: 
3 June, 1599. 

:SiR Thomas 

Katharine,=Curtes Barwick. 
M. L. 29 
April, 1609. 

, bap. 



IN Byne, William Byne 

). 3oJune, bap. 28 Jan., 

49; d. 1651 ; m. Jan., 

II. 167I; d. 1710. 


Sarah (i) . . . LEE.=AuDREy,=(2) . . . 
Pengry. bap. 4 Elliott. 



I I I I 

Martha. Charlotte. Anne Maria. Mary.=. . . Turner.